[EU Demalion] The winegrowing community of Purvin

Nestled into the heart of the Demalion Empire rests the winegrowing community of Purvin.

Surrounded by vineyards and fields, Purvin lives at the rythme of the grape.

Wine is the blood of the community and the Demalion Sommelier Guild, the heart that keeps it flowing.

Purvin is sending it's production to Markofstadt's market to export it into all the Empire and the continent and to import the tools needed for the wineries. In an effort to develop the related crafts and diminish the needs for importations, Mayoress Ermengarde with the help of Count Markof, is developing crafts in Purvin.

To ensure the peace and everybody's safety Mayoress Ermengarde invested into fortifications for the town and founded

The militia enforce law and patrol inside and outside the walls to protect and secure the town area.

Purvin is a nice and safe town, surrounded by vineyards, where crafters are welcomed, come join us and make yourself a home in our Town.


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