Bescomb Village

Bescomb Village, Gladal County

Welcome to the village of Bescomb, home of the best bard’s guild in Elyria! Come, take a seat in our tavern and allow yourself to be transported to far off times and places while you sample our finest mead. Maybe stop a while and sit beneath one of Angelica’s fabled trees, whose needles glow in their goddess’ tears. All travellers are welcome here, regardless of tribe, kingdom or belief.

Hello everyone! My name is Nimueh and I am the proud founder of The Musician’s Guild. Since then, I have found myself upping my pledge to become an Astronomer. With this pledge comes the privilege of being the Mayor of a town come exposition. I debated long and hard, but I have now come to the conclusion I would like to take on this responsibility and provide a place where my guild members and their families can flourish.

Bescomb (from the Old English beos meaning ‘bent grass’ and cumb meaning ‘valley’) is to be a place we can call our own. Musicians, farmers, smiths, carpenters, all are welcome to join us as we attempt to build a cultural hub that would become Elyria’s most sort after place for music, musical instruments, and musicians. As the founder of EU server's only (at time of posting) guild focused solely on music, I believe we are best placed to accomplish this.

Current list of Villagers/Families

  • Ambrosia – Nimueh Ambrosia (Mayoress/Musician’s Guild Founder and Leader)

9/12/2017 11:03:10 AM #1

I'm pleased to announce that my village Bescomb will now be a part of Tyr Nansur, in Al'Khezam.

9/12/2017 12:25:52 PM #2

Nice post, I certainly come over and try that mead while listing to the music. What kingdom will you be settling ?

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9/12/2017 1:46:51 PM #3

Thanks! I'm still on the fence as to where we'll settle yet, but settlement selection is still a way off yet, so there's plenty of time for people to bribe me :P :D

9/12/2017 3:36:29 PM #4

gets out of the cave We had a musician's guild? Oo

Still congratulations on deciding to become a mayor :)

9/12/2017 4:21:03 PM #5

Yeah, my guild has been around pretty much since I joined. The music system in the game was one of the things that made me curious about this game. Can't wait to see how it turns out! :D

9/12/2017 7:15:47 PM #6

Love the idea, my alt wil be a bard. :)

We just upped our pledges to. To county, as some of our people pledged mayor/baron, but did not want to leave Dore.

Please feel free to hop into our discord to get a feel for the place.

Or have a look at our County post.

11/11/2018 1:47:00 AM #7

Please see post #1 for our new announcement

4/9/2019 9:26:21 AM #8

Domain and Settlement Selection approaches, and as always Bescomb is looking for people from all walks of life to enrich her community! Be you a farmer, a smith, a physician, or any other profession, Bescomb needs good people like you.

10/1/2019 9:43:39 AM #9

With D&SS over, I can now say that the village has moved! We will now be based in Tyr Nansur, Al'Khezam!