The Scribe Society of Elyria

It is with great joy that I am here to announce the long awaited merger between The Scribe Society of Elyria and The Scribe Academy of Midgard.

This new guild entity overseeing trades and education will be present all over the land with Academies in each kingdom and a main guildhall in the County of Midgard in the independent Duchy of Lyon.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me here or on Discord Grostotem#6176.

The Scribe Society of Elyria

The Scribe Society of Elyria is a multi-server society of scribes in Elyria which primary focus is to ensure scribes are present in all kingdoms on all servers.

Guild Organisation

Each server chapter is server-wide and, ultimately, only artisan level or higher scribes are to be accepted. This restriction ensures all members are devoted to the scribing art and will understand the principles of the guild. This also ensures secrecy as the guild is not affiliated to any kingdom and while its respect their laws, does not openly participate in political activities.
Chapters are chaired by the Director who oversees the maintenance and development of the guild on the server.
The server chapter is subdivided into kingdom and even county chapters where population allows it. All chapters answer to the server chapter and ultimately, to the cross-server Scribe Society of Elyria entity.
The guild is not a democratic entity, but its principles are strong and the members are encouraged to apply them and even overthrow a director who would go against them.
The director is usually supported by elder scribes, but each chapter determines the requirements according to the size of the chapter.

Principles of the Scribe Society of Elyria

The Scribe Society of Elyria is guild promoting the advancement of the Scribing Art.
The Society is not politically active, but members are free to pledge allegiance to the kingdom of their choice and participate in the political life of their kingdom.
Political conflicts outside of the Society must not hinder the advancement of the Scribing Art.
The training of new scribes is of higher importance.
Each Scribe Academy is called The Scribe Academy of Midgard.
Great consequences come with damaging an academy during war.

Additional Information on Society Principles

The Scribe Society of Elyria is a guild devoted to maintaining a sufficient amount of supplies throughout Elyria by training and helping scribes fulfill their tasks.
The Society is not openly active politically. It does not take parts in wars between kingdoms. Its members may be summoned by their dukes to participate in wars, but they will not instigate conflicts except for scribing related conflicts.
The training of new scribes is of higher importance to ensure the first principle is respected and supplies are readily available in each county. To achieve this, a Scribe Academy of Midgard was founded in each kingdom.
To ensure young scribes and customers know they trade with the respected and renown Scribe Society of Elyria, each Academy is called The Scribe Academy of Midgard to outsiders. Internally, the Kingdom name is added (e.g. The Scribe Academy of Midgard – Name of Kingdom).
The Scribe Society will avoid building new Scribe Academies into a king’s county to ensure independence from power, but since some Academy are over 1000 years old, this restriction only applies to newly founded Academies.
Master Scribes should also avoid political involvement as aristocrats or hold offices in a kingdom capital when possible. Understanding that aristocracy is often a birthright, this is not a mandatory requirement, but scribes should avoid conflicts of interests. It is recognized that nobles and aristocrats may prefer a scholar life to an adventurous one. Aristocrats going the scribe path should respect the principles of the Society.
Academies are responsible for the development and training of all scribes of the kingdom. To achieve this, they are encouraged to recruit in all counties and trading posts. If demand is sufficient, local schools may be opened, but training at the Academy is encouraged.
Traders in hamlets may still be in training and may not be official members of The Scribe Society of Elyria, but it is the responsibility of the Academy to provide them with resources and contracts so that supplies are sufficient.
The Society will impose a 40% fee on all contracts to kingdoms damaging academies during war. This tax is effective for a full year or until repair fees have been reimbursed by the attacking party.

Local Administrations

The Headquarter of the Scribe Society of Elyria is in one of the Scribe Academy of Midgard. The others Scribe Academy of Midgard found in other kingdoms act as local guildhalls.
To ensure efficient coverage of the land, smaller guildhalls are present in counties and may even be found in small towns where local organization is sufficient to support them.
Local guildhalls focus on guild activities, production and trade.

The Scribe Academy of Midgard

The Scribe Academy is an independent organization initially founded by Count VanHarsen of Midgard. Dedicated to improving knowledge in the county, the Academy of Scribes used to promote basic education for all the inhabitants of the county, advanced research and the creation of legal and contractual documents.
The success of the Academy quickly expanded throughout the land and many more academies were founded by the Scribe Society of Elyria over history.
The Scribe Academy of Midgard is synonym with quality and integrity. It is the only academy recognized and supported by the Scribe Society of Elyria.

Internal organization

The Scribe Academy of Midgard is considered as a school and is chaired by the First Master Scribe who manages the orientations of the Academy and chairs the council.
The First Master Scribe is assisted by three Master scribes.
The Scribe Academy of Midgard is considered as an independent guild (school) managed by members of the Scribe Society of Elyria (scribe guild). Membership of the school is independent from the Scribe Society of Elyria which is restricted to Scribes, but the Master Scribes are members of both the school and the scribe guild.

The Master Scribe - Popular Education

The Master Scribe - Popular Education ensures each profession is taught at the Academy.
They are surrounded by many teachers that help new students to progress from apprentice to the journeyman level. The training includes observation, which allows the student to become familiar with the basic techniques, reading references books and practice.
Each teacher is independent and can use the tools of the Academy according to their preferences. Once theoretical training is completed at the Academy, teaching in accredited workshop is encouraged.
In addition, training is considered the responsibility of all craftsmen. As basic training ends with obtaining the journeyman title, only journeymen and experts are exempt from training. Starting at artisan level, all craftsmen must participate in training the novices.
The Master Scribe - Popular Education is also responsible for the rentability of popular education. Cost of studies and wages for teachers are determined by this Master Scribe according to requirements planned by the council. Profits are generally not required, but in times of growth and expansions, profits can be required to open new schools and workshops.

The Master Scribe - Research

The Master Scribe - Research is responsible for the progress of science. They provide the tools and support to research scholars of each professions. They guide research policies and ensure the Academy library is complete and up-to-date.
Research can be done in part at the academy, but depending on professions, workshop research will be encouraged.
Cartography is considered as research by the Academy. Cartographers are encouraged to roam the lands mapping each area with accuracy. The Academy library is a great source of maps of all kinds.
The Master Scribe - Research may also exempt some workers assigned to research from training. In partnership with the Master Scribe - Popular Education, they may designate craftsmen who will not be required to provide training so they can focus on research.
Research may be funded by public education, law and public policies (see below) or philanthropist advocating for more researches on their land.

The Master Scribe - Law and Public Policies

The Master Scribe - Law and Public Policies ensures contracts are available for each situation requiring a signed and official agreement. Assisted by a team of scribes specializing in law, they ensure there is a contract available in the region; from the simplest transaction to the most sophisticated law.
This master scribe is also the main source of income of the Academy. They must ensure pricing is wisely set so that service providers are well-paid, but also revenues from contract sales allow the Academy to function, thrive and expand.
They must also ensure an effective distribution system so that contracts are available, even in the smallest hamlets covered by the Scribe Society of Elyria.

The Council

The Council, chaired by the First Master Scribe, is composed of the three master scribes, a representative of the teachers, a student and a member of the community. Aristocrats may also send one emissary with voting rights to the council.
The mandates are given for twenty-one years, except for the student who is replaced as soon as they reach journeyman.
Candidates must submit five signatures of delegates and be endorsed by the county or their emissary. Delegates must be registered and have paid the contribution to be allowed to vote.
The vote is done by turns and 50%+1 of the votes are required to be elected. In the first round, all candidates with less than 10% of the vote are disqualified. Then, a candidate is removed each round until one candidate receives 50%+1 of the votes.
The council also holds the responsibility of funnelling resources to the Scribe Society of Elyria. The Academy is a big part of the Society and should finance it accordingly.


Diplomacy is generally handled by the Scribe Society of Elyria. The First Master Scribe can be appointed as the emissary to conduct diplomacy in the kingdom, but diplomacy should always be used for the greater good of the Scribe Society of Elyria.

Physical Organization

The Scribe Academy usually holds a main building where a reception desk allows visitors to identify and buy/supply contracts of all kinds.
Classrooms are also available to teachers and students. These classrooms should be close to the Academy library.
Apartments are available for the First Master Scribe, who is required to reside at the Academy during his tenure. Apartments may also be available for master scribes according to their desires. The master scribes do not have the obligation to reside at the Academy; a rent fee will be required if they wish to enjoy this privilege.
Offices will also be available for daily work of members of the Academy.

Laws of the County

The Academy is under a legal obligation to respect each county law. Thus, deviant arts are not taught. On the other hand, as knowledge should not be limited by legislations, the research for these forms of illegal knowledge will not be encouraged, but will not be penalized when performed within the Academy in a context of research without illegal aim.
The sale of illegal products is prohibited since it leads directly to criminal acts themselves.
The Academy does not get involved in pursuing criminals, but will not hinder investigations. The Academy is not a refuge for criminals, but does not feel obligated to delate criminal acts.


The raw material supply is the responsibility of the Master Scribe - Law and Public Policies. Local entrepreneurship is encouraged. The Academy should avoid competing with local entrepreneurs and should prefer supply contracts with these local entrepreneurs rather than with foreigners.
On the other hand, if the local supply is insufficient for the needs of the Academy, it is his duty to ensure that resources are sufficient for its activities. The Academy may so produce required resources until a local contractor come fill the gap.
The Scribe Society of Elyria may also participate with supplying resources when a producer is available in a foreign kingdom. The Society will also encourage producers to open new trades in locations where products are required.
The main activity of the Academy, the creation of contracts for the Scribe Society of Elyria, is not subject to this restriction.

6/2/2017 3:03:34 AM #1

Nice project my friend ! happy to count you in Midgard !

6/2/2017 3:41:05 AM #2

Seems like an interesting idea due the very nature this organization is about how does it plan to ensure political neutrality? Especially when basing it in a kingdom it somewhat declares some form of political position.

“He that keeps not his arms in time of peace will have none in time of war.”

6/2/2017 3:49:03 AM #3

Sounds like a decent front for a spy organization.

we gief u scribes. they write ur laws. no worries. They friends.


6/2/2017 10:44:14 AM #4

To answer spying and neutrality, Let's just say this: 1- Scribes will be required in each kingdom, duchy and counties. The Scribe Society of Elyria will be a great asset to every region of the world.
2- We will build an Academy in each kingdom so that each kingdom is represented and ready to take over if things go wrong. If the director is not neutral and prioritize one kingdom over the other, they can be overthrown and replaced by a neutral one.
3- We had no choice, but to start somewhere so I decided to start the guildhall in my own County's Academy. When the Society is big enough, members from everywhere will participate in decisions and ensure neutrality. I'm pretty sure the guildhall will move over the years, just like any frontier in this ever evolving world.
4- The Society will be present in all four servers. I don't see why and how we should prioritize one kingdom over the other in each server.
5- We will provide contracts and laws. We will not write laws. The only lever that we have is contract prices which should be about the same everywhere unless a kingdom does not respect one of our Principles and attack our Academy. Believe me, if Arkadia destroys the Academy of another kingdom, I will personally apply planned penalty.

I hope this answers your question and help you understand the Society better. As for spying, I would go the explorer or mercenary guild route instead of the scribe route if this was my wish and intent.

Thanks for the discussion. I hope to see you well.
P.S. We're looking for papermakers. If you want to supply the Academies, feel free to contact me. We have high demand.

6/2/2017 11:00:41 PM #5

Think I'll stick with Tryggr Scribes.

Good luck though. Shame you joined Arkadia.

6/3/2017 1:15:26 PM #6

Posted By Muhrder at 7:00 PM - Fri Jun 02 2017

Think I'll stick with Tryggr Scribes.

Good luck though. Shame you joined Arkadia.

I had a quick look at Tryggr Kingdom. Looks like a nice kingdom, but your scribe community seems to be lacking. If you want to help your scribes prosper, I suggest they join the Scribe Society of Elyria. They will be independent, but the Society will offer support.
Think about it. Vikings also needs contracts and laws, and the Scribe Society of Elyria is the most reliable guild to supply them.
Discuss with your scribes, I'm sure we can work together.

6/11/2017 10:15:09 PM #7

Seeing how it went in the last days, I think the Scribe Society of Elyria is required more than ever.
Think about that. We have kingdoms, duchies, counties, baronnies, towns, hamlets, families, tribes, guild, schools, etc.
Some of you are true believers of kingdoms, others only want to be a specific tribe without knowing if the tribe will be available in their kingdom.
Some want to start a hamlet and have a nice family of like-minded to live together.
For myself, I started with a school in mind, the Scribe Academy of Midgard. Then, I met Jeebs Truthshaper who was working of the Scribe Society of Elyria, a cross-server, cross-kingdoms Scribe guild. We met and merged deciding it would be more efficient to work together.
I don't know what your playstyle is, but keep in mind that all that we now know will keep on changing in the future months and even more when Elyria is launched.
I just thought it would be nice to work together as scribes, leaving barons do wars.
That being said, keep on playing it the way you feel. You are right to use this freedom. But if you want to be part of something great and beautiful, this is my view of how guilds should be.

6/12/2017 9:32:10 PM #8

There are institutions both in Nirath and Al-Khezam at least that will require scribes, educate scribes and give scribes a place to do research. I don't really see the need for throwing all scribes into a single organisation... I get dizzy just reading about how complex of an organisation you're planning here...

Also, I didn't fully grasp where the Midgard academy stuff ended and where the scribe society took over. Perhaps you could clarify the differences? Or are you saying all institutions focusing on scribes must be named Midgard Academy?

Duchy of Asebe'ia Thunar

6/12/2017 10:24:35 PM #9

Thor, you are right. Many schools are in development, just like the Scribe Academy of Midgard. I can name The University of Wenport, The College of Utdannelse or Angelica's Academy. In our our own duchy, we have The Scholars Institute. All these schools are very well thought and presented by involved players who can't wait for the game to launch to start them.

I hope all of them will be living and thriving academies once the game is launched.

So, why a scribe guild to oversee all of this? Because we will be a small community of scribes that will probably need to regroup to defend themselves. Maybe you noticed that I added to the description that kingdoms would not raid academies or pay the consequences. This is the main point. If we are all together, the kingdom can be wiped, but we will survive since every kingdom needs contracts and they'll understand that we will help each other in case some fanatics don't respect that simple rule: Don't destroy schools.

I know that most schools will want to keep their name. Let's say scribes from The University of Wenport wants to go on, join the society and keep their name, we're fine with it. We added the common name Academy of Midgard so that a name represents the Scribe Society of Elyria. After that, if an Academy of Midgard is build in another county, the fame of the Academy will surely help them achieve higher attraction.

I don’t really care if schools keep their name or not. We will need schools all over the server and the brand name is mainly used as a brand name.

Tl:dr We are building a scribe guild. Scribes who also build schools may join the society and keep their school’s name or not, as they wish. We only want to have a massive scribe community.

6/16/2017 1:33:01 AM #10

Posted By Muhrder at 11:49 PM - Thu Jun 01 2017

Sounds like a decent front for a spy organization.

Just to add to that, Astrid Van Mauve, the original EU director is with Nirath. I didn't see her in a long time, but at least, she was.

Might not be a decisive argument against spying, but it's a fact.

6/17/2017 1:58:25 PM #11

This reminded me that Astrid offered me to use the name of the guild on EU server as it is not active here... I prefered the independence from other servers.

House Pyrros

6/17/2017 8:14:22 PM #12

Scipion, your organization is welcome to study in all of our schools. We'll gladly welcome you and your members.

10/28/2017 12:17:10 AM #13

The Scribe Society of Elyria on the EU server is now located in the independent Duchy of Lyon.
To all those who were questioning kingdom neutrality of the Society, this should be good news.

11/4/2017 8:39:28 PM #14

Scribe Society of Elyria - Contracts

Below are some types of contracts usually written by the Scribe Society of Elyria

Explicit Contracts

Explicit contracts are agreed upon by both parties. Usually at least two signatures lie on the contracts.


Trade Agreement

Simple trade agreements can be used to purchase supplies. Simple hand-to-hand trading can result in frauds where the selling party hands lesser value items that the buyers’ appraisal ability cannot notice.

Using a contract, the buying party makes sure the item purchased is of the bartered quality even when they cannot personally appraise the quality.

More complex contracts may require a fixed quantity of supplies within a certain timeframe. This kind of contracts usually require payment in advance from the purchasing party.

Contracts can ultimately allow a purchasing party to require a fixed quantity of supplies per week, for a fixed timeframe, each delivery to be paid for upon delivery.


Sharing information is a good way to be more efficient when working with other people. But sometimes the information is very valuable and confidentiality contracts ensure it is not shared without consequences.


Mail Delivery

Mail delivery contracts can be as simple as delivering supplies to consignee.

Timeframe for delivery can add complexity to the contracts, as well as how the payment is handled. Payment on pick-up is usually less complex than payment upon delivery or initial payment upon pick-up and final deposit after delivery.


Errands may be considered as reversed mail delivery where the courier is required to pick-up and bring back supplies.


Explicit bounty contracts can be signed to ensure an individual is efficiently taken care of. Disable or kill contracts can be complexified by additional details such as bringing back the disabled individual or “accidental” death.


Crafting orders allows an individual to pay in advance for specific crafted goods. Contract complexity may add details such as specific quality or how payment is handled. Crafting order may also specify items to be provided by either the crafter of the client.


Building contracts work like crafting orders in many ways. Timeframes or pay per week may be added when the building contract extends over a long period of time.


Landowners might need work force to cut down trees or harvest fields. Short and long term contracts can ensure both workers and employers are protected.

More complex harvesting contracts may include efficiency, productivity or non-disclosure agreements.


Contracts between teachers and students are commonly used to ensure students reaches specific goals. These contracts also allow teachers to receive compensation for their time.

Mentoring contracts may include ownership of crafted items or responsibility to provide material or working area.


Merchants or noble, if you own anything of value, hiring staff to ensure safety of land or transport is a good idea. Security contracts usually include salary and duration, but can also define risk assessment and compensation in case situations get complicated.

Land Management

Land Ownership

Land can be sold using a land ownership contract. More complex contracts may be required when the land is large enough to require land survey. Signed land ownership contracts can also be used to provide proofs of ownership to local noble or to guarantee loans for lower interest rates.


Similar to land ownership contracts, rent contracts can officialise use of land or building. Rent contracts can be for a fixed duration of be automatically renewed until terminated.

Some rent contracts can also modify land ownership upon termination.

Access Restriction

It is not always required to rent a building to have access. Even private properties may be accessible to friends and family. The contracts may specify duration, but also possibility for visitor to use furnitures or supplies.


Foreigners can sign citizenship contracts to benefit from land ownership or public services. Citizenship contracts usually include respect of applicable laws in exchange for benefits.



Marriage contracts usually determine the common wealth of married individuals after marriage. Some contracts may exclude wealth acquired prior to marriage. Requirements for heir may also be included in more complex marriages contracts.


Diamonds may be eternal, marriage is not. The divorce contract ensures both parties agree to the terms of the divorce. Such contract usually share wealth between parties and ensure ownership of lands or buildings after divorce are clearly identified.


Adoption contracts are usually signed between the legal tutor of the child and the potential and future parent. Life can be harsh and prosperity is not alway synonym with heir by blood. Adoption contracts ensure responsibility for the child’s wellbeing is clearly identified.


Similar to adoption contracts, childbearing contracts ensure the child bearer is adequately compensated for the time and effort for the birth of a new Elyrian. These contracts may not be available everywhere as their ethic is still questioned.

Legal Entities

Guild/School/Non-Profit Organization Creation

Organization must be created on clear and solid bases. From the number of administrators to the sharing of the wealth, all aspects of organization creation must be written and signed for a new organization to be legal.

Banking Services


Criminals follow the money. If your wealth is safely stored in a secured bank, you can spend you time freely with peace of mind. Deposit contracts ensure your money’s safety is guaranteed and interest will flow your way.


Banks may want to loan money with interests, but many loans can be offered by various people and not always with interest rates.

Renting is some kind of loan where money is exchanged for temporary use of asset. Individuals can also borrow carts, horses or weapons for a limited duration without any fee.

Loan contracts clarifies these situation. More complex contracts may add compensation in case the item is lost or broken.


Peace Agreement

Peace agreements are very complex contracts and may require pages and pages or clauses. From handling of prisoners or war to rebuilding of cities, only Kings can imagine what can be required to sign peace treaties.


Criminals who spend some time in prison with good behaviour, who repay their debt or apologize to victims can be pardoned. Pardon contracts ensure forgiveness and better start in a criminal’s new life.


The bounty contract is the cement of all other contracts. What is the purpose of a contract if you cannot put a price on the head of unscrupulous and filthy parties.

Implicit Contracts

Citizen and foreigners do not have to sign implicit contracts to be bound by them. Landing foot on a new land or private property often rhyme with implicit agreement on the respect of laws and regulations.



Law contracts are required for nobles, barons and mayors to effectively pass laws and regulations. These contracts are not signed by citizens, but used as part of land management.


Tax contracts, just like law contracts are created to be used in land management. Effective tax rate can be enforced and the more complex the contract is, less frequent are loopholes that allows citizens to avoid taxation.

Use of Public Property

Libraries, hospitals, fountains, parks, streets, brides, each public property should have an effective contract to ensure all citizens know and understand what are their rights and responsibilities regarding the public property.

If a baron builds a forge in the barony, the contract will ensure proper use and maintenance, as well as fees, when applicable.

11/10/2017 6:05:04 PM #15

Nicely done !

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