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Duchy of Randale

Free Duchies of Aequitas

The head clan’s lorekeeper settles into his place, surrounded by the other clan’s lorekeepers, preparing to tell the tales of our people at all clan meet. Gently he calls for quiet, as the various clans people settle down, some with their families, others with friends.

Let me tell the tale of our people From the earliest memories, we are told the story of how we came to be. Let all learn from the past, to help guide us in our future.

“Our people came from the animals, our ancestors spirits earning their way to becoming Mann through various lifetimes. Let the wolves hear and learn from us, to earn their way to Mann.” As he finishes these words, all members of all clans tilt their heads back and howl as one, inviting any and all wolves within hearing to come and learn.

Letting the last echoes of the call fade away, the lore keeper continues “We may not remember our past lives in our waking moments, but our dream selves recall these, and thus all our lessons are not forgotten. Our clans are proud and noble, though outsiders may see us as savage. We know of our past through the stories, those stories told and retold to our children so they may learn, and see no need to raise our ancestors to the level of titans or gods, for they were just Mann, like ourselves.” “At one time we were part of the great Kingdom known as Carpentaria, During the time known as “The great Sleeping” when the king was absent from the kingdom and our Lady was to be Queen, there were many that conspired to bring us and our Lady down. Upon learning of this our Lady went to the shaman to seek their counsel. After asking the spirit animals for guidance the shamans were told to look for the wolf’s eyes in the sky and there they would find the way to a new land where they would prosper for many lifetimes. And so it came to pass that after our long journey we came to settle here in the north in the Lands now known as Randale

Home of the wolf

The Wolflands

Duchy of Randale

The Duchy of Randale (RANDAL: Medieval form of English Randolf, meaning "shield-wolf.") is a matriarchy, that also follows the Brudvir respect for Leadership, where the daughter of the ruling family with the highest Leadership attribute will be made ruler at the passing of the Bruérag (Duchess)

The WolfLands offer player freedom within a community of like minded players, from our Military units to our industry, culture, advancement of technology, or just exploring the world, you will find a home and family here in Wolflands. The goals of The WolfLands is to provide a safe place for players, encourage growth in industry and supply the Kingdom with the best trained Knights to protect the land and the people.



The Taiga is a forest in the Arctic, Subarctic, or Temperate latitude bands, and typically exists at the planar or foothills elevation levels.


The Brudvir are perhaps one of the most physically impressive tribes. Sharing a lineage as one of the original Proto-Neran, they look similar in appearance, however taller and more muscular in stature due to a meat-rich diet. Standing around 6'3" (190cm) on average, they are tied with the Janoa as the third tallest tribe behind the Yoru and Dras. Unlike the Janoa, their height comes with significant muscle on both the upper and lower body, giving them an average weight of between 225-250 lbs (102-113 kg). Adapted to life in the boreal forests that lie along the extreme latitudes of Elyria, they also have fairer skin than the Neran, with pinkish undertones. In addition, the Brudvir have hair - and often heavy beards - ranging in color from red, to strawberry blonde, to blonde. Combined with their yellow or hazel eyes and pronounced, flesh-rending canines, the massive Brudvir can be an intimidating tribe to encounter.


Counties of Randale

Kalvinder County

Mierwolf City

County Plans -

  • Trade - Both Land and Sea
  • Military - Warriors, Rangers and Navel
  • Ship building
  • Hunting
  • Production
  • Animal Husbandry

Mierwolf, City Capital in the County of Kalvinder is the Duchy capital and home to the ruling family Lyall. Kalvinder can be found on the north west coast of Randale and is a bustling trade City with many trade ships passing through as well as having (name) shipbuilding company and Norvindar Trading Company headquarters


Faemist County

Latheon City

County Plans -

  • Trade - Both Land and Sea
  • Military - Warriors, Guards/Security, Patrols
  • Husbandry - Both Plant and Animal
  • Animal breeding and Care - Military and Non-Military
  • Production

Faemist and it's county capital, Latheon, are nestled near the base of the taiga and will have strong trading ties both northward, to the Brudvir deeper in the taiga and southward to the Neran lands of the lower montane forests, often serving as either a way station or inland trading port for weary travellers. With the motto of "Never unprepared" always kept in mind, Faemist will be primarily focused on trade, food production and warrior/military presence. Variety in focuses or playstyles are both welcomed and encouraged.


Ulvekysten (Wolf Cove) County

Ulvehovedstad (wolf head) City

County Plans -

  • Mining
  • Hunting
  • Livestock Keeper
  • Smithing - Weapons and Armor
  • Trade
  • Production

Ulvekysten county will support Randale and the greater kingdom, with the finest weapons and armor. We also help provide food and pelts, as well as trade and various production. At its center is Ulvehovedstad, where Count Zarius Fontaine resides.


Vaskrgard County

Keep of Eldarwolfe

County Plans -

  • Siege Weapon Production
  • General industry
  • Military

On the Eastern border of Randale, Vaskrgard has an important role in the internal defence of the duchy. Every Mann who calls Vaskrgard home is a vital cog in the defence of the land. Eldarwolfe is the seat of power within Vaskrgard and home to one of the largest workshops in Elyria. Within and beyond the impenetrable walls of Eldarwolfe engineers work around the clock on the various mechanical engines in their care. The workshops produce wagons, siege engines and anything that they are paid to produce.


Worgenheim County

Vatnshryggstaðr Town

County Plans -


Honeypaw Grove County

Oakmead Town

County Plans -

  • Honey/mead
  • Farming/cattle
  • Trade


Government of Randale

Although Randale is matriarchal, the Counts of the Duchy also have a say in Duchy operations through the Council of Counts. Other members of the duchy may also be invited to join the Council of Advisers (this is mainly used out of game though discord). In Game Government information is not known at this time, however the Brudvir place great value in Leadership qualities. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Religion of Randale

The Brudvir are Faedin, an animist religion that roots much of its belief in the forces of nature. The Faedin believe that the physical and spiritual planes are inextricably linked, and that all living things - not just Mann - are filled with spirit. This belief is demonstrated throughout many, if not all, facets of a Fae's culture, from their ceremonial practices, to the prevalence of animal and plant symbolism in their artwork. The Brudvir take their reverence for animals to an even higher level. They believe that all souls begin their journey as animals, and that only through repeated experiences and multiple lifetimes can a soul ascends to the form of a Mann. As a result, they have developed a meaningful kinship with most animals of the forest and are among the best animal tamers in Elyria. And while they must hunt to survive, they view their killing as providing the animal another opportunity to ascend to Mann-hood. Finally, the Brudvir believe that a soul dictates what form it will take, both as an animal, as well as a Mann. In particular, the Brudvir believe that when a wolf has learned all the lessons it can in its current form it reincarnates as a Mann - specifically as a Brudvir.


Economy of Randale

Randale economy is pertaining to Trade, Military might and Command on the Sea.

Full development of the Economic system will come as more information is released from SbS to plan adequately.

Randale is looking for organisations (guilds)and individuals interested in trade. We believe trade to be one of the central pillars of our duchy plans, from the settlement level all the way up to the duchy level.


Guilds and Organisations of Randale

  • The White Wolves - Military
  • (Name) - Rangers
  • The Sea Wolves - Navy
  • Norvindar Trading Company
  • (Name) Shipping Company
  • Vaskrgard Workyards|


Available Counties 7/16

Available Settlements 82/98

Tribe Mix within Duchy

Brudvir 80% Hrothi 11% (plans to increase this) Neran 5% Kypiq <1%

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