Get Participating

Concurrent with the Kickstarter-versary's Tournament Token event, called the Tournament of Champions, there is another contest on-going, right now, with much better odds of winning and a comparably interesting reward: The Show Us Your Domain Writing or Image contest.

The rewards are these:

...For each server from both categories (Stories and imagery).

The winners from each category will receive 5000 EP to use to improve their domains and they'll be granted a unique gift from the team in the form of a monument that can be placed in their domain, affecting the domain in a positive way that is themed to the entrant's submission! This is, in essence, a mini-design experience, though the studio is going to pick the monument's final form and its unique benefit.

The runners-up in each category will receive 5000 EP to use to improve their domains as well!

Participating is easy, and I provide a snapshot of participation in this event to-date:


With odds like these, what are you waiting for to don your creator hat and show-off your domain?

Some of the coolest entries I've seen are historical descriptions, colored pencil drawings, a photograph, and of course, a host of neat stories.

You have less than two weeks left to conjure up something and post in the subforum: Fan Media your thread, with a title beginning in [Show Us Your Domain]. This is one of the best times to immerse yourself in a CoE narrative, so get started!

Review the discussion of rules in this thread: Rules Show Us Your Domain