[NA-W] The Duchy of Fioralba

  • Server: Angelica (NA-West)
  • Kingdom: The Kingdom of Ashland, Kingdom of Ashland Discord.
  • Location: Kingdom 2 (Hrothi and Neran), Alpine Tundra.
  • Tribes: Hrothi (78%), Brudvir (10%), Neran, (10%)
  • Recruitment: Open; seeking aristocracy, and citizens.
  • Roleplay: Optional, but encouraged.

Dawn rises, the land slowly awakening in the light of the coming morn. In the absolute stillness and silence, the day holds its breath in anticipation of the coming sunrise. It alights the sky with a fire amongst the mountains of a new land of untapped potential.

The Duchy of Fioralba aims to be a natural economic and research center for the Kingdom of Ashland. The duchy will be focusing strongly on renewable resource development and technology, conservation, and striving to find a balance between menn and land.

Community Sustainability

The social, economic and environmental sustainability of a community is the core mission for the future. Think of sustainability as a three legged stool:

The first important leg focuses on the resilience of the community or, in other words, the ability of the community to bounce back after a disaster. Within the context of sustainability, this means the ability to protect the health, safety and security of citizens; and the ability to maintain ecosystems, biodiversity and sustainable levels of economic competitiveness and prosperity.

The second leg of the stool focuses on the future and specifically planned adaptation actions. As technology progresses it will be crucial to have updated infrastructure in place to handle biome changes and population capacity.

The third leg of the stool highlights the ability to communicate effectively and in a timely manner with citizens. To create platforms for announcements, discussion and dialogue; dissemination of events, issues and early warnings for emergency preparedness and community feedback. Effective communication, transparency and accountability are essential ingredients for a sustainable community.

Why Conserve?

A core tenet to Chronicles of Elyria is nothing lasts forever; lives come and go, seasons change, and resources are finite. If one is to consider the game will span 500 years, it is a long time to go without some form of resource managment and replacement. What may exist from a hundred years in the past could be gone in the blink of an eye from over extraction. It results in a loss of potential profit, knowledge, goods and services from the environment for the present and future generations.

Goals and Objectives

  • To seek a temperate biome during Domain Selection, plans will be changed accordingly if not possible.
  • Duchy placement in the Kingdom will be near or close to the heart of it between neighbooring duchies to help facilitate trade flow.
  • As Duchess, monthly purchases of Exposition Points will be put towards setting a strong foundation at the start of Exposition.
  • Establish and maintain a quality of life based on shared values adopted by the community.
  • Laws in place for conservation, breeding and replanting. Profit cannot be made if resources aren't managed or recuperated.
  • Researching into technology to better process and make products or base components from renewable resources.
  • To provide opportunities for economic and social development that will create a viable and sustainable future.
  • Development of effective adaptation strategies with local involvement, inclusion of community perceptions, and recognition of multiple stresses on sustainable management of resources.
  • To encourage all forms of agriculture and protect the long term ability of farming operations to contribute to the economy and lifestyle within the duchy, and possibly kingdom.
  • Accessible land/farms for sale seen as affordable.
  • Increased awareness of land stewardship.
  • To cultivate forests and other natural resources.


Current development of an economic system is on hold until more information is released from Soulbound Studios to plan adequately. The general layout is:

  • To promote a fair tax system within the Duchy.
  • To provide for the well-being of citizens.
  • Infrastructure in place for matters of trade, traveling, communication, military, and ducal defense.
  • Establishing inter-county trade, business, and shipping.
  • Forming trade agreements within the Kingdom and outside.
  • Places of learning and craft such as guilds, schools, and associations.
  • Tax incentives will be given to starting guilds to spur initial economic activity, as well as to farmers and ranchers who agree to a land trust.


As with Economics, development of fully structured military is on hold. The prime focuses will be light infantry, and cavalry units once mounted combat is released. Mobility, vigilance, and decisive action will be a core part of the military creed. Any citizen is welcome to apply, the general plan is listed below:

  • Establishing a breeding stock of various types, depending on military units.
  • Provide opportunities for citizens to learn self-defense, and equipment to defend their person or property.
  • Maintenance of the duchy borders, their security, checkpoints, and travel across them.
  • Working closely with Counts and Barons to maintain security, supplies, staff, and stations.

Government Structure and Rights

The sovereign state exists to maintain law and order, enforcement, and to protect citizens from aggression, theft, breach of contract, and fraud. Each Count/Countess in the Duchy will be a part of the ruling Council to act in an advisory, administrative, or legislative capacity. Barons and Mayors act as representatives of their settlement’s wishes, feedback, and opinions within the Council.

All citizens in the Duchy have:

  • The right to autonomy to govern one’s own land and property as they see fit, as long as it does not interfere with county, ducal or kingdom laws.
  • The right to freedom of choice; every one is free to do what they will, provided they do not infringe on the rights of others.
  • The right to freedom of expression; griefing and slander will not be tolerated.
  • The right to worship as you wish, as long as it does no harm to any citizen or cause property damage.

Who Are We Looking For?

Any role is welcome, as well as potential citizens who have a steely pride in the sustainability of their community. Farmers and animal breeders will find a welcome home here. Or if you want to live the simple life, then it’s alright too.

Among the Aristocracy and Nobility; as they are leadership roles, one must be self-reliant, flexible, and open to feedback.

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Organizations within the Duchy

The Chamberlains led by Count Lucifer de Aeternus.

The Chamberlains are a group of people who are responsible for the upkeep of the Grand Atheneum located in the County of Sylitera.

The group is comprised of several different types of characters ranging from scribes and teachers to adventurers and champions. All important to the Library's continued relevance in the Kingdom and although they take different paths, their goal of enlightenment remains the same throughout.

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Many congratulations on your duchy posting Xeyska, it looks wonderful.

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Many congratulations on your duchy posting Xeyska, it looks wonderful.

Thank you, Polite.

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Congrats on the duchy! Loving the post

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Come check out a great group of people, have some fun with us!

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I just want you to know I think this a wonderful thread and I look forward to meeting you all! ^^

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