[NA-W] City of Da'at

Da'at, City of Knowledge

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.

~ Kofi Annan



Kingdom of Azalea's Ascension, Duchy of Azazel's Descent, County of Sylitera

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"Forged in Mettle, Born in Wit"


Founded and built from the ground up by the great House Aeternum, the city of Da'at is one rife with history and secrets, both light and dark.

The family of Aeternum was known to be a powerful and influential force within the Kingdom, providing their monarchs with secrets and knowledge that surpassed the findings of any great nations, advancing steadily as the Kingdom grew. As time passed, relations grew stronger and new bonds were formed; the family was blessed with gifts from great powers in the nation who shared in their philosophy: knowledge is power. The family strived to build an institution that would promote that very belief with the final responsibility falling upon their late descendant, Lord Lucifer Aeternum.

Lord Lucifer Aeternum, Count of Sylitera, Governor of Da'at

Lucifer Aeternum harks from a long line of intellectuals, partaking in the pursuit of knowledge from childhood. A wealthy and influential individual, he boasts great wisdom and understanding that has earned himself a deeply weighted opinion in his Kingdom, and a reputable position to boot. The leader of the renowned Azalean Institute for Professional Scholarship and a partner to the Venerable Queen Zalfira Feltree and Duke Steedsurge Tre'fidy, Lord Lucifer strives to empower his Kingdom through his own study of epistemology and his institute's progress in technological advancement.

Philosophy and Purpose

As a city focused on knowledge and understanding, Da'at strives to push the limits of technological advancement, ensuring our Kingdom is always equipped with the greatest attainable technology. Da'at will be crucial in our Kingdom's pursuit of knowledge and its progression will forge a path to greatness for the nation, leaving a trail of development in its wake.

The city will include a vast number of institutions with regions for government, education and research, trade and commerce, residential areas at each tier, and guild halls. With such an emphasis on research and education, a lot of the city's land will be be dedicated to academic facilities. That being said, there will remain plenty of land available for purchase and development.

It should probably be said that this will be no small city, I plan to operate it on the same level as a capital with hopes that it will garner a large player base.

City Council

The Grand Council of Da'at will consist of both elected and appointed individuals divided into two tiers; the High Tribunal of Magistrates and the High Consistory of Ministers.

The High Tribunal of Magistrates

The Tribunal will be the appointed council of the city, acting on the same level as a senate and, as such, will be responsible for the direct government of the city (i.e. the passing of laws) Each seat may also include an administrative position directly underneath. The members are as follows:

  1. Lord Magistrate of the Treasury
    • Deputy of the Treasury
  2. Lord Magistrate of Trade and Commerce
    • Deputy of Trade and Commerce
  3. Lord Magistrate of Diplomacy
    • First Envoy of Da'at
  4. Lord Magistrate of Justice
    • Deputy of Internal Affairs

The High Consistory of Ministers

The consistory is the elected council of the city, acting as a house of commons. It will deal more heavily with matters that directly affect the citizens such as education, security, etc.

  • Lord Minister of Education -- High Chancellor of Da'at
    1. Lord Minister of Security
  • First Captain of the Guard
    1. Lord Minister of Infrastructure
  • First Architect of Da'at

In addition to the afore-mentioned seats, there will also be an Arch Magistrate and Prime Minister for a total of 9 council seats.

Non-Council Positions

These positions are more a matter of reputation and are built upon a person's level of influence within the city. These people can be anything from the city's most notable apothecary to its most renowned champion.

For the time being, here is a list that outlines the positions most crucial to the city's success.

  • Guild Leader - High Guildmaster of Da'at

  • Tradesman - High Merchant of Da'at

  • Armoursmith/Weaponsmith/Arrowsmith etc. - High Metalsmith of Da'at

  • Healer - High Apothecary of Da'at

  • Champion - High Paladin of Da'at

It's worthy to note that, should someone of greater prowess and ability surpass you, you will be dismissed from your position and your opinion will no longer hold significant weight in governmental matter.

Guilds and Organizations

Currently, there is but one organization that will definitely be present within the city; the Azalean Institute for Professional Scholarship. As the city is primarily focused on research and knowledge, the institute will function as the leading guild within it. That being said, we will gladly welcome any organizations who can be a potential asset to both the city and/or kingdom and are willing to accept any proposals for those wanting to join.


Kingdom of Azalea's Ascenscion | Azalean Institute for Professional Scholarship | Duchy of An'ayr | Rìoghail Tradeway | Braenaroch


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