[EU] The Myrmidon Order

Church of Lyon, We are gonna devote ourselves to the Virtori Religion and create a Cult and Shrine of the Guardian of Wrath. Our Guardian will be named Achilleus, thus is our Belief. We are a Order of Crusaders created only to assemble People with the same Goal in mind that goes by achieving Mastering of legendary Skills. When War, we must help, secure and fight for our People and our Destiny, so we created this Order for Warriors to gather and together as Brothers excell in our Skills to one day become legendary and achieve glorious Campaigns. While we leave a warrior Bloodline behind. Thus our Way of Life.

We are International. A band of germanic, nordic and english folks.

Find us in the Empire of Demalion in its Duchy Lyon in the County of Thrax in its Capitol Myrmidonia.

Elyrian Directory / Deutsche Version


It was once the Name of a mythical Group, whose Leader was Achilleus, a hellenic Hero who gained his most fortunate from defeating the trojan Hero Hector outside the gates of Troy. A small elite Unit who was strong enough to change the Outcome in a great Battle as the Trojan one.

Achilleus also called Son Peleus is our Ideal Knight, he embodies the consciousness of the perfect Warrior as such being Revengeful, Refined, Present and Bloodied.

We are a Crusader Order of the Duchy of Lyon, a band of the Lyon Army who follows Grandmaster Myrmex Namykos and the Ideal of the Guardian Achilleus. For that to happen we will take control of a Settlement and make it the center of our faith and belief, it will be called Myrmidonia.

We will protect our County and Settlement with our Might and Soul, flourish it with our creativity and make it one of the greatest Domains ever seen, the Myrmidons will be the hardcore elite Warriors of the Thraxir.

We consists of all kinds of Warriors coming from everywhere in the world, but has its roots in the Northern regions, others may also call it the Teutonic Order, because of its strong germanic Influence and its flagg of White, Black and Gold. In our World, it would be a fusion between many Crusader Orders with the Look of the medium armed hellenic Spartanians and full plated teutonic Knights, but we are Crusaders. Fghting for all and all for one.

We have sworn our allegiance to our Duke Rojax Lyonsbane from Lyon.

Myrmex from house Namykos will be the Grandmaster of the Myrmidon Order. He will create a School for the sole purpose of becoming a mighty Warrior, and thus teach legendary Skills.

Coat of Arm

As already stated Our Banner will be really similar to the Teutonic order one, which was the german knight Brotherhood. What makes us apart is that we will have many different combat styles to suit any combat situation with its appropriate Shield Symbol and own proper Unit Flagg, you will wear a shield with your Family Symbol on it. One of our concepts was to create mostly medium weighted Armor, Leather and with Iron Plates, which protects only our vital Parts. Or of any kind of Material which balances our resistances with our ability to make a Shieldwall. For this you can also use full steel plate equipment, go and check below some of our concepts of armors and weapons for the Order.

Our simple Banner will have a Sword surrounded by feathers. White surface, represented as our sacred, filled with gold, our ambition for fame, and adorned with black, our consistency on the battlefield.

Current myrmidon Masters

also titled as Barons

Marshal of Warfare and Myrmidon Master Völsung Steinkos of Aremorica

Myrmidon Master Ryner Lute of Orzammar

Myrmidon Master Moonwalker of Amalgeris

Myrmidon Master Xenos


(Warrior Life, PvP, hardcore Combat & Weapon Skill Training)

Which can be found in the Capitol of Thrax in Myrmidonia.

If I got any kind of unique Combat Skill, then I will gladly take up a Myrmidon disciple to teach him thy,

signed by Myrmex Namykos

The Way of the Myrmidon

The Myrmidon Teachers will be addressed under my Name, they are to be respected and be followed, since they mastered the Art of the Weapon and Combat and left their Ego of the Warrior Life behind to fully reach the state of mind to commit themself to the teaching of the Myrmidon Way and as a Myrmidon Brother you will learn and study these three Ways in the Myrmidon School of Combat and Weapon :

The Way of the Knight, the Way of the Weapon & the Way of the Kill

Visit our School to find more Knowledge about the three Ways of the Myrmidon


The Myrmidon Arena

The Myrmidon Arena will be our training Ground and showoff of our Skills

Myrmidon Agoge

(Hardcore Warrior Life, fulltime Weapon Art Training)

We honor our Ancestors, the ancient hellenic Cultures.

We are a Unit, who trains and fights together. Lives as we master Weapon Skills and dies while killing our Ennemies. Our greatest Strength will be, each one being each others Shield, forming a Shieldwall. There may be one who will be alone, but even then we know what must be done. We fight for our People in the Duchy of Lyon and let them know of our great Victories. We are talking about a small Unit, at least 25 each, but powerful, flexible and dynamic.

We accept every Warrior of its own kind and playstyle, if of course it is handleable in Battle. May it be a Knight, a Berserker, a Templar, a Paladin or a Crusader, we accept any playstyle you Warrior want to play as and as such we create all kinds of Units. If you are a Warrior and you share the same Belief as us and you want to polish and develop your inner Combat Skills, then we the Myrmidon Order welcome you in as a new Squire. Within thy Order will be Ranks deciding on which Position you will start with and rise up in.

Symbolically is the Myrmidon Combat Style like the way how Gladiators or Spartans fight. Masters of the Sword with Shield and Spear, Javelin Throwing and several more deadly Combat Skills. One who is known throughout the Battlefield, one who invokes Fear in the ennemies Hearts, even if one fights alone, one must face at least 10 Warriors as such you fight like a Beast. Free of worry, strong as a Lion , as an Ant would be in his Human Form. Just like our Symbol Myrmekes, mythic Humans created by Tyr from the last surviving Mortals of Thrax. Ultimately you will be then given the Role and Honor of a Myrmidon Gladiator, if your truly manifest the bloodthirsty Berserker within you.

Later on you can reach the Myrmidon Teacher Title if you master your Weapon/Combat Skills or even the Myrmidon Knight Title, if you are being chosen by one of the Myrmidon Masters.

The Myrmidon Order Ranks and Organigram

(Here you can find all of our intern Ranks)

As a Myrmidon Squire, you will be able to climb up in the intern Order Ranking.

The Myrmidon Organigram with white Background

Myrmidon Representative

A long-standing and trusted Member of the Myrmidon Order, who is representing thy and myself in other Domains by his Name and his Honor to spread the Word and Faith of the Myrmidon Order.

The more you invest your Time and the more you get to know us better, you can get special Roles or Titles to raise your Influence and execute special Missions.




Tasks and Quests to accomplish within the County of Thrax and thy Order will be written down in our Discord Server in the Channel “thraxir-quest-board”. Take a look there if you want find some Quests as a Myrmidon Brother.

Please look at the Ranking System within our Order, so that you may know what Quests you are suitable for.

Myrmidon Life

As a official Myrmidon you have the right to work with any Thraxir on any Request like guarding, scouting or helping out any Citizen in his life of progression. Fulfill roles to make our Order bigger and more interesting for other People. Or even fulfill Missions in the name of our Duke Rojax of Lyon. Our Duty is to stay in the Light of a Warrior’s life and in citizens Eyes, by being honorable and true to one another. We must play the Role of those who can’t. As such we defend our Code. Any Rogue and Capstan must be questioned. And Assassins being sent to court, to judge over them. Thieves being catched and punished. Even if thievery is a crime, nothing is more valuable than your own Life, so thieves must be giving a new chance and time to think in their Cell.

We ultimately maintain Public Order and that is our foremost Duty and by keeping that in Mind we continue to strife for Glory and Greatness. As Myrmidons we will also build the World around us, by the start of Exposition we will be ready as Master Builders to create our Wonders in Elyria.

Under my Guidance, we will go through heroic Times and you will witness them with your own eyes.


(We will take part as a Body of Artisans to help grow our Duchy and County.)

Religious Architecture & Military Architecture & Civil Architecture

The Way of the Architect

Lyon will only know us as formidable Warriors, but what about those Humans who take up the mask of War to fight besides other Brothers? Well those Humans still have a Life to live and as everybody we seek also for fulfillment and for enlightenment in our Way of Life. So we should never neglect this and open our eyes to find what's gonna make you happy in your own Life.

We are a Warrior circle but in our freetime we never stop thinking how we can achieve flourishment in our County, so we should use our Time wisely and spend it in things we truly need.

A Architect will need different kinds of Workers to succeed: Quarryman, Stonecutter, Sculptor Mortar, Masonry Maker, Carpenter, Blacksmith, Roofer and Glass Maker.

As such I have decided that this Order will also be involved into Architecture and other work Areas, beside the studiement of the Myrmidon Way, when there is no War going on. I am going to be a Warrior but at the same time helping my County out as Architect. I am more than happy to welcome every other Architect and Builder who wants to help the Duchy in its flourishing Design. One of our greatest Deeds will be the Shrine of the Guardian Achilleus. A monument only shown near our great Settlement Myrmidonia. It will bless every Myrmidon with a great rage to fight in War. And the Shrine of the Bloodthirsty Mountain Wolf Guardian Lykurgos.

As there are many different components that go into the construction of a building, there are many different skills that come into play. These can include carpentry, masonry, glass-blowing, metal working, etc. Because there are so many skills involved in the construction of a house, it’s impractical (though still possible) for a house to be built by a single person. When you take into account how large houses or other structures can become, combined with the time it takes to build each component, it becomes clear that such construction is really designed for a group of people to do in parallel.


Aeacus Request

The nordic God of War Tyr had been following the request of Aeacus the ancient King of the Myrmidons, to give new Life to the ancient Land of Thrax which got cursed by great Wars. And thus Tyr created Mortal Menn by using the last few surviving mortals, the Ants, as their basis Lifeforce to create from. As such the Myrmidon Myth was created and Achilleus slew the trojan Hero Hector to gain his Revengeance, since he killed his companion Patroclos and gained Immortality by being remembered for his Rage throughout History as the great wrathful Warrior.


The Symbol on the shield of my family Blazon is be the representation of Myrmekes, our Symbol of the mythic Ant People, where Achilleus was their Hero. This will be reflected on the Shields of the Myrmidon Order. But everything could change, because we don't know how the Ingame System works for the Import Adaptation of the Coats of Arm.

Black stands for our consistency on the Battlefield, as such White will secure our people as it stands for pureness since we go the Way of the Warrior and fulfill its duty and its Enlightenment. Gold for the rich resources to create Greatness from and the heat of the sun falling down on us as we grow stronger in, since our main Goal is to get flourishing in the County of Thrax.


Our Belief lies in the Virtori, the Dualism it represents between the seven Virtues: Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness, Humility.

And the seven Vices: Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride and every one of them exists as a Guardian protecting the 7 Virtues. But as the World of Elyria stands in chaos, created by the Dualism of the 7 Virtues and the 7 Vices, as the seven Vices began fighting back. But we could reach peace if we let go of our Human Ego.

We are a Crusader Order who are going to use the Virtori Religion as their root Religion for our own Cult whose devotion goes to one of the 7 Guardians, the wrathful Guardian. Our belief lies in Achilleus, the invincible warrior Hero and his Image of an Ideal Warrior which we try to follow deeply with our Order.

Shrine of Achilleus

(Which can be found near the Settlement Myrmidonia)

Invincible Warrior Achilleus

The Shrine of the Wrathful Guardian of the 7 Vices. All Members of the Myrmidon Order will be giving a blessing, when they visit and sanctify the Shrine of Achilleus. And thus they will be blessed with great Vigor and Strength.

Though as this Wisdom was passed down we don’t know anything more about those Gods, but just mention and pass encrypted Knowledge from the County of Thrax down to our Descendants Our Souls are Descendants of the Mann of the Myrmidons. And are a small circle of Warriors who continue to pursue this cult. Ever since Defending it against the Invadors of our Land Thrax for more than thousand of years.

It is now time to reassemble our lost Warriors. Come forth, gather strength and take up the lost Wisdom of our Ancestors and let's put them to good use. To create a new World, a new Realm, let's build and create the County of the Thraxir and its Settlements from ground up together.

And show our service and glory to our Duke Rojax of Lyon.


Grand Master Myrmex Namykos Family Blazon

2/17/2017 5:55:29 PM #1

Welcome to the game! Just out of curiosity same band that played in Mortal Online back in 2009 2010 ish?

2/17/2017 9:06:46 PM #2

Sorry to let you down, unfortunately we are not the same Band as theirs. But if they were PvP based, then we certainly got the same Interest.

Have a nice friday

2/17/2017 9:44:10 PM #3

Nice post ;) Hope of great teamwork ;)

Valaeron Belsharaen

2/18/2017 11:14:28 AM #4

We will be Shieldbrothers if the Time comes to fight, my brother.

5/30/2017 3:01:11 PM #5

Still Recruiting, at the Moment we are 7 Myrmidons, but since the Game has not yet been released, we are playing and recruiting actively in other Games like Black Desert Online with at least 31 Guildmembers.

-Myrmex Namykos

12/7/2017 12:22:12 AM #6


We are moving on from the Kingdom of Arkadia and settled down in the Duchy of Lyon.

Check out our current situation in our County to know more.

County of Murmex

2/9/2018 3:41:17 AM #7
As We marched through the World of Elyria, with the independant Duchy Lyon as the Shield and Spear of the County Murmex looking for a place to settle down, we found ourselves surrounded by Questions and Progress.
As we were developing our inner Selves by taking Answers into account, we changed and moved on from many things even when many things still have stayed the same as they did before.
We moved forward and followed the Lyons and entered the Land of the Empire of Demalion.
It was very Vast and Big when we arrived, but shortly afterwards moving more to the center of the Empire, we were welcomed and treated heartly by more and more People, as they heard from us from afar, stories to be told as they gained it from Rumors.
We lionized and shared with the People of Demalion as we didn't cared about our next Day as it wasn't yet to be seen ......
3/8/2018 8:01:52 PM #8
I am Happy to welcome another War Brother named Ryner Lute into our Ranks, he is of now a Myrmidon Baron with his Barony Orzammar :)
4/16/2018 8:02:41 PM #9

11/10 would throw spears with them

4/21/2018 1:28:30 PM #10

hehe now we only need to hit the right target :)

5/6/2018 10:33:08 PM #11
The Organigram (Military Command Structure) of The Myrmidon Order has been added to the Presentation.
5/7/2018 4:45:02 PM #12

Your art work is stunning Namy. I especially like the new organisational chart! And not just for the art but for creating a solid structure. I would also like to let the community know that Namy is a very skilled pvp'er, a tough gamer who doesn't let adversity phase him. He always maintains a positive attitude which is a fantastic quality in a leader. His military order and county will do great things in CoE.

6/19/2018 8:09:28 AM #13

Thank you for those kinds words my friend, nothin of what I say would do your words honor, but I will try my best for my brothers and for the People in Elyria. :)

8/26/2018 10:35:09 PM #14
We are happy to announce a new Brother to our Ranks.
A grand welcome to you Goomboa. May your way be full of enlightenment and your spark full of life.
Titled as a Reeve, he will have high logistic Duties as a Overseer and Myrmidon Brother within our Order.
10/5/2018 6:56:14 AM #15
I am happy to announce that we have been spotlighted in the Community Journal of September, it is grand Honor to be part of it :)

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