Adventurers or Mercenary Guild

Yeah! This topic is based on the Anime or Manga Guilds where people post their quests and Adventurers or Mercenary Bands will take them on and they have to join either as solo Adventurers or Mercenary Bands.

They can take on quest depending on their registration or groupings.

Just posting it out there~

6/8/2017 12:17:59 AM #1

I envision part of the Adventurer's Guild of Vornair to work sort of like this, where anyone in the community can post their "jobs" for our Adventurers to take on. If you are on NA-East, come check us out (link in signature)

Drake County

10/25/2017 12:30:42 AM #2

Maybe you would be interested in The Order of The Quest.

10/26/2017 8:10:04 PM #3

It would be so cool ^^

I 'm sooooo hyped for this game! :)

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