Pax East Demo Impressions!

Just saw the PAX East demo and I think the game looks quite good! It really encouraged me that this game will turn out great! Feel free to share your thoughts here if there isn't already a place to do so! Looking forward to more progress from the dev team!

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3/8/2017 5:23:16 AM #31

Mod post:

Guys, instead of arguing over what sort of feedback is good for the devs, just leave your feedback and move on. That'll help them far more than having to sift through pages of bickering.

3/8/2017 5:26:36 AM #32

the footage is good but its not what id like to see, i have plenty of faith that this stuff can be done. I want to see how the world is put together a video about the engine would be awesome.

Similar to how Mount and blade Bannerlord put out a video talking about their engine and showing it off a bit.

3/8/2017 5:44:04 AM #33

The parkour, movement and even the combat look very promising.

I am pretty sure that the point of the footage was to show their progress and their idea of a finished product.

Also it looks better than 80% of steam never to be released early access games

3/8/2017 5:57:58 AM #34

I like the technology, being able to jump and climb and slide and such is an advanced mode of interaction over other MMOs. The overall graphical feel of the place was good, some kind of ancient ruin converted into a mine? The avatar looked good, which is probably more impressive than it seems given the stage of the game's development.

I don't like the idea that characters loaded down with armour and weapons would be jumping around like ninjas in the actual game. It looked a bit like one of those Hong Kong wire films. Being able to jump and slide and even use a zipline is one thing, doing it in an unrealistic fashion is another, so again I hope this was a tech demonstration more than a design presentation.

Cheers, Soulbound. Looking forward to Prologue.

3/8/2017 6:14:37 AM #35

Hail Elyrians,

I saw this thread show up a little while after we finished the Live Stream, but I was busy getting prepared to head to Boston tomorrow so I didn't have a chance to respond.

After reading over the thread, I just wanted to quickly remind people of a few things in response to the messages we're seeing. Hopefully that should put your concerns to rest.

1) This Silver Run Mine is part of the Prologue. The Prologue is designed as a way to allow people to experiment with combat, locomotion, crafting, parkour, and a ton more. See this Dev Blog for all the main mechanics of the Prologue. To that end, it over emphasizes different elements in different places to provide opportunities for valuable testing and feedback. It's also got some lore involved, so NPC behaviors, the setting, etc... all make more sense when you've reached this part of the story.

2) The Silver Run Mine emphasizes the parkour elements of the game, and in the Prologue it is both longer and more diverse than what is shown here. It's been cropped to fit an 8 minute window, suitable for play at an event like PAX East.

3) The mine has been designed to be high adventure, fun, and challenging. No, it's not realistic, and doesn't necessarily reflect most mines in Chronicles of Elyria. At the same time, the high adventure of the mine does match our vision of what exploring in dangerous locations should be like.

4) Combat is featured in the demo, a little more streamlined than last year's PAX, however combat is likely getting an overhaul after PAX East 2017 and will remain our focus for several months. No doubt you'll have more detailed videos of combat later in the summer.

5) We don't really expect you to tell us what's wrong - at least, not yet. Believe it or not, we see the same problems you do. But PAX East is around the corner so we took a snapshot of our current progress and were excited to share it with you. But keep in mind, rarely does a final product look like it's in-development form. You should be getting an idea of the overall shape and silhouette of the game right now, but don't go looking for the finer details. They're just not there yet.

6) This video was an attempt at showing you our canvas before the painting was complete. Calling our work garbage at this point isn't productive and doesn't motivate us to want to finish our masterpiece. But we will anyways, because we see where it's going, not where it is.

7) We began full production in November. I've never been a part of a team that has accomplished so much in such a short period of time. Whether you realize it or not, or have been exposed to games in their first couple months of development before, this team is killing it. Here's a famous thread of WoW in it's first few months (and years). Some of the earliest screenshots of World of Warcraft. Oh, and here's a video too.

The point is, we love sharing stuff with you and there's no reason to freak out. We didn't read anything in this thread we didn't already know and progress will continue to be made after PAX East.

3/8/2017 9:11:16 AM #36

personally i was surprised how good it was. With all the other features in the game I wasn't expecting the game to have this kind of movement especially considering its an MMO.

3/8/2017 10:03:45 AM #37

Wow the drama in this thread....then people wonder why they don't show gameplay videos. PEOPLE need to realize the way they are developing this game, we are seeing things getting done in front of our eyes...its not like WOW or any other game where they just showed us the game when it was pretty. We are seeing things being developed and u guys should appreciate and UNDERSTAND this.

The PRE-ALPHA footage shown was excellent! People complaining about animations or combat in a pre-alpha...really?

Amazing job SBS! I loved everything! the graphics, the atmosphere, the animations (yes some tweaks but its obvious), the parkour, the music. Can't wait for this game. Thank you again.

3/8/2017 10:10:37 AM #38

Trust in your own!!! Don't care about single Players and NEVER --- just NEVER compare to WoW.

WOW Sucks and is uninspired by new ideas for years. Just find your own way and let haters be haters and force them to Play Tetris or WoW

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3/8/2017 11:09:03 AM #39

Personally, my response to seeing the mine was to watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom on Hulu.

Consequently, I have a new in-game objective: find a wife willing to name our first son Short Round.

3/8/2017 11:10:14 AM #40

I'm glad devs showed it to us! I'm impressed because they´re ahead of what I thought. It´s a neat demo and made me more excited to see it all

3/8/2017 12:04:39 PM #41

What I saw really surprised me. They are way ahead of what I thought and the cave looked nice. Looking forward to get the in-depth look after PAX.

3/8/2017 12:08:46 PM #42

Posted By Caspian at 07:14 AM - Wed Mar 08 2017

7) We began full production in November. I've never been a part of a team that has accomplished so much in such a short period of time. Whether you realize it or not, or have been exposed to games in their first couple months of development before, this team is killing it. Here's a famous thread of WoW in it's first few months (and years). Some of the earliest screenshots of World of Warcraft. Oh, and here's a video too.

Awesome stuff, I had never seen those screenshots before, despite playing WoW for 8 years. For the record, the demo is looking awesome. And hell yes, please finish that masterpiece. If this is just the canvas, I can't wait to see what the finished product looks like.

In fact, that is probably why some people have criticism in the first place. None of us can wait to see what the finished product looks like. Forgive (some of) us for our impatience, the hype is real.


3/8/2017 12:17:18 PM #43

For the stage it is in and the time it took to put together it's in great shape, honestly, far better than what I expected to see. Obviously it needs a bit of polishing, but it's pre-alpha, it's to be expected. Keep up the good work, SBS.

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3/8/2017 12:24:18 PM #44

The only comments that should be coming out of anyone's text is THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR WORK THUS FAR! :-)

The critical comments are just toilet water. How can you even think to comment on anything with a Pre-Alpha video? It was displayed and streamed from an editor!! If I was the Dev, it would be the last video you get because you're ungrateful.

3/8/2017 12:29:10 PM #45

I for one, who is someonewho has been around a while, was very pleased with what was shown. Its pre-pre-pre-pre - alpha.

BUT - The best part of the entire thing was listening and watching the team who obviously have fun together and work well together. I liked this aspect the most. It shows they are not watching the clock and just working. They are doing something they love and its reflected in their work. Great things to come from this team going forward.

BEST MOMENT - "Im going to show the shortcuts," "No dont show the shortcuts." "I write the checks, Im showing the shortcuts." - ROFL

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