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County of Atrein

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Greetings and salutations! On behalf of I, count Roderick Thatcher I wish to officially welcome you and thank you personally for taking the time out of your life to read about this wonderful and prosperous county. Located within the kingdom of Ashland in the depths of the duchy of Sanctaphandri. Here you'll find out about Atrein, along with associated houses and companies that reside within her boarders.

If you're interested in establishing yourself, company, or even city within my county after reading this please join us located at this discord link to talk further with me. Once more thank you, and enjoy the reading!

History of Atrein

Atrein has always provided for her people. Located near the coast within Ashland she has been able to provide rich and fertile land leading into the valleys and mountain ranges of other counties within the Sanctaphandri duchy to provide lush farms, grand hunting grounds, and a coastal line that leaves your breathtaken.

Atrein having been located so close to the coast provided little defense from the king's armies that were located more North or inland thus causing Atrein to learn to defend themselves early on. Over the generations Atrein's use of the ocean made them masters of naval combat and use of spears and bows for fishing and hunting in the nearby forests.

However, not all was a loss or negative in this violent world. Through expansion and exploration the people of Atrein had been able to trade with local villages as well as the people within the kingdom. This provided a great wealth and trade for the people forging lasting alliances with the other counts and dukes of the Ashlands. Over the years walls would be erected around the capital city of Mira to add to the defense of the port town and establish themselves as not only an economic and trade power but a military one as well, if the need arises.

Port city of Mira, the capital city of Atrein

This port town utilized tall cliff side wonders that provided the greatest natural defenses as well as stone walls that were crafted from the neighboring count's finest architects to solidify the project. Ramparts were placed along the wall as below into the greater port city where many stalls and bazaars are seen.

A truly remarkable city to any would be seafarer, adventurer, merchant, or privateer seeking a safe place to rest for a time before taken back to the unforgiving sea of Oceanus. Mira has remained neutral during many conflicts over her foundation and thus draws many who seek refuge from the ways of war and find a more serene view for the would be adventurer or traveling merchant.

Near the docks one can find a trading company that through their innovation and influence over the county has made the reigning house their lords, across the board reading* Thatcher Shipping. A company that focuses in making the finest vessels and providing the best service to transport and purchase goods from around Elyria.

Fishing village of Hartburgh

The town of Hartburgh is a small and sleepy fishing town, that is barely larger than the villages and hamlets surrounding it. A local center for trade and commerce, its main draw card is a small shipyard and carpentry business operated by Thatcher Shipping, specialized in small craft, and a thriving salt and pearl industry. Situated at the mouth of a small river, the town is also a natural end point, for barges bearing cattle, lumber and other goods. The docks in Hartburgh often play host to small trade ships, which take the goods away to foreign ports and the larger trade port of Mira where they are sold and bartered.

Town of Drakemoore

Drakemoore is situated in a fertile valley along the river Merin in the county of Atrien. As far as the eye can see there are farms and pastures. Even to the untrained eye one could see that this town is a very important center of food trade for the entire kingdom. Near the center of town a school dedicated to farming , animal husbandry and wood production can be seen where those wishing to learn the crafts of the towns primary industry can train. Food trade is one of the primary industries along with the development in Forestry and Lumber industries which is suited to those looking for to work the land.

The town of Frank

"Nestled in the foothills of Atrien county lays the humble town of Frank, truly a haven for people from all walks of life. be you a homesteader seeking a place to raise your kin, an adventurer looking for a town to call home, or a deviant seeking to sleuth around in darkened corners. Frank is truly a sanctuary for all walks of life. Kept safe by Mayor Hans Frank and his deviant security force you can be assured that any bandits, thieves, or ruffians who do not ascribe to his contract of peaceful coexistence will be met with swift justice, followed by a short drop and a sudden stop. Whether you choose to make a visit, or a home here, a warm hearth will surely be awaiting your arrival." Mayor Hans Frank.


At Fort Cicassia, we welcome the peaceful and defend against evil empires, everlastingly searching for the force and forces to increase our strength to keep the evil out. Sure, we may harbor some real scoundrels and assassins of unknown prestige because we never talk about work, but above the underground hideout where you can easily grab a beer, buy some fun and gamble for a few coins, there's the main city inside the fort where you can live an honest life, free from the disturbances and worries of the cruel outside world. If you're looking for a good time and a safe haven, we at Cicassia welcome you.

Companies within Atrein:

-Thatcher Shipping

Notable families or houses within Atrein

-House Thatcher - Mira

Why join Atrein:

Now that you've read through a brief history and about our townships within the county you must ask yourself, why join us? What makes us so different? As you know we are a part of Ashland, one of the largest and most active kingdoms in Elyria.

This strong foundation, active and welcoming populous will draw you in and Atrein will do just the same. We hope to establish lasting trade connections and allegiances between other counties and kingdoms to prosper for our county and help all within it. Regardless of what city, family, or company you choose to join by becoming a citizen of Atrein you'll be protected and provided by her people and by the people of Sanctaphandri.

We encourage people who are seeking adventure, trade, business, crafting, or work for the masses. Each town has their own feel and flair but Atrein does prefer role players as it helps develop our minds, our social and creative writing skills. It'll also bring us closer as a county and between each other to get to know, feel, and learn of other characters. Also, this is Chronicles of Elyria, a MMORPG So although intimidating to many even light role playing is still role playing. We don't shun or criticize anyone in Atrein. When you are with us, you're family!

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Major News

1/21/2017 - We officially have three towns and one fort town! Your current mayors and barons are as follows in order written above: Count Roderick Thatcher, Mayor Leander, Mayor Mandrake Drakus, and lastly Baron Bojangles.

3/1/2017 - We're full on mayor and baron slots. Seeking citizens to join Atrein and become a productive member of our county. If you seek fame and fortune look no further then Atrein, the jewel of Ashland!

4/14/2017 - We have one opening for a mayor at this point in time. Gentry are always welcome of course. Please join us if you are interested in joining a close knit family to help you along in CoE.

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Oh my already on the 2nd page. I hate to bump my own posts but I kind of have to! Please come and visit me in the county discord. I'd love to meet you and talk more about your goals and plans!

1/5/2017 10:27:57 AM #4

It's with great pleasure that I present to you the symbol of Atrein! Through the offering of Oceanus, our guardian protector whilst at sea may we forever be in your favor. If I may create a statue of the symbol I wish to hoist this crest in the port of Mira as the gateway into the port, the shining star of the compass rose's shadow pointing down unto the center of the capital city guiding any would be adventurer a beacon where ever they may be going. Safe passage traveler!

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Bumping as a friend, hope you'll return the favor :)

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Of course man, thank you!

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Good county set up I wish you the best of luck there Roderick.

Friend code: 2D42A1

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Nice County. I look forward to working with you in the future

1/6/2017 10:02:01 PM #9

Thank you lord Yorick! Hopefully more will be inclined to join and take part in this glorious trade investment with me as well. :)

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Seeking barons to help populate the county. Would love RP inspired crafters and producers but we'll also accept military minded defenders to keep us safe and secure from bandits and other hostile creatures.

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As of today Thatcher Shipping has officially gone live. If you're in need of a job and wish to reside in Mira please apply today to become a part of Thatcher shipping!

1/9/2017 3:40:28 AM #12

Slowly we grow. Today marks the day we officially have 5 members of the county. 2 Thatchers and 3 Faclondors. Wonderful, slowly but surly we'll make Atrein the trade capital of Elyria!

1/9/2017 7:08:26 AM #13

Very nice post, glad to see you're growing!

1/10/2017 2:03:37 PM #14

Thank you, we're doing really well now that the house brand is getting out there. Thatcher will draw in a lot of folks for the company but we are also needing crafter/trade focused individuals who seek a home in Atrein as I'd love to purchase your goods as well as ship them for you all. If interested please let me know!

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Come and visit the county of Atrein! We'd love to meet you!

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