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The Kingdom of Tyria

Sovereign: His Royal Majesty, King Archibold I

Royal Family:  House von Rothe

Government Type: Feudal Monarchy

Royal Seat: Whiteheart Castle (Rothenburg)

Core Values: Loyalty, Integrity, Noblesse Oblige, & the Rule of Law

Crown Faith: Virtorian (Freedom of Religion is recognized by the Crown)

Theme for the Kingdom

Tyria will be staying as close to the game mechanics as reasonably possible to make the learning curve to the Kingdom's culture easy to pick up and enjoy. Thus, our flavor is medieval European with light fantasy elements (with inspiration drawn specifically from the Holy Roman Empire).

Officers of the Crown

These are positions traditionally held by members of the royal family (though not strictly a prerequisite) that assist the Crown in ruling the Kingdom.

Lord Protector: Responsible for managing the affairs of the Crown (prime minister)

Lord Commander: Responsible for leading the royal orders of knighthood

Lord Guardian: Responsible for safeguarding the life of His Majesty the King

The Royal Council

These are the advisors of the Crown, who exercise direct authority in the royal duchy and advise the Crown on kingdom-level affairs within their jurisdiction.

Lord Chancellor: Responsible for diplomatic affairs, and advises on political matters

Lord Steward: Responsible for economics and acts as the Crown’s contact with the guilds

Lord Treasurer: Responsible for tax collection and management of the royal treasury

Lord Justiciar: Responsible for overseeing the integrity of the justice system

Lord Chamberlain: Responsible the Royal household & social events hosted by the Crown

Lord Scholar: Responsible for the Royal Academy, and coordinating research in the Kingdom

Lord Marshal: Responsible for the Royal Army

Lord Admiral: Responsible for the Royal Navy

Note: Only residents of Rothenburg, the Royal Duchy may be a member of the Royal Council, so all may apply as long as they are willing to become an official resident of the Royal Duchy. Substitute Lady for Lord as appropriate

Our Duchies

Our duchies answer directly to the Crown, because we know that a well-organized and united kingdom is a strong and prosperous kingdom.

The Royal Duchy of Rothenburg

Duke Reginald Ortherion of Aquitania

Duke Emetri Natori of Midomura

Duke Synrael of Vesait

Our People

The People of Tyria enjoy the freedom to explore whatever skills or trades they find most appealing to them. It is believed among the people that each vice must be balanced by each virtue, that either vice or virtue in excess is unhealthy. And so it is, with Greed & Charity. Thus, the People of Tyria are driven to profit both themselves as well as their fellow mann by the works of their hands.

Kingdom of Tyria

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The kingdom moved west? That makes...six then. Oooh this is getting interesting. Welcome to our side :)

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@Kaloki, Yes we moved West.

The Kingdom is following the spirit of a feudal System of Government that the developers are creating for Elyria.

Hello and Salutations to all in NA-W

1/25/2017 5:49:36 PM #5

Updated. Those who are interested in joining, please feel free to send me a private message here on the forums.

1/25/2017 6:40:01 PM #6

Proud to serve. May Tyria prosper in the coming year!

- Amicus Horizonborn -

Officer of the Crown - Guardian
Lord Scholar of Tyria
Headmaster of Agravaine Academy
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May Tyria rise!

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Posted By Nico The Red Rogue at 10:49 PM - Wed Jan 25 2017

May Tyria rise!

And long live its king!

- Amicus Horizonborn -

Officer of the Crown - Guardian
Lord Scholar of Tyria
Headmaster of Agravaine Academy
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We would like to remind those in the West that have not yet pledged to join a Kingdom that joining Tyria now is a great opportunity to be involved in the building of a kingdom from the ground up, that positions are available for those willing to invest the time and energy, and we reward those who do so, regardless of their starting situation (what level you backed the game at).

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We are growing and setting our sites on being one of the top Kingdom destinations for NA-W.

We have positions open in our Community, come check us out.

Welcome to the new members.

3/4/2017 6:49:33 AM #11

Happy TGIF :-)

Welcome to our 2 New Counts and Baron to the Kingdom.

3/10/2017 1:36:22 PM #12

I have now joined The Kingdom of Tyria as a Duke.

Duke Emetri Natori of Midomura - Kingdom of Tyria

3/12/2017 1:36:05 AM #13

@DarkOwl, Welcome your Grace :-)

3/12/2017 2:50:27 AM #14

Welcome to Tyria, I look forward to working with you.

3/12/2017 6:49:41 AM #15

Welcome to our grand kingdom!

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