Gladal County (EU)



Gladal County is part of the Demalion Empire and the Duchy of Lyon


Gladal county will have a strong focus on the goals of its citizens and is committed to helping all players of all professions reach their respective potentials to the best of our ability.

The county will be populated by a variety of people with a variety of interests, so instead of dictating a focus, it is better if we try and help our citizens.

Ideally our county will be situated in an area with high mountains and dense forests. This will allow us to have access to ample materials for crafting and professions. In addition to this, it will make our county easy to defend for those who know the terrain.

Finally, having an abundance of these materials will allow for the rapid creation of new settlements by a individuals and their friends or large scale private guilds and organizations.

It is also important for us to make everyone feel safe within county borders, because of that our county will be well protected by local military and hired mercenaries.

As it stands now, because of the order during land selection, our Empire will pick first, so our aim is to have Brudvir, Hrothi and Neran tribes.

What we are looking for

Instead of a huge list of different professions that we want to see, here are the kind of groups and players we want to see, no matter your focus we are happy to welcome you.

  • Any Barons or Mayors looking for a county.
  • Any large groups looking to set up their own settlements or join our own.
  • Any smaller groups or friends looking to join or set up their own settlements.
  • Any individuals looking to join and make new friends or create their own settlements.

*Any counts that like our structure and would like to work together.

If you're a count and like our structure and would like to cooperate, you can speak to us about working and settling together.

Representation and Group Policy

In order to make the county open and fluid, we will be implementing a representative system. This allows people to state their problems and concerns which will them be discussed and acted upon in our county Capital of Fjellheim.

As hinted at previously, the County of Gladal will actively support groups and organisations who look to set up with us and we are not against the private nature of some groups.

In addition to this we aim to allow groups of every background and profession to settle with us.

PvP and Raiding

We understand that PvP is a large interest to many players and because of this, we will have a large standing county army which will be very active. We are also looking to rely on NPCs and OPCs for most guard duties, allowing soldiers to take part in active missions and have a greater degree of freedom where possible.

Raiding is also an activity of large interest to many players and backers. For this reason, our military will also have a largely self-managed wing which solely deals with raids, meaning that if you still want to have an official military role in our county but pitched battles are not for you, we may have the answer.

Furthermore any citizen is always welcome to join raid groups without being part of official military when such activity will be forming.

Confirmed Organisations in our County

Gladalian Military - Official military order for soldiers, deviants, raiders and crafters.

The Berserkers - A group for individuals who want to take part in raids, but without the commitment of large amounts of time to a military organisation.

Shadow Corps - An officially supported group for thieves, smugglers, spies and assassins.

Iron Bulwark - A mercenary knighthood order that protects the weak, fights for the money and adventures for knowledge.

The Asenbergian Lansquenets - An honorable mercenary group with inspiration from the mercenary armies from the 30 years war.

Minerall - A mining organization based in the capital of Fjellheim focused on excavations and the mining of rare materials.

Crimson Adventurers' Guild - A flexible adventuring group for all adventurers, experienced and new.

Dragon’s Tooth Blacksmithing - A guild dedicated to every aspect of blacksmithing.

The Trading Guild of Gladal- A guild dedicated to trade and the synergy between multiple groups.

The Musicians' Guild- The pre-eminent guild for musicians in CoE.

Settlements and Baronies in our county

Fjellheim - The county capital. Will have a focus on blacksmithing and military.

Drifgard - A settlement for rest and farming accepting people of all types.

Sarenscar - A dedicated trading and crafting hub of the county.

Staghorn- A mercenary stronghold commanded by Iron Bulwark.

Bolgna- A city renowned for archery and hunting.

Arcton- A city known for architectural prowess.

Eldstædhi- A completely custom city that will be built from the ground up.

Daventria- A city with huge vaults, focusing on PvP and economy.

Bescomb Village- Home of the Musicians' Guild, a welcoming home for all with the best music and taverns.

If you are interested or want to find out more, join us on our discord by clicking here.

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Now this is how you make an infomercial, take notes people

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This looks very cool, nice job there :)

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Thank you everybody :)

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I am happy to announce we now have baron CheeseMonkey joining our ranks, more information on his barony will follow soon

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Another announcement, I am pleased to announce we have mayor Abigor joining us 😁

2/27/2017 9:30:10 AM #8

I am Mayor(Baron) Broxus and I would like to join your County as a baron.

Here is a link to our Town(Stronghold):

We are an Austrian community with just austrian players who would like to join the kingdom of tryggr.

Best Regards

2/27/2017 12:01:40 PM #9

Hello my friend, if you have not joined our discord yet, here is the link

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Edit: We are proud to announce that one of our mayors has settled on a name for the settlement, post will follow shortly

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Congrats! You've filled out already I guess :) That was fast.

Last I heard, on average a county will have around 3 towns. If you pick one with 4, you're filled :)

Previous notes said a county houses around 400 residents. A town equates to 75+ residents, then you have hamlets etc.

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Yeah, but we still don't have numbers for baronies etc yet, not sure if they are separate (:

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Edit: Drifgard links added

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I will join.

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Jump on the discord then buddy 😁