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Hail, NA-West!

We have a mix of cultural themes covering the Norse, Germanic, Inuit, Uralic, Slavic and more, blended them into a unique fiction that fits within the Elyrian world.

There is plenty of room for people to come up with their own ideas and help us flesh out even more. Prepare for change and malleability, though. Our Duchy, and we daresay all others, must be adaptable and come without strong expectations. Elyria will change much before pre-alpha. There is absolutely no need or pressure to fit into a mold. We are looking for people that are willing to contribute to the story, game, and more. We are not looking for those that want to just sit around and have things handed to them. Our quality over quantity motto extends to both our duchy and kingdom as well. Even if you don't wish to join the county, duchy, or kingdom feel free to drop by. You would be most welcome.

Purpose and Pride

Our Duchy focus is Exploration, kingdom and duchy defense, and dedication to our ever growing story that we share together. We encourage immersion and role-play. However, any who feel their own ideals fit with ours and will work to contribute to the good of the whole are encouraged to speak with the Jarl.

Within Atravia one may find opportunities to thrive in one of our guilds. Chief among the guilds are:

Amarok's Chosen, the Guardians

Amarok's Chosen is the name of the duchy army. These soldiers reside in a stronghold, and are commanded by the Hersir. Vogts who have their own guard will not be members of the Amarok's Chosen. The guard, however, may be called upon by the Jarl should the duchy need it.

Asena's WIll, the exploration guild.

Asena's Will will have a far more outward focus such as establishing trade routes, exploring the lands, cartography and hunting down the resources of the land, as well as some diplomatic purposes when needed. They may make over seas trips when possible, and travel to other kingdoms if need be. Amarok's Chosen, which is the ducal army and guard.

Amarok and Asena

Amarok and Asena are two of the ancient protectors and guardians of the Atrav tribe. Amarok was original guardian of the Luitolf clan, and Asena of the Vulkove clan. Both now are officially guardians of the whole tribe.

The Order of the Blue Rook

♖ The Order of the Blue Rook is a private non-profit organization that intends to act as a civil servant to the duchy of Atravia, concerning logistics and development.

Other guilds are generally available for those who swear fealty to King Aerbax and Jarl Kavela Värracht with room to grow, as well as those guilds which require the utmost trust and regard of the Jarl to even know of their existence.

Those with the proper talents and ambitions may also find a variety of positions open, such as messengers, stewards, diplomats and, at this time, nobility and aristocracy.

Honor and Principles

Each able bodied citizen must train to use at least one weapon. This isn't to say that all citizens must fight wars necessarily, but rather, if necessary each would be able to defend themelves and each other. The Jarl will not have a flock of sheep to be slaughtered.

Nobility in Atravia govern with relative autonomy and enjoy self-rule, under the fealty and flag of House Värracht. We pride ourselves on quality, fairness, honor, and dignity. Not even a noble may abuse or coerce a commoner for this is not tolerated. Respect is a foundation on which a successful land is built.


King of Riftwood (Monarch) - King Stephan Balaur

Jarl Kaleva Värracht (Duke) - The title of the ruler of Atravia. Jarl is a traditional Atravi title.

Hauld (Count)

Hersir (Baron) - Title of the leaders of Atravi military strongholds.

Vogt (Mayor) - Leaders of the Cities of Atravia. A title of the aristocracy. Thane (Knight)

Gothi - Leaders of their own clans in the county. They may own land, but are only officially in charge of their own clan and not an official town or city.

*The titles are are unisex. Husbands or wives of the Nobility would use the parenthetical titles. Exampl: The wife of a Hersir would be a Baroness just as the Husband of the Hersir would be a Baron.

**The Gothi are clan heads. Clans roughly would equate to Houses. This is here for the bloodline people who want to make their own family in game.


The lore of Atravia is notable due to the Atravian clans, Luitolf, Vulkove, bloodline clans of the Atrav people, such as the Kozanu clan, the Huszari, the mysterious lost clans, and others.

The Holy City of Osala is the capital of Atravia and located in the county of Eisengrun.

You can read more of the Lore of Atravia from Jarl Kavela.

Jarldom of Atravia

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9/7/2017 7:54:22 PM #1

Are you looking for a place where you can get involved prior to go live? Swing by and see us. We are always looking for creative players to join our ranks, become a part of our lore and help us to get that lore out to our citizenry. Stop by early and get involved.

9/26/2017 1:04:59 PM #2

We are still looking for individuals who may be low pledges but would like to get involved with a duchy where you can take on a higher role, come see us cause we are looking for you.

8/4/2018 6:13:41 AM #3

I hope to get to play along side all you lovely people

8/16/2018 3:07:40 AM #4

This duchy is home to The Order of the Blue Rook

12/3/2018 6:00:28 AM #5

I would love to be a part of the exploration guild here. Lanane seeks adventure, and lusts for checking out every tavern in every region!

12/21/2018 3:00:11 AM #6

Lanane, glad you're interested. We'd love to have you visit our discord which is at the bottom of the initial post and here:

1/19/2019 3:45:02 AM #7

Updated titles, surnames, featured guilds, fixed spelling errors, and corrected discord and forum links. Come visit Atravia! A good stabbing is good for the soul!