Newcomer Starter Pack: Begin Here!


It's always great to see new members getting involved, participating in discussions and contributing to the forums with artwork, stories and constructive criticism! So... let's get you over any hurdles that may be impeding your ability to do so!

I'll make this fairly simple as a lot of you want to jump right in and get involved, so i've split this into 3 categories: A, B and C.

Update: Kickstarter Goal Met!
Official Chronicles of Elyria Pre-Alpha First Look

A. Learn

1. Read the Design Journals
2. Read the Elyria Echos
3. Akashic Library
4. DM21's Design Journal coverage videos
5. QnA's with Caspian
6. F.A.Q.
7. CoE Wiki (English)
8. CoE Wiki (Spanish)
9. CoE Wiki (French)
10. How to search the forums
11. More Links (Thank Hellmoon!)

B. Discuss

1. General Discussion (you're already here!)
2. CoE Reddit
3. IRC chat instructions
4. Discord channel (mod edit: now direct link to discord)

C. Contribute

1. Fan Media
2. Fan Fiction
3. Some Forum Games (look around)
4. Hype up our MMORPG rating (+ share on social media)
5. CoE Kickstarter - Goal Met / Big thanks to all the backers! <3
6. The Elyrian Directory - Start/Join a group, settlement, community, etc

Also, some cool Screenshots as well as the an early look Video!

If all of these resources are a little overwhelming and you'd like a streamlined method of learning, I would highly recommend just watching all of bicycle walrus' CoE playlist.

12/19/2015 2:56:28 AM #1

Nice guide Falcon :)

12/19/2015 3:09:05 AM #2

Awesome! is it Stickied? it needs to be stickied... SOME BODY STICKY THIS!

I like Apple Cider.

12/19/2015 9:21:51 AM #3

Nice job, but the title can be slightly misleading. At least it fooled me, I was expecting six packs or something like that :P Cheers.

12/19/2015 10:00:42 AM #4

Nice job, Falcon, a +1 from me.

12/19/2015 11:03:25 AM #5

Slightly updated and slowly growing FAQ on the wiki atm too

12/20/2015 7:46:15 AM #6


12/20/2015 10:44:35 AM #7

Agree with you, Maygus, but Souzou says that the FAQ are going to be updating in the new site. CoE FAQ will have more info thant wiki FAQ.

12/23/2015 2:22:10 AM #8

Hello everyone! I'm so excited to be a part of this mmo! After listening to Jeromy Walsh talk in the Q & A i was instantly hooked. A game made by gamers for gamers. its been a long time coming i must say. I've been in the mmo genre for about 16 years and i played Diablo 1 and 2 before the mmos were a thing, the direction multiplayer games have gone is sad to say the least, its all about profits to these big companies. I cant express how refreshing it is to have found this game. I plan to fully support the community is any way possible. you can count my donation when the kick starter begins! P.S. I cant wait to strike up conversations and concerns!

12/29/2015 10:15:55 AM #9

I would add how to search the forums through google:

  1. Go to google.
  2. Type in the search box: site: words-to-search

Example: I want to search for "spirit walking" -> site: spirit walking

12/31/2015 2:07:59 PM #10


1/1/2016 12:53:20 AM #11

That would be a good addition, I agree.



1/1/2016 7:42:16 PM #12

Alright, i've added it in. Thanks for the heads up!

1/4/2016 8:01:20 AM #13

Great post! I really enjoyed bicyclewalrus' videos. :)

1/4/2016 2:02:22 PM #14

hello ! new here and excited with the game

1/4/2016 3:16:59 PM #15

for me, the devs journal provided the best info ( ) .

With the wealth of intriguing features you put in, I hope to see an Alpha client this year... but wouldn't be suprised if its 2017...

Good luck folks!