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Introducing the Kingdom of Aequitas, located on the Oceanus Server for Chronicles of Elyria. True to its name, being the concept for equality, justice, and fairness, the Aequitari are a highly community oriented group where no opinion is left unheard. Originating from some of the oldest groups on the Oceanus server, Aequitas stands as a pillar of the community and encompasses a player base with a vast array of interests and focuses, leaving something to be found for everybody.

Originally a group of Duchies known throughout Oceanus as the Free Duchies Alliance, the respective groups made the decision to unite under the banner of King Emery Reves, so that their vision for free and autonomous Duchies could be realised. As such, the Duchies within Aequitas are permitted a level of autonomy that one is unlikely to find anywhere else throughout Elyria, seeking counsel with the King as needed to ensure stability and cooperation through the realm. In times of war and danger, the Kingdom of Aequitas will stand behind the King, ready to repel any would be attackers foolish enough to attempt an incursion.

Aequitari Life

Taking inspiration from the Hanseatic League, the Aequitari will have a strong focus on maritime trade and exploration. Aspirations for elaborate harbours, magnificent fleets, and daily journeys across oceans are but a few future aspects of Aequitas. Another key feature of the Aequitari is their interest in a an inclusive game play style, that endeavours to embrace the best parts of both PvE and PvP gameplay. With all manner of crafts, trades, academic pursuits and ideas abounding within the Kingdom, along with a healthy number of both local and inter-Kingdom guilds focusing on a wide variety of industries found within our borders, the Aequitari plan to be a true beacon of progress and development on the server.

While we hope to be well known for our crafters, the Aequitari are also not a people to be easily trifled with in the arts of war. Home to a large mix of PvP focused guilds with a myriad of different combat styles to suit all play styles, there is sure to be a place within the ranks of our military for any keen PvP player. Whether you be interested in playing as a heartless raider, a valiant knight and protector or perhaps someone with a more subtle skill set, there is a group to suit your needs, as well as plenty of infrastructure intended to support PvP oriented players. Those who are interested in the glories of personal combat, and the honours that can be found only on the battlefield will find find that there are plenty of like minded players within these borders.

Those more intererested in Roleplaying will find that Role Play is heavily encouraged within Aequitas and while not compulsory, those who take actions made with the intent of breaking immersion for others will find that the Kingdom leadership is anything but lenient. We take the approach of promoting and encouraging this kind of game play, while also not forcing it on those who would prefer to just play the game, so long as the game play of others is respected. As per the Aequitari Philosophy, listed below, griefing is not tolerated within these borders.

Aequitari Philosophy

Built on the foundation of developing lasting friendships and establishing enjoyable environments, the fundamental belief of Aequitas is that every individual has a right to take part, to enjoy themselves, and to be free from any oppression or bullying. The Kingdom operates with a zero tolerance policy towards griefing, discrimination, bullying, abuse, inhibition of other people’s play time, or excessive use of vulgar and discriminatory language. As indicated by Soulbound Studios, there will be an element of racial difference between the Tribes which is permissible for the uses of roleplay, but not in excess or to the point where it becomes abuse by which an individual would feel uncomfortable in taking part.

The Aequitari believes in a hands-on and everybody-gets-involved approach to life. By blurring the lines between nobility and gentry, they ensure that all individuals are included and have their voices heard. Although hierarchy is essential to ensure a fully functional and playable Kingdom, any individual can be contacted and spoken to so that any and all concerns are heard and rectified.

Leadership and Government

Standing as the King’s official advisors, the High Assembly of Aequitas are a small group of citizens hand picked by the King. Their main function is to advise the King on matters of import, assist in the daily running of the Kingdom, discord, and other related platforms, and to assist the citizens of Aequitas with anything they may require.

Under the High Assembly is the Chancellor’s Office, a group consisting of the Stewards of the Kingdom. Their responsibilities incorporate moderating the discord and other Kingdom platforms, along with serving as a secondary council providing a different outlook on the different topics brought to the High Assembly.

It is also to be noted that the Aequitari have a distinct separation of civilian and military leadership. The High Assembly does not interfere with the Military High Command, and vice versa. This group is limited to the highest ranking Generals of the Kingdom, who work closely with the leaders of the respective PvP groups.

Any and all citizens looking to be involved with the leadership groups of the Kingdom are encouraged to do so. The general criteria for one of these roles are activity, maturity, a level head, and willingness to help and engage.

Religious Life

“Above all else, a King is a mann, and it follows that a King must do as all menn do, and bend the knee before the Gods” - Religion in Aequitas takes the Capital form of Faedin, worship of nature and the belief that all living things are tied to the spiritual realm. By default, unless otherwise indicated, Faedin is the religion encouraged throughout the realm, although this may differ from Duchy to Duchy per the respect and autonomy offered by the King.

Throughout the capital Duchy of Kybourne, the religious movement of Faedin is venerated by all districts and honoured in the many cathedrals that appear across the landscape. The King encourages any individual who seeks to humble themselves before the gods and take up the mantle of religious dedication, to present themself before the crown, that they might be allocated to a temple, cathedral, or other religious landmark.

Biome and Tribe Preferences

The Aequitari intend to settle a cold biome, preferably one that encompasses mountainous and alpine forest regions, and both the Brudvir and Hrothi tribes. This may be subject to change, along with the release of new information by Soulbound Studios. Keep an eye on this section, the Kingdom of Aequitas will make it known when there is more concrete information available to them.

Benefits of Being Aequitari

As a member of the Kingdom of Aequitas, all members receive individual attention and assistance from their King, their Duke, their Count, and their Baron or Mayor. Being one of the largest Kingdoms, Aequitas can offer a level of immersion that is unlikely to be matched anywhere else. A large amount of Exposition Points will be spent on the infrastructure of the Kingdom, allowing for more convenient and streamlined travel, trade, and defence. Those looking to open and operate stores, pursue trades, or take up a career, will find a support system ready to help them get set up.


The best way to get in touch with us is our Discord, which can be found below, or via our website, which will be released shortly. Stay tuned!

Kingdom of Aequitas Discord


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Aye Lmao, It's pretty good guys. Come check out the discord, everyone is really friendly. Except Staircase, stray away from him

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The WolfLands stand with Aequitas

Friend Code CE5C35

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Kadara stands strongly with Aequitas. May we dig deep together.

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Posted By Xemmas at 02:46 AM - Mon Jun 05 2017

Aye Lmao, It's pretty good guys. Come check out the discord, everyone is really friendly. Except Staircase, stray away from him

I agree :P

Definitely come to the discord people, great community!

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Very proud to be a part of this amazing community, great people all. We've just launched our new website, feel free to check it out here.

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The website looks amazing, can't wait to see what tribes my fellow Aquatarians wish to be #Hrothi Pride.

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Aequitas are a great group of people. If you like role playing you should check out their discord or website.

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Huge congratulations to Count Gabriel Formarch on his appointment to the Aequitas Small Council. Also a big welcome to Count Ithikari and Count Ernie. If you have any questions about our group, feel free to join our discord.

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Thanks for the opportunity Emery/Remios. Welcome Ithikari, Ernie and all the new people over the last days.