[NA-W] Duchy of Aquitania

The Duchy of Aquitania, ruled by House Ortherion, stands strong with and loyal to his Liege Lord, His Majesty King Archibold of Tyria. The heart of the Duchy is the great city of Ascaeria. The Duchy’s crown jewel, the hub and center of commerce and the seat of government.

House Ortherion has ruled the Duchy with a just and fair hand for many decades, recently having further solidified their power in the Duchy with the rise of King Archibold to the throne of Tyria.

Statement of Ideals

A Duchy requires a culmination of everything from the Nobilty, Aristocracy, crafters, farmers, fighters, gathers, tinkerers, the list goes on, etc. As such, I welcome all like-minded individuals from the Kingdom to consider Aquitania your home. Community comes first for your Duke, I will strive to make Aquitania a place that is safe to live and do commerce. More importantly, a place to make your mark in the world and live out your adventures. (RP Friendly)

Duchy’s Capital is Ascaeria in the County of Wolfsbourne

The Duchy At A Glance

  • Server: NA-West
  • Kingdom: The Kingdom of Tyria, Join the Kingdom Discord Here
  • Primary Colors: Royal Blue, Royal Crimson
  • Themes: The Holy Roman Empire, combined with a medieval flair specifically from the High Middle Ages.
  • Roleplay: Roleplay is welcomed and something the Duke will take part in but is not required. Those who do not wish to roleplay please respect those that do.
  • Website: In Progress
  • Discord Server: Join the Duchy Discord Here
  • Position Being Sought: Counts, Barons, Mayors and ranging from soldiers to farmers, crafters and members of the Ducal Household, etc.

Counts and Baron's that are accepted (Sworn Fealty) to the Duchy prior to settlement selection, will receive 1,000 EP from the Ducal EP Funds during Expo. This EP can be used for County or Barony Infrastructure improvements. This offer only applies to sworn Counts and Baron's this offer does not apply to Mayor's.

  • House Ortherion has ruled wisely and fairly over His Aquitanian subjects, citizens of Tyria for many decades. The Dukes word is his bond. His Grace expects fair and honorable dealings, break our bonds and suffer very grave consequences.

  • It is expected for all Nobility, Aristocracy, Gentry and Citizens of the Duchy to pay taxes. Which sole purpose is for the betterment of the Duchy such as infrastructure, safety and Defense of the Realm. Taxes will not be used for the enrichment of the Nobility or House Ortherion.

  • We are RP friendly and do understand that RP is not for everyone, we ask that RP should be respected if encountered.

  • Understand that House Ortherion priorities are the survival of House Ortherion and His Family, then the Duchy, however that being said. House Ortherion will fully commitment to the betterment of the Duchy, providing for a strong economy, fair dealings, enforcement of contracts, to inspire growth and prosperity for His loyal subjects. Provide for Law and Order that will be kept for the benefit of all citizens and justice equally rendered for His subjects.

The Magna Carta of the Duchy

  1. The Government is based on a Feudal Monarchy but His Grace the Duke, His Privy Council and Noble Court are not be above the law.
  2. Duchy Law has Supremacy over County or Local laws, if in doubt on a conflict Duchy Law is Supreme, only Kingdom Law supersedes this mandate.
  3. All Nobility, Aristocracy, Gentry and Citizens are equal before the law. Although subjects of His Grace, all will be treated with respect and fairness.
  4. All Nobility and Aristocracy having control of a County or settlement larger than a Town in the Duchy are required to pledge an oath of Fealty to His Grace the Duke to reside and live in the Duchy.
  5. All Titles, Contracts, Lands and Claims lawfully obtained will not be abridged or revoked, unless found Guilty of High Treason.
  6. Vassals breaking their Pledge of Fealty to His Grace the Duke are Guilty of High Treason.
  7. Nobility or Aristocracy subverting, plotting, killing, attacking or invoking general mayhem in the Duchy without a Casus Belli are Guilty of High Treason.
  8. High Treason is punishable up to and including, loss of lands, loss of title and death, being banished from the Duchy and placed on a permanent KOS list.
  9. All Citizens will be provided a fair and just trial.
  10. All Gentry and Citizens of Tyria are free to move in and out of the Duchy.
  11. All Citizens can marry, own land, and obtain benefit of hereditary rights.
  12. All lawfully agreed to contracts are enforceable in all Courts and County’s in the Duchy, No local authority can revoke, refuse to honor or not enforce a lawful contract that is legal in the Duchy.
  13. Slavery is forbidden; However, Debt Indentured Servitude is allowed but must be recognized by the local authority to the contract and have a reasonable time limit.

Lore of Aquitania

The lore of the Duchy is currently a work in progress mostly waiting on further information on the world of Elyria and its history to ensure the Duchy fits within the "feel" of Elyria.

The Duchy’s Government

Feudal Monarchy

The Privy Council

Duke - "Reginald Ortherion"

Head of the Government. Lord of House Ortherion, Title is Hereditary.

Duchess – "Reserved"

His Grace’s Wife, Lady Ortherion. Stands in the stead of the Duke when he is unavailable, able to act and speak for the Duke with full authority to make decisions.

Right Hand – " Count Roderick Sturm"

Prime Minister and Lord Chamberlain of the “House of Lords”, has full authority for the Duchy in the absence of the Duke and the Duchess. Leader of the “House of Lords”.

Lord High Commander - "Open"

Head of the Duke’s private guard. Is in charge of recruiting, training, and maintaining the Duke’s personal guard. Takes a more direct role in managing the Duchy’s Military in Emergencies, Times of War and leads the coordination and Call-to-Arms of the Counts and Baron's Military forces.

High Sheriff - "Open"

Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the Duchy. Coordinates with the Counts and appoints sheriffs of the Duchy in policing and enforcing Duchy Laws and Regulations. Responsible for Warrants of Arrest and Posting Bounty Notices of the Duchy. Sheriff of Wolfsbourne County, the Capital of the Duchy.

High Minister and Master Diplomat - "Open"

Head of Diplomacy for the Duchy both external and internal. The face of the Duchy and coordinates between the Kingdom, Duchy and the outside world. Both the Minister of Internal Affairs and Minister of Foreign Affairs report to the Master Diplomat.

Master Archivist - "Open"

The Duchy’s Elder Scribe. In charge of Duchy contracts, archiving and administering over maps, laws, notes of meetings, royal decrees, research scrolls, and any other documents.

Minister of Justice - " Count Clark Maxwell"

Advises the Privy Council on Judges to appoint to the Duchy Courts. Coordinates with the Court’s and Judges that they are following the laws of the Duchy.

Minister of the Treasury - "Open"

Master of Economic Advisors. In charge of administering the Duchy’s funds, banking, commerce and trade agreements. Responsible for collection of taxes from the Counts and payment to the Kingdom and the Barons that are vassals of the Duke.

The House of Lords

The House of Lords will be an advisory body to His Grace the Duke. Its sole purpose will be to discuss, support, debate and provide suggestions and ideas for the Common Good and the General Welfare of the Duchy. This is not a legislative or law creating body but a means to bring important topics of Duchy business to the notice of His Grace the Duke and His Privy Council.

The membership will be made up of the Nobility, Barons, Large Guild Leaders and Very Famous Citizens. The Prime Minister (Lord Chamberlain) will coordinate when and how often this body will meet. The Capital will be the place of these meetings.

Becoming a Tyrian and Citizen of Aquitania

All loyal Tyrians are welcome in Aquitania. If you are interested in a Nobility or Aristocracy role in the Duchy, swearing your fealty to House Ortherion is required, please contact Duke Ortherion, Red Storm or mwiclark on Discord PM or Website PMs. Terms and conditions will be discussed in detail.

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2/21/2017 5:09:39 AM #2

Breaking News

Duke Ortherion is offering 1,000 EP to Counts and Baron's that swear fealty before Settlement selection for County and Barony Improvements.

Duke Ortherion, has stated to the Aquitanian Gazette that he intends to make sure that his Counts, Baron's and Duchy has the infrastructure it needs to be successful. I was asked if this also applied to Mayor's, no it does not.

2/25/2017 3:54:08 AM #3

We are going to create a great Kingdom and Duchy.

We have plans for the Duchy and the Magna Carta which lays out the governing structure which is unique for CoE.

3/2/2017 5:36:42 AM #4

Welcome the new members of the Duchy.

3/3/2017 4:38:42 AM #5

Interesting ideas will talk to you on your Discord.

3/3/2017 5:34:13 AM #6

Posted By Ortherion at 12:09 AM - Tue Feb 21 2017

Breaking News

Duke Ortherion is offering 1,000 EP to Counts and Baron's that swear fealty before land selection for County and Barony Improvements.

Duke Ortherion, has stated to the Aquitanian Gazette that he intends to make sure that his Counts, Baron's and Duchy has the infrastructure it needs to be successful.

Welcome! I'm from Blackheart, but I do have to say your offer is a pretty generous one & a first that I've seen.

3/4/2017 4:55:39 AM #7

@bedeude, Thanks for the feedback.

I am very much looking for those Counts that are seeking a Duke that will be as motivated to have a successful Duchy as much as they want their County to be successful in other words, motivated self starter Counts that find the Magna Carta of the Duchy as something they can support.

Having a very engaged Duke is very important to anyone that is pledging Aristocracy and higher. My primary play focus and interest is the Kingdom side of the game. I will spend most if not all my game time on my Duchy.

3/6/2017 3:28:03 AM #8


It was great talking to you and explaining the ideas of the Duchy.

She asked a great question the IP offer is for Counts and Baron's not Mayor's.

3/8/2017 4:11:40 AM #9

Hello Everyone,

I have many years of gaming experience in being a GM of both small and large Guilds. I have enjoyed working with a diverse group of members in those Guilds over the years.

I am very keen to make and grow Aquitana into a well respected Duchy of NA-W.

3/10/2017 4:32:17 AM #10

I would like to welcome a new Count and Baron to the Duchy.

@Mikalent and @Red Storm

3/12/2017 12:51:58 AM #11

@Mira, I would like to welcome Mayor Mira to the Duchy.

Our community is growing and I have the best Duchy support plan announced so far in the CoE community.

1,000 EP in County Development funding for Counts and Baron's. Each Count and Baron that joins the Duchy before Settlement selection and is accepted into the Duchy, will receive 1,000 EP in County Improvements paid for by the Duke.

3/12/2017 7:59:13 AM #12

Thank you for the reception your grace. It is my pleasure to formally announce that the Followers of Void have officially recognized Aquitania as our Dutchy and do from this day vow alligence as our Kindred demand. In Nomine Inanis!

Our count and baron hail from our gaming community Order of the Void, which has entertained success in games such as Arche Age, where we held one of the first 4 castles on server Ezi, Wildstar, where we cleared the first raid post ftp, Ark, where we were alpha tribe on official server 55, Black Desert Online, where we had success in node wars as a first page guild, and games like World of Tanks, ARMA III, EVE online, and Heroes of the Storm which we play(ed) more casually.

We've come to Aquitania to make a name for our group (includes dutchy), as we always do in games we play competitively, and to establish ourselves as one of the dominant player created religions on NA-W. We will be one of the more well rounded groups that you will encounter. We will have a competent military that's well trained by our seasoned raid leaders and commanders from games past, and we'll be well supplied by our industrialists proven in economy games like EVE. The Void (our religion) will be our moral guide and our guide cannot fail us.

If you need to contact us I'm your man. Add me on discord Red Storm#7824.

Kingdom of Tyria Dutchy of Aquitania Count of Mournstead

3/13/2017 12:36:49 AM #13

Welcome to our newest members of the community "Followers of Void".


3/18/2017 3:57:45 AM #14

Hello to everyone, planning what my County focus will be.

Glad to be part of the Kingdom and Duchy.

3/25/2017 11:03:31 PM #15

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I will be on from time to time to talk to interested people in the Duchy.