Kingdom and Duchy Master List

Hello everyone,

I may have gotten carried away and created a spreadsheet with what I hope is a fairly accurate listing of all the currently known and pledged Duchies and Kingdoms for Chronicles of Elyria, with links to their recruitment pages where available and intended servers. Mostly I made this for my own reference, but I figured that there would be others who would like access to this information, so am posting it up here on the forums.

While I have made every effort to verify information where possible, there will almost definitely be mistakes or further information that can be added.

Kingdom and Duchy Master List.

Each server is on its own tab of the spreadsheet. If you know of a community, or would like to add some info, please poke me on Discord. I tend to lurk in the public CoE Discord channel.

Special thanks to Polite, Azeron and Alvy for checking over some of my listings. :)


1/3/2017 4:26:58 PM #1

Nicely done Emerys.

1/3/2017 4:57:28 PM #2

This is really helpful, thanks for doing this. I've kept having to mumble the different kingdoms to myself and try to remember where they were and if they were on layaway or not, this makes it so much easier.

1/3/2017 5:12:24 PM #3

Love this, especially the color coding!

Edit: Might be nice for this thread to get stickied for easier reference? Seems one of the things folks have trouble with upon arrival is finding all the kingdoms.

1/3/2017 6:08:33 PM #4

Very cool. Will be nice to see over the coming months how each kingdom changes.

1/3/2017 6:18:48 PM #5

Great work and very nicely executed. I second Cruset on the sticky, this would be very handy for any new players or players looking to find a place to stay.

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1/3/2017 6:31:26 PM #6

Good work compiling all the information together!

1/4/2017 8:29:47 AM #7

Hey, thanks all for the kind words. A sticky would be awesome, but of course that is up to the SBS team. :P


1/4/2017 12:05:50 PM #8

I think adding baronies and counties would be even cooler, but that would probably be too much work xP

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1/4/2017 12:15:12 PM #9

Baronies and Counties would indeed be quite a lot of work to do. You'd need almost an entire spreadsheet tab for each Duchy.

I likely will go through and add Duchy/Kingdom logos and Discord links though.


1/5/2017 3:36:52 PM #10

+1 to Emery here.

1/5/2017 3:40:28 PM #11

Not sure I am viewing this correctly, but I only see 4 Kingdoms.

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1/5/2017 7:18:35 PM #12

Great Job!

1/5/2017 7:24:51 PM #13

Posted By SirStumps at 08:40 AM - Thu Jan 05 2017

Not sure I am viewing this correctly, but I only see 4 Kingdoms.

On the bottom of the sheet there are tabs to the other servers (NA-W, APAC, EU)

1/6/2017 4:46:56 PM #14

Really great job, + 1 for all the work.

1/7/2017 7:14:39 PM #15

Take your like, I've been waiting on this for Ages. DEVS sticky this!