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The Barony of Talon Tide – (NA-East | Kingdom of Vornair)

Talon Tide

Settlement Focus: Military / Seafaring Military / Agriculture Settlement Purpose: Talon Tide is surrounded by large strong walls enclosing the town on all sides aside from the river front home to the Boswell fleet, and agriculture ships. The focus of our town is the training of our military presence, we hope to dominate on the battlefield both by land and by sea. During times of peace our town hopes to bring fresh produce, and fish throughout the land.

Server Information

Server: NA – East

Kingdom: Vornair Duchy: Grand Duchy of Erzhalden County: Pevensie

Town History and Lore

Talon Tide was home to the river men native to the area for many generations, in the early days all sorts of folk would flock to the area in attempts to feast on the mighty fish harvested from the river Bos. Over time the river became dotted with shanty towns all attempting to capitalize on the good fortune the river would bring. But with all good things come the bad, where there is wealth there is those that wish to take it for themselves. Starting what would be known as the river wars, the single most horrendous event in the long history of Talon Tide. The wars were fought between the river folk, and the tribes of the neighboring lands. At first it was a hopeless fight; the tribes would come and take what they pleased from whomever they wanted often taking the children as slaves. Eventually the river folk began to abandon their shanties in an attempt to start a new life, sadly a river born well find only harshness in any other environment over time. When the night was darkest one clan rose from the turmoil in an attempt to stop the fighting once and for all. The original name of the clan was lost to time, however through their efforts all the squabbling clans joined together under one banner. Through the efforts of all the clans banded together they were able to push the bandits away from the Bos river, the efforts of the tribe were so satisfactory they were recognized by neighboring towns who would often refer back to River Wars stating, “The People of The Bos Did Well”. Over time this was shortened to Boswell, becoming the surname of the clan who ruled over the land. Under the leadership of the first Baron Matthew Boswell the river fort of Talon Tide was created, it became the envy of the land. However, if you wish to rule over a city you must be prepared to defend the city, and Matthew Boswell was not deaf on this fact. Through his efforts and the efforts of his children Edward, and Alford the might of Boswell military was honed. The words of the Boswell house were not chosen, (“We Guide The Way”) they were earned through the many battles fought by the Boswell military regiments, it is often stated a single Boswell infantry man is worth ten of his counterpart.

Why You Should be a Citizen

If you have a love of military adventure, both defending and concurring then Talon Tide is the place for you, we have a strong focus in both Land, and Seafaring combat. If you enjoy the relaxing exploits of fishing than join the Talon Tide ports, and bring home the renowned river Bos fish that to this day people still tell tales of how succulent they are.


Baron The town is led by a member of the ancestral house Boswell, the current patriarch is Lord Petyr Boswell. The baron oversees the mayoral decisions of the town of Talon Tide, his word is law within the cities limits. Mayoral Council To lessen the burdens of overseeing the entire town a Mayoral Council was constructed composed of the Village Elders, and Town Leaders. The council is made of a democratic system which puts votes towards all laws within the Barony regarding Policy, Regulations, or Taxation. All members of the Council have the right to vote Yay. Ney, or Veto their vote, however the Baron sits at the top of the Council and has the ultimate say regarding a law despite the results of the vote count.



The Town of Talon Tide’s Military is led by Magistrate Duncan Rivers, the bastard paternal brother of Baron Petyr Boswell. It is often looked distasteful for a lord to place a bastard and potential threat to his title in a place of power. However, Duncan has proved himself a brilliant commander and a loyal servant to house Boswell. His command of both Land and Seafaring combat has earned him the nickname River Hawk, where other leaders rely on convincing speeches to inspire their troops Duncan inspires his troops by leading them into battle side by side, shoulder to shoulder. Field Army The military is divided into two regiments the Field Army which is composed of the majority of the Towns forces, employing the most battle honed and skilled warriors Talon Tide employs. Talon Tide militia are expertly trained in the art of war, this is the force which assists in the town's defense, and during times of war raiding. Navy Although small in number the Navy of Talon Tide is effective, their small numbers allow for the expert precision necessary to scout the waterways, along with spy on advancing ships. The navy is composed of battle ready men whose lives have been dedicated to life on the water, ready to die by the blade if necessary to protect their lands, and the lands of their allies.

How to Apply

Private message me the following information if you wish to become a citizen of Talon Tide!

  • Character Name (If Chosen):
  • Name of Discord (Along With #):
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Also, please join my Discord by clicking the picture below, along with the Kingdom of Vornair Discord!

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