The Last Oasis - Job Vacancies (Event)


Have you ever thought about running a tavern, being a barkeep, entertainer, or perhaps a cook who wishes to be well known? This post is to announce an event to fill the many needed roles at The Last Oasis on NA-West (Angelica).

Here’s what the tavern consists of… Located in the northeastern duchy of the Semi-Arid Desert, near the border with the Mixed Leaf Forest, The Last Oasis offers the following amenities:

  • 2 common rooms, each with a 20-mann seating capacity, its own bar counter, a hearth, and stools, tables, and benches for 20
  • A stage for performances in the main common room
  • A large kitchen with access to both common rooms, containing its own oven and hearth
  • A fully stocked ale and wine cellar in the basement with 8 large ale kegs, 4 mead kegs, and 30 bottles of agave spirits
  • 6 Private rooms on the second floor for use as inn rooms, meetings rooms, or offices as you see fit
  • A private residence bedroom and office on the first floor, accessible via the kitchen, for the owner
  • A small attached stable able to house 4 horses The Last Oasis will be featured in stories, novels, and other events both now and in the future, as Elyria's ten-year story unfolds.

Note: This is a rare and limited item: Only one legendary tavern deed for The Last Oasis will be sold for each server, and only one per person!

Positions I’d like to fill

Administrator (1+) : Handles finances, schedules work shifts, entertainment, and collaborates with me in regards to ongoing operations.

Barkeeps (2+) : Makes a Drink list, helps coordinate contacts for a large alcohol selection

Cooks (2+) : What would the menu look like, what would you serve?

Servers (2+) : Down to make tips? Good at keeping people happy?

Entertainers (Unknown) : Describe how you’d entertain, type, group, how often?

Security (Unknown) : Have you ever wanted to protect a group of patrons?

Suppliers : People who wish to bring the needed resources to maintain operational capacity to the location.

Rules of the event

Write a reply describing what a day in the position would be like to you, and why you feel you’d be perfect for the job. I really want to give everyone an opportunity to take part in this rare, and well-known business. Entries will be judged based on viability, and the depth of thought put into it. I will be awarding prizes to those who put the most effort in, despite being provided employment or not.


Applicants must be willing to relocate to general area of tavern. If you have any questions feel free to ask here, or send me a PM!

12/4/2018 2:15:45 PM #1

Is there any chance you are also taking applications for bar flies?

I can do a really good "Cliff Clavin" character if you need one.

We Are The Many... We Are The One... We Are THE WAERD !!!

12/4/2018 4:36:30 PM #2

Bar fly isn't an intended job, but your continued patronage would be greatly appreciated. Visit enough and everyone will come to know which seat is yours :)

12/6/2018 8:52:01 PM #3

Love this. I can't fill a position but I will definitely be a patron!

12/7/2018 12:58:17 AM #4

Either way, thank you for taking the time to read it! Hope you have an awesome day, and should you ever stop by the establishment throw me a message :)

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