[EU/TRYGGR] Barony of Fimbulheim


Imgur The Barony of Fimbulheim consists of large open steppes and hills in the southern regions of our duchy known as Myrkland. It is roamed and protected by the Riders of Fimbulheim, a people of horsemen and herdsmen living in close harmony with their steeds that has formed their everyday life and culture. Dependent on these animals as their companions to survive the environment they've inhabited for hundreds of years.

The Baron has duties alongside his Marshals and advisors to maintain law and order within a set number of regions surrounding his barony close to the border between the Kingdom of Tryggr and our neighbours, Arkadia.

It's our responsibility to watch out for the civilians and their endeavours to not be interrupted or harassed in towns, roads and trade routes within our Kingdom and across the border.


Fimbulheim has lived through many centuries ravaged by war and conflict by the border of the Kingdom. Theres been many broken keeps and strongholds in these lands, burned and ruined to the ground by foreign invadors and so forth. The fortress of Fimbulheim has been steadfast however thanks to it's walls and towers standing strong through many centuries on top of a majestic hill amidst the far reaching steppes of southern Myrkland which gives an advantege and overview of the surrounding landscape.

A new baron has been assigned as Marshal of Fimbulheim in order to maintain order and safe passage for traders and civilians through the roads of southern Myrkland, across the border to Arkadia and within the Kingdom of Tryggr in peace and in wartime.

Fimbulheim is a militarized focused barony and settlement mainly focusing on the breeding of horses and other creatures to sustain our cavalry. As a Barony there'll be strict rules of what is permitted and not, following the guidelines set by the Minister of Law. We are however mainly looking for military recruits who's ready to serve their land and gain valuable experience and ranks within the military.


Imgur Baron Grímnir Fimbulheim is an experienced and battle hardened commander whom seeks to protect his homeland above all else. He started out as a simple rider within one of the local cavalry regiments, and through many battles he proved himself a capable leader amongst infantry and cavalry. After the war he was rewarded for his efforts with his own Keep and Barony, inherited by his distant relative whom had died in battle with no heir to succeed him.

Grímnir believes he can support his homeland better by utilizing his position and power to train a combination of soldiers and riders in order to protect those in need, but also giving the people freedom to develop and grow their businesses.


Imgur The Military of Fimbulheim is organized into two divisions, defensive and offensive, or more accurately the infantry and cavalry. During wartime we'll deploy one combined battalion of Ridarim Riders whom will join forces with the National Army of Tryggr, except for a smaller unit of infantry to garrison the fortress of Fimbulheim.

The battalion will be commanded by one of the Marshals, be it the Baron or his next in command, named Hersir. An advisor, the Aesir, will remain within the barony to keep order and stability in the home regions.


Fimbulheim consists of a combined force of infantry/cavalry where every soldier is trained properly in horseriding to become one of the Ridarim. They're supposed to be as good in mounted combat with sword, lance and bow as they're dismounted on the ground amongst the missile infantry or shieldwall formations. Despite all the multifunctions of a Ridarim, there'll allways be some garrisoned as guards, pikemen and archers at the fortress of Fimbulheim, whether it be permanent or in shifts.



Fimbulheim is most famously known for it's elite unit of cavalry known as the Ridarim, the Riders of Fimbulheim whom sweeps over the long and far reaching fields of southern Myrkland with haste to aid those in need, patrol the trading routes and roads or chase down bandits and the like.

These horsemen are skilled and ferocious riders whom are familiar with mounted and dismounted combat, having trained and mastered weapons of sword, lance and bow. Ridarim Riders are crucial to the environment of Fimbulheim mainly consisting of hills and steppes with an open landscape. Our men need horses and other mounts to travel faster between settlements in such big open regions to maintain order and control whenever citizens of Tryggr are in need of aid.

The Ridarim Riders works as a shock unit within the army and will not hesitate to answer the call of battle during wartime, mustering our Ridarim Riders to march out in aiding our allies and countrymen at all corners within and outside our Kingdom.



Fimbulheim will mainly consists of the Neran race because of it's location and environment, which defines our style of armor and weapons. Medium armor well suited for mounted combat and light movement. There'll also be heavily armored knights within our barony, but they'll be fewer in number and usually seen in times of war rather than the everyday patrols.

Weapons of all types made of iron and steel. Mainly spears, shields, sword and axes alongside the ranged javelins and bows with arrows. Shortbows for mounted combat, longbows for ranged combat at the back of the field with siege-weapons or atop the walls of our fortress.

Blacksmiths will have busy work within our barony, maintaining it's armory and keeping weapons in stock and ready for use by our men in arms.


Imgur There is a militarized hierarchi within Fimbulheim consisting of different ranks specified for the task and power that individual has in maintaining the barony. The main focus of the barony is to uphold law and order in the realm by protecting the citizens and punishing the lawbreakers.

The baron is entitled to his own region and stronghold in which he manages and develops to his own liking, but his main goal is to train soldiers and riders of the Ridarim for the sake of protecting his homeland and for the army, whenever they'll be called upon in times of need. The Baron's job is to keep these lads well trained and provisioned. Which is why a self sufficient barony with laborers, smiths, farmers and herdsmen is ideal and necessary, unless it's all being imported and traded with neighbouring settlements and farms.


Fimbulheim consists of three Marshals of Fimbulheim, where the Baron is the first and highest ranked, able to muster the entire cavalry and infantry to his command. Whilst the Second Marshal has direct control and command of the cavalry and the Third Marshal trains and manages the infantry of the garrison and minor troops in neighbouring settlements. If the Third Marshal can't attend or join infantry troops in distant settlements himself, military skirmishes or escort missions himself, he'll order a Chieftain to take command of these troops and the mission.


  • The Beorlingas are the esteemed and rarely seen Knight's who are just as heavily armored as their steed. A rather elite unit within the cavalry that functions well against enemy cavalry or more stationed combat than the shock cavalry is able to. Usually equipped with a sword and shield.
  • The Ridarim is the shock cavalry and the main unit within the cavalry of Fimbulheim. They're fast and effective for charging against enemy lines, especially from behind and sideways flanking. They're usually equipped with medium armor, lance and shield. (Riddari is norse for Rider/Knight/Horseman)
  • The Ulradim is a ranged cavalry unit that tends to scout ahead in the enemy territory or within our own regions on a regular basis, keeping track of what it happening and reporting back to the Marshal. They are equipped with leather and chainmail armor, using a sword, bow and arrow.


  • Guards and Shieldmaidens are the defensive and melee infantry units of the barony, used for defensive purposes in protecting the fortress, towns, escort missions and such.
  • Archers, scouts and bowmen are the ranged infantry, firing from afar and wielding bows and arrows.



  • Baron has the last say in every decision, but he has chosen his advisors and commanders carefully as he trusts them with takin care of minor matters of running the barony.
  • Aesir is the advisor on matters of economy and industry. He's also the manager of trade and logistics and often functions as a Mayor within the settlement/fortress of the Barony.
  • Hersir is the commander of the military forces of Fimbulheim, making sure they're properly trained and provisioned for service. Hersir is also the Second Marshal of Fimbulheim, slightly higher rank than the Third Marshal who's reporting and answering directly to him.

Imgur The baronies of Fimbulheim and Skarhelm will cooperate to gain our own County through Casus Belli. The forces of both baronies will work to overthrow the NPC Count to secure a player driven county whom are loyal towards the Kingdom and the Duchy. Allowing us to further gain control of the borderlands of southern Myrkland.


Imgur We're wecloming all kinds of people and crafters to our settlement, but we basically need laborers whom contributes to run the Barony. Whether it be crafting, gathering, producing or perpetuating professions.

Most civilians and soldiers will probably be NPC's, but no matter your role, profession or status, you'll be paid and rewarded according to the task at hand. Our goal is to justify everyone's life in and outside of Fimbulheim, so that our settlement might run smoothly and prosper for a long time.


  • Breeders/Herders who can train and care for animals and mounts.
  • Farmers who can produce food off the land through agriculture.
  • Blacksmith who can make armors, weapons and other metalworks useful for the military units of Fimbulheim.
  • Carpenter/Mason who can build constructions, buildings and siege equipment for the fortress of Fimbulheim.


Imgur We'll be funded by the High-Jarl (Duke) in matters of mercenary work and doing our duty in protecting the local towns and borders. But our economical goal is to be self sufficient, having laborers and crafters whom contribute in running the barony. So Fimbulheim won't only be a military Keep, but also a settlement for civilians to work and thrive.


Trading routes will most likely go by road and rivers when considering the biome and location of our barony amidst hills and steppes.

Our economy will be centered around Contracts of all types, whether it be bounty hunting, tailoring or production of food, but it'll mostly consist of military services. That being said doesn't mean we'll need to produce and offer all types of services within Fimbulheim, we'll be taking advantage of trade with neighbor towns and baronies in order to fill our needs.

This means that Fimbulheim will be advancing within certain industrial areas so that we'll gain expertise on a few types of professions. It all depends on the skill of laborers, availability of resources and level of demand to succeed economically.

We'll preferably become experts at horse breeding when it comes to specialities within our barony, which will benefit neighbouring regions who's also in need of horses and other animals for their agriculture and for our own cavalry.

Imgur Arise, riders of Fimbulheim and join our cause through our community discord by clicking one of the banners down below. You'll get in contact with us and get to know us and our plans for CoE better.

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All information and lore above is subject to change as the game is still in development and will be changed when SBS release new information. All the information above is also dependent on which biome and domain we'll get in D&SS.


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