[NA-E][Vornair] County of Lyconia

County of Lyconia

Background Information

Lyconia is a fully pledged x6 County located within the Duchy of Triteia (High Seas) led by the great Duke Kellix Drayce, and is focused on several different skills and economic areas.

The style of the clan that will be primarily located in Lyconia will primarily Neran, with some sections of Hrothi. However it is not required to adopt the same culture that the County will be using, as freedom of choice is a big part of what I am trying to create. The culture is just there to create one set system make the government run smoother, yet minority groups will be a big part of that still.

In Lyconia, any new member will be granted anywhere from 1 parcel to enough parcels to create a town (depending on potential members) for free. This land is not tax free, however I do swear on our forefathers not to take more than what is required. We provide protection and infrastructure from the taxes collected to benefit all citizens equally. This land can be used for both business or to reside in.

Our Focus

There are several different types of industry that Lyconia will be focusing on during its hopefully long existence within CoE. These are:

  • Lumber - We would like to assist the Duchy with the creation of the Vornair Navy, and to sell prime wood exports to other Counties inside and outside the Kingdom.

  • Ship Building - We would like to assist the Kingdom with creating the Navy, which is both the pride and primary focus of Oceanus

  • Economy/Trade - A strong economy is something that the County will be focusing towards (Since Shekels are important to our Glorious Leader) and we require it to allow for the creation of both a rich land, and a strong military. We will be attempting our best to sell our premium wares to other lands, and bring back their exotic, and not so exotic wares back to us to assist with this focus.

  • Fishing/Farming - Providing sustainable food supplies to the County as a whole is a very important part of our focus. Lyconia is fairly heavily populated and requires an elevated supply of food to keep itself running.

  • Military - This focus isn't that important to the County as the other ones listed above, however as a member of both the Count Council and the Baron Council within the Duchy, it is a responsibility that the County will be undertaking, and therefore is still a focus that we will be working on. We will be working towards creating a strong and menacing force to protect the County from criminals and attacking foreign parties.

Our Goals

The goal of Lyconia is to assist both its people and its neighbours to create a rich and secure land for all. This goal will be achieved using the focuses listed above and other focuses that may arise in the future as the County progresses.


If you would like to join the County of Lyconia as a Baron, Citizen, Guild-master, Member of Government, or anything else, contact myself on either the Forums or Discord (link below)!

Current positions can be seen below in the Structure section of the post!

Or contact me: Ragontor#4225

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There are two different official departments of the County of Lyconia. These are the Political groups, and the Military groups.

Political Structure

This includes the House of Lords, the Council of Representatives, and the Grand Advisory Board.

House of Lords

This Political Entity is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of all the individual sections of the County's government, such as overseeing the military, construction of public infrastructure and managing the County's finances.

Lord of Coin VACANT (Finance)

This person is responsible for the control of tax collection, internal budgeting, allocation of funds, creating revenue, etc.

Lord of Affairs VACANT (Diplomacy)

This person is responsible for working with groups within the County itself and also at a Duchy level.

Lord of Resources VACANT (Creation/Use of Resources)

This person is responsible for controlling mining/farming/woodcutting etc operations within the County, and using these resources either to sell on to other parties, use to increase Infrastructure, or to store for emergencies. Their responsibility is also to use other resources from outside of the County to build up Infrastructure and manage it.

Lord of Defense VACANT (Military/Guard)

This person is responsible for controlling the County's Military, managing the County's House Guard and Militia, and defending the County when required.

Lord of Justice VACANT (Police/Judicial)

This person is responsible for the policing within the County's borders, passing and enforcing legislation.

Council of Representatives

The Council is elected from several individual regions located within the County's borders, around 6 members will be created and elections will be held every 12 Elyrian Years. These Councilors are responsible for assisting the Count in decisions such as Warfare, Infrastructure, Law, etc.

Military Structure

This includes the Structure of the Joint Defense Board, House Guard Command, Militia Command and Military Command.

Joint Defense Board

This group is responsible for the overall management and cooperation of all the individual divisions of the County's Military. The board is chaired by the Lord of Defense, and includes the Lord Commander of the House Guard, Captain of the Militia, and the Grand Commander of the Military.

House Guard Command

This is the overall structure and ranking system of the entire House Guard, who is responsible for the protection of Ashford and its residents, the House of Lords, the Council of Representatives, the Grand Advisory Board and the Count himself.

Militia Command

This is the overall structure and ranking system of the County's Militia. who is responsible for the protection of all Citizens of Lyconia, the patrolling of its border, and the guarding of all towns and villages. The Militia is the County's primary police force.

Military Command

The Military is arguably to most important part of the overall defence of the County. They are responsible for the defense of the County as a whole, primarily on a foreign basis. However in times of peace, the Military works with the House Guard and the Militia to protect the County internally, such as taking on policing roles.

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The Historic Records of Lyconia - By Pedias Trumir

Introduction: In the Beginning...

Nobody really knows when it all began. Did it start with a bang? Or just a bunch of naked cavemen getting down and setting up shop in a land that would one day be known as Lyconia. All anyone really knows is that House Ashwood has existed since the days of your grandparents, so I guess that's a long time ago. Anyway, these set of Records aren’t about speculations, they are about history, either handed down in pen and paper, or by people who have passed it down generation to generation, basically like a big game of Elyrian Whispers, with less whispering and more rambling.

We first head back in time to a part of our history which is regarded as the 'Dawn of Vornair'.

WORK IN PROGRESS the plan is to write a collection of short stories during Expo to help create at least a story somewhat related to the actual history/story of the game

If you would like to read more on the history of Lyconia, you can click on this: [Click Me! - WIP]

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Laws _ Link to Code of Laws - WIP_


However, it can be said that overall, the County will be relatively free, with emphasis on freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and human rights, such as a set pay per industry, and respect shown by the government during a citizen's day-to-day life.

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We have just upgraded to two counties!

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