[NA-W] The Grand Duchy of Vandiir

Duchy of Vandiir


Note: Discontinued thread

See here for updated information coming from the Vandiir Gaming Community!


  • Server: Angelica (NA-West)
  • Status: Unaffiliated
  • Intended Placement: Kingdom 4
  • Intended Tribe(s): Waerd & Neran
  • Playstyle: Any; We promote a diverse community that accepts role-players and meta-gamers alike.

Desert Flower

You might be asking yourself, who or what is Vandiir? We are a duchy focused on progress, with both the influence and motivation to achieve our dreams. The people of Vandiir are very driven individuals with unique goals and bonded by their shared love of Chronicles of Elyria and other games. Vandiir is a close-knit group, but not an isolated one. We are always happy to accept new people into the fold.

One unique aspect of Vandiir is our approach to gaming. We call it “Science”. Our people truly enjoy trying out new ideas in games and get very excited about developing effective new methods. This science gets applied to everything from architecture and building to farming and crafting. To be clear, this is not about exploitation of the system. Any bugs discovered in the process are reported to developers. The in-game characters of our ‘scientists’ simply enjoy the process of development and research as much as our players do for roleplaying purposes.

Latest Updates

Items are listed with the most recent first


  • [Mar 31st 2019] See more details in our new alliances section!


  • [Mar 31st 2019] Updated list with 5 counties that have joined since the OP was created

Events and Collaborations



The Duchy itself is led by the Duke and Duchess Samsara with the help of the titled players (Counts, Barons, Mayors) and multiple advisory councils. Vandiir has only officially established the Count Council and is developing plans for a Technocratic Council as well as any others needed based on the needs of the duchy.

Duke and Duchess Chronicles of Elyria Handles

Pteroguin and Miss_Plume

Count Council

This council consists of one to two representatives per county; the title-holder (Count or Countess) and an appointed Second-in-Command of their choice.

Technocratic Council

A technocracy is a group of scientists, engineers, and other experts who have political power as well as technical knowledge.

-Collins English Dictionary

This advisory council will be comprised of accomplished tradesmenn, engineers, and crafters. The purpose is to establish a thorough understanding of technical knowledge when making decisions and who better to ask than those accomplished in their fields? The details for how the members are chosen are still being determined, but there will be no title requirements for these positions. Menn from all walks of life can join on the sole basis of their skills.

Other Positions


Baronies are by appointment of the duke but are completely open to discussion. Barons have not been officially appointed yet in Vandiir and those interested in the position are noted within a private updated list. Baronies along the border will receive priority for funding and soldiers while those on the interior will be expected to focus on internal policing and security.


  • Admin: Dr.Quick#9656 ShadowTani#5059
  • Moderator: Looking for Applicants
  • Ambassador: Looking for Applicants
  • Recruiters: Heathcliff#4560 Jaad#8490 Lee#4560

Link to our Discord

Ducal Family

We currently have two friends planning to play as our children, with no rights to succession or additional power.


Duchy of Thorne

[Duke Syntax and Duchess Sersei]

We are thrilled to welcome the Duchy of Thorne into the Kingdom 4 fold. We've known both Sersei and Sintax for years before they stepped up to the position to duke and know we will work very well together as neighbors.


Vandiir has big dreams to develop both of our biomes. Projects that we would love to have more people involved in. The summaries below are kept short, but we are more than happy to discuss them in depth.

General Projects


Arenas and Colosseums are amazing and provide many benefits when done correctly: * Sports, Tourism, and Entertainment * Fighting Experience for warriors, traders, and adventurers * An outlet for PVPers in peace times * Skills training

When not being used for the Blood Sports, the seating and viewing areas can be repurposed for the display of other group events like tournaments or theatre.

OPC Highway

The time spent offline in Elyria is going to be just as important as the time spent online with Soulbound Studio’s implementation of the Offline Player Character (OPC) System. We have devised a series of walls and roads to be implemented in phases that will provide safe passage throughout the duchy.

Legendary Tavern

The Last Oasis is located within the same duchy where we have been hoping to place our duchy seat. Vandiir is more than happy to announce that not only is the Legendary Tavern physically inside of our intended placement, we are the rightful owners of the deed on the Angelica Server. We would like to give others the chance to take a part in this legendary building. As such, we will be accepting applicants to be a part of the projects focused around this historic site.

Would you like to take a part in The Last Oasis? Check out our Vacancies Post!


Childhood Development

We will be supporting plans for schools of all levels as well as orphanages within Vandiir’s counties. We are additionally hoping to develop student, teacher, or tutor exchange programs between settlements to help settlements gain knowledge and skills not available in their immediate vicinity.


One of the first and major steps to progress is Education. The Duchess of Vandiir is planning to implement a University that will sport two methods of education. The first option are individual classes offered to students of any age in return for a fee. Think of skill trainers in traditional MMOs. The second method is an escalator type school system for youths, similar to a real-life technical school in its intent to prepare them for career fields. This would be largely paid for through tuitions, but will also accept alternate forms of payment such as tuition reimbursement in exchange for an employment contract of a specified duration.



In an attempt at preventing deforestation and the depletion of sustainable natural resources, we intend to have a garden where we collect plants and their seeds in order to stimulate the environment around us if it becomes necessary. Such a garden could also provide additional tourism and other benefits to the world of Elyria at large.


Vandiir will be collecting and breeding animals for our Zoo. We are calling it a zoo, but it will have other uses as a Nature Preserve, Menagerie, and Animal Farm. The zoo will remain self-sufficient through methods such as: * Animals being sold or leased to players * Petting Zoos – Taming Experience for Breeders, Hunters, or other Enthusiasts * Resource collection for Apothecaries, Butchers, Tailors, and other Professions * Tourism – View the animals of Elyria * Wild or untamable creatures could be sold to Arenas


Ailamos (Duke Samsara)

Camertem (Count Lyreic Castillion)

Claudia (Countess Tanisha Angeliac)

Endeløs (Count One)

Fortis Militis (Count Bellum)

Gubat (Count Civil)

Hohemark (Countess von Hehemark-Nordhausen)

Imshadar (Count Imshada)

Isiil (Count Jaad Isiil)

Laurentum (Countess Lira)

Mirrorvale (Count Primus Blackshoes)

Orenj (Count Aeytrious & Rhiannon Orenj)

Placeholder (Count 1cec0ld)

Placeholder (Count Ambrasia)

Placeholder (Count Exile)

Placeholder (Count Farticus)

Placeholder (Count Interitus)

Placeholder (Count Noxidius Victrove)

Sanctus (Count Heathcliff)

Shirereve (Count Aryes Were)

UrLore (Count Urban)

Valhaven (Count Ninja Neugeboren) [External Link]

Ven’Angesh (Count Kalima & Jaziera Aherin)


Vandiir is looking for members of all levels. We encourage you to come and join us on our discord if you have questions about Vandiir or just want to get to know us better.


Vandiir’s county spaces are more than half filled when we take doubles and triples into account, but there is still more than enough room to grow in either biome. That said, we are recruiting primarily counts interested in The Waerd at the moment.


We are looking for more mayors interested in the position of Baron. We do not restrict our Counts from the position.

Mayors and Citizens

Vandiir is looking for mayors and citizens of all types. Our Counts are diverse enough to provide anyone a home regardless of tribe, profession, or playstyle. Most positions that open up within Vandiir will be available to citizens leaving plenty of room for growth.

Note to Potential Monarchs

Angelica Monarchs hoping and able to place in Kingdom 4 should come speak with us. As people interested in trading, mining, and crafting as the major forms of industry, we are the type who prefer to work with our Kingdom. Our dilemma has been a lack of interest on the monarch level for the placements that fit our community, and ultimately decided to post our intended location in Kingdom 4 in the hopes of drawing awareness to the area.

Our specific placement within the Kingdom itself is one we determined after long discussions among ourselves and our counts, ultimately chosen through an internal count-level vote that won by a landslide. We have always hoped to be a border duchy with water access that can help protect our kingdom while leaving room for exploration. The Waerd were not our first choice, but one we came to as a compromise. Afterall, we do not want to use our status as a double duchy with high influence to push others out of their kingdom or hopeful tribes. The Waerd are without a doubt one of the least favorable tribes for duchy and kingdom placements among the leaders of NA-W, so we decided to take this area that others do not desire for themselves. As we learned more of The Waerd, we have truly come to love them.

We have a diverse community, and this does mean settling in at least one non-Waerd location to meet our people’s needs. Neran is a highly desired tribe, but we have the community and ability to support and protect them. We also have a true need for an area that supports the non-PVP aspects of our community. We can take a step back to the edge of a cliff in the hopes of cementing relations with our future and unknown monarch, but we aren’t willing to take another step back and jump off the cliff completely. We truly hope this compromise is an acceptable gift showing our positive intentions.

11/30/2018 6:31:42 AM #1

Finally a community on West that I would actually consider rolling an alt in! <3

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11/30/2018 6:34:27 AM #2

Posted By Adam Burrfoot at 9:31 PM - Thu Nov 29 2018

Finally a community on West that I would actually consider rolling an alt in! <3

Thank you, that means a lot! >\\<

11/30/2018 7:34:46 PM #3

Very happy to be a Mayor/Baron in Vandiir. Thank you for the excellent community :-)

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12/6/2018 3:01:29 AM #4

I Aryes Were Count of Shirereve, Pledge allegiance to Vandiir and the House of Samsara.

12/14/2018 9:03:09 PM #5

I am honored to call Vandiir my home, and to serve Duke Ptero and Duchess Plume.

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12/22/2018 9:24:49 AM #6

Posted By Dariusacmar at 10:34 AM - Fri Nov 30 2018

Very happy to be a Mayor/Baron in Vandiir. Thank you for the excellent community :-)

Posted By Aryes at 6:01 PM - Wed Dec 05 2018

I Aryes Were Count of Shirereve, Pledge allegiance to Vandiir and the House of Samsara.

Posted By Lira at 12:03 PM - Fri Dec 14 2018

I am honored to call Vandiir my home, and to serve Duke Ptero and Duchess Plume.

And we are honored to have all of you <3

Those interested in Vandiir should also check out this thread by our Duke. Pteroguin's put a lot of thought into his proposal for the Raider's of the Lost Ark event, but is ultimately not a person to over-exaggerate the promises he makes. Pteroguin is very approachable and loves to talk about CoE. I greatly encourage you to reply to the thread for The Order, send him a message here on the forums, or join our discord to get to know us better!

12/23/2018 4:32:16 PM #7

Lovely post Plume (and Ptero!), Vandiir is a tight-knit community <3

I rarely peruse the forums but I wanted to show my support!

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4/1/2019 1:07:48 AM #8

Very excited to formally announce our aligning, and looking forward to what lies ahead!

4/1/2019 1:20:06 AM #9

Posted By Katie at 07:32 AM - Sun Dec 23 2018

Lovely post Plume (and Ptero!), Vandiir is a tight-knit community <3

I rarely peruse the forums but I wanted to show my support!

hugs You are well loved and well missed Katie <3

4/1/2019 1:20:32 AM #10

Duchy post is updated, see updates easily at the top of the post. :)

7/5/2019 7:08:40 AM #11

Welcome to Vandiir to our new count @urbanmyth as well as The Order of the Blue Rook!

7/18/2019 1:55:21 PM #12

As a group of folks I've always considered to be friends, I'd like to give you a bump. I look forward to seeing your Duchy do well :)

9/9/2019 3:38:17 PM #13

Updated discord link within this thread and posted a new thread as this one is being discontinued to match with our name change and new location.