[EU][Tryggr] W-Anchor shipwrights guild.



I Grognack Clegane propose to build the first shipwrights guild within the kingdom of Tryggr. Together with the help of the other guilds proposed within our kingdom we will build a strong and fearsome navy. The vessels we produce will be used for both commercial and military with the ultimate goal of unlocking sea travel to other continents. The guild will be at home in the city of Ravens fell, which itself will hopefully be located on the coast and have access to river.

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  1. Establish the guild in the city of Ravens fell.
  2. Begin production of boats that can be used for fishing and trade.
  3. Research into military uses for our ships.
  4. Produce the first boats capable of quick raiding.
  5. Begin research into sea worthy vessels capable of reaching other continents.

    Professions needed

    • Shipwrights (Unknown if actual profession)
    • LumberJacks
    • Carpenters
    • Blacksmiths
    • Artisans (general tinkering and research)
    • Tailors (sail making)
    • Scribes (contracts and design overview)

If we can not fill our needs internally with these professions we will seek out help from the other Guilds located within our kingdom.

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Ranks and Roles


In charge of the guild and all those below him/her.

Council Of Masters

One master from each of the listed professions needed will be awarded a seat on the council. Will focus on the needs and direction of the guild. Members can be also granted honorary roles and do not have to be directly involved within the guilds day to day activity.


Masters of their specific profession and in charge of training the apprentices.


Skilled craftsman of there chosen profession. Will be given more responsibilities and freedom. Will be asked to aid in the training of new apprentices.


Novices within their selected profession. Kept a watchful eye on by the Masters and Grand master.

How to join

The best way to join is to speak to myself on discord. Or apply through the website when such things are allowed.

Member list / Rank

Grognack Clegane - Grandmaster

Darhk - Council of masters - Royal Vault of Njordr representative

Klaus Nybrok - Carpenter

Nesla Drekaör - Jörmungandr Representative

EP Resources

During exposition i will be financing the startup of the guild within my capital city. Others are welcome to do the same or spread the cost of such things (can be discussed closer to Expo).


  • WoodShop 775 EP version

  • BlackSmith 775 EP version


  • Lumberjack 400 EP

  • Blacksmith 400 EP

  • Carpenter 400EP

  • Tinkerer 400EP


  • Carts 75 EP

  • Wagons 75 EP

  • Thoroughbred Horse 350 EP

    Estimated EP cost = 3650 *subject to change.

Alt Text Alt Text

Associated Guilds

With the production of Ships and boats comes the opportunity to expand and work alongside other guilds within the Kingdom.

Jörmungand Explorers

We will be working with Jörmungand Explorers guild and aiding them find new lands and map rivers more efficiently. We will be working on the design of new ships that will better suit their needs and maybe even going on an exploration mission or two with them.

The Royal Navy

Ships from our Guild will be used to create the Royal navy, we will manufacture and maintain the fleet. This comes as a massive undertaking and responsibility, but also a huge bonus to funding and research opportunities. With this opportunity we will have the privilege to go out on raids, conquer new or existing lands.

College of Utdannelse

Within our Kingdom we have the College of Utdannelse, this will be a huge resource for us to utilise. We will have a vast knowledge at our disposal with the possibility of adding siege weapons to our boats, better woodworking techniques, stronger metalworking ideas. With this resource we have a responsibility to contribute, so all master will have the obligation to use any spare time to conduct research and share their discoveries with the college.


I look forward to working with you all. And building up a strong fleet of ships to serve our kingdom well. It will be hard work but will be worth it in the end, when we are the envy of the other kingdoms and when they quake in their boots at the sight of our longships.


2/7/2017 11:17:35 PM #1

Love the name haha

Speak softly and carry a big stick.

2/7/2017 11:21:21 PM #2

Honestly first thing that came to mind when I was told to think of a name.

2/8/2017 12:27:27 AM #3

Great post mate still love the name!!!

2/9/2017 4:07:36 PM #4

It would take a Native UK to get it 😂

2/10/2017 11:08:41 PM #5

2/14/2017 10:28:21 AM #6

Looks good! I'm looking forward to work together on some seafaring exploration ;)

2/14/2017 5:29:58 PM #7

Posted By eltaninsroses at 4:07 PM - Thu Feb 09 2017

It would take a Native UK to get it 😂

I can't believe I missed that. Just saw your comment and realised :D

2/15/2017 10:24:39 PM #8

Still looking for people to join. Any person with a passion for crafting is welcome.

2/18/2017 4:30:53 AM #9

Sweet work with the guild guys! Will see about contacting you guys to set up business opportunists when the need arises. For now though, I wish you the best of luck. :-)

2/18/2017 9:07:41 AM #10

May be able to work with you on this. All comes down to land selection. Will have to wait and see ;)

2/18/2017 3:37:04 PM #11

Thanks Krell and Oracle. Looking forward to potentially working with you both

5/8/2017 6:21:28 PM #12

This will no doubt be the spine of our first foray into open waters and those wishing to try their hands at what will be a new aspect of the game once available to us we aim to be one of the first seafaring nations this guild provides all that and more...

5/30/2017 6:12:35 PM #13

Great post Grognack, the longships of Fimbulheim will be joining your fleet!


2/10/2018 11:31:06 AM #14

I will be interested in being apart of this guild. I plan on becoming a carpenter and lumberjack. I have an idea in mind that I need to discuss with the count which should benefit us all hopefully.

7/3/2019 4:45:32 PM #15

Hope the possibility to join the guild is open. A prospecting Shipwright here

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