Marskirs Breeding Company - Guild & School

Kingdom: The Kingdom of Bordweall (NA-E)

Duchy: Grand Duchy of Caeruleum

County: County of Shade

House: Clan Marskirs

Marskirs Breeding Company

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Greetings One and All, I am Rokatsa Marskirs of Clan Marskirs. We are looking for capable and dedicated people to aid us in our breeding program for all manner of beasts. We will need people who are willing to go out into the wilds to tame creatures of all types, both dangerous and docile. We will be training canids and other small to medium four-legged beasts to act as guards for caravans, as well as personal guards for homes, businesses, and the like.

What benefits would you receive for being a member of this guild?

  • First and foremost, a community of like minded individuals who know what needs to be done to reach the goals of a professional breeder and tamer.

  • Second, you would receive a young animal of your own to train to be whatever you may need it for, if you are one of our tamers, you would likely wish to train it to be a guard animal to help you when you travel, for a breeder, perhaps something that will help your task feeding the various species you tend to, and some may wish small animals for a personal pet to keep them company, all of these are possible options.

  • Third, would be furthering your trade and training. We will help you learn the proper ways to breed and tame animals of all shapes and sizes.

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  • Fourth, would be a weekly wage for tamers as they are adventurers and have expenses, breeders would receive a monthly wage of their choice, either currency or resources to be used for personal projects.

  • Fifth, we are supported by Count Shady Pierrot, as our success will lead to even more support, and so on. We will not be lacking for work.

We have several open positions, for more information please contact me or refer to the second post of this topic.

Discord Link for the County:

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Positions and Their Jobs:

We need Logistical Officers capable of managing many accounts, and timeframes as their chief job will be how we get paid, when we get paid, and for how long we will be paid if someone rents one of our guard beasts, they would also need to handle what would happen if one of our beasts died while in the care of someone else out on the road. These tasks will be split up between 2 - 4 Logistic Personnel. Logistic Personnel would also be responsible for managing our day-to-day costs such as how much we will pay out for tamed beasts ready for breeding from individuals, etc.

A Supply Manager will also be needed to manage the supplies of the guild. We will need someone who can effectively procure feed and gather other needed resources for many beasts both in the process of being tamed, as well as our breeding stock. Their main job will be making sure the farm(s) have all the resources they need to breed and tame effectively.

Breeders, our bread and butter, are our main focus next to taming the beasts for breeding, they will need to be calm and capable in the handling of animals of all shapes and sizes, as well as temperaments. There is room for specialists in this field, such as people who only deal with Trison taming and breeding, or canids, such as wolves and dogs, or just a generalist, who has knowledge for all around taming.

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Tamers, another of our most needed professions, will need to be capable of supplying our breeding pens with tamed animals to meet demand, the more dangerous the animal, the more you will be paid for a successful breeding pair, while single animals will be accepted in most cases if we have one of the same all ready tamed, we would prefer mating pairs, likely found in the same den, where there may already be babies of the species, if there are young ones there, a bonus will be paid out, as that would increase our ability to breed with future animals that come in, as well as learn the habits of the species.

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Now as much as it may hurt sometimes, we will also need people capable of butchering dead animals. Their meat will go to the carnivores we will likely be breeding and taming, we will have livestock on hand for these situations, and some may not require you to butcher at all, and we would just release the would be food into the pen for the carnivore to eat in it's own time.

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Tanners and Leatherworkers: These two professions, should go hand in hand, we will need people capable of turning raw hides into leather, and those who can work with that leather to make tools, such as whips, and aprons as well as other clothing to prevent injury while feeding, breeding, or taming our animals.

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Positons Open:

Logistic Officers: 3 Positions Open (1 Taken)

Supply Manager: 1 Position Open, 1 Apprentice Position Open

Breeders: Multiple Positions Open

Tamers: Multiple Positions Open

Butcher: 2 Positions Open, 2 Apprentice Positions Open

Tanner: 2 Positions Open, 2 Apprentice Positions Open

Leatherworker: 2 Positions Open, 2 Apprentice Positions Open

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