Anthology of Show Us Your Domain Entries

After finishing reading and digesting all your stories, it feels like I’ve read one of the first Chronicles of Elyria. The breadth of lore we’ve all just been exposed to is amazing.

I am completely impressed by the creativity and passion of our community, and I feel our turnout says something positive about how promising we view CoE in SbS’s hands.

Cumulatively, we submitted over 116,000 words when the word limit for submissions was 750 words. The longest submission was over 4,700 words, and the shortest submission was 34 words.

Altogether, we submitted 172 story submissions and 54 art submissions (with a 55th contribution joining the fun after the deadline).

Below, I’ve organized all submissions into this thread with a little blurb for those with only time to skim.

If you've found this participation as inspiring as I have, I encourage you to curl into your reading nook and breathe in some of the fine presentations of our shared lore.

10/19/2019 10:14:55 AM #1

Show Us Your Domain - Written Category

  1. County of Keplr - By SirApetus

    A series of prominent families sprout from cities wherever they settle.

  2. The Seaside Township of Keld - By Moonlynx

    Complications off the coast of Keld bring a diverse city together.

  3. A Synopsis of Mydranos Shoal - By Evanuris

    A prickly hrothi illustrates ancient history in a tavern.

  4. The Rangers of Orenj - By Aeyt

    Adventures stumble through danger that is easily navigated by the locals.

  5. The Rebirth of a People - By Mikhal

    From the surreal hunt for a mythical blue phoenix emerges a city on a river.

  6. Origin of Drake - By West

    A blacksmith spreads his contagious passion after growing obsessed with a hidden treasure.

  7. Hamlet of Durlagen’Dialun - By PixiePunchPie

    A small-town persona describes the attractions of a hamlet that is a sanctuary from the surrounding busy locales

  8. Duhb’Anam County - By Malais

    A grandfather relates the history of Duhb’Anam to his heir, his granddaughter.

  9. Star’s Reach - By Lethality

    An agricultural hub cultivates a vibrant community.

  10. The Dream of Wissenheim - By Argyn

    A bard regales the origins of a renowned institute for learning and innovation.

  11. A Letter from Munzo - By chipla

    A vassal reports on the discoveries made in Munzo.

  12. Creation of House Morovig - By PvtProblems

    A local myth reveals the origins of the Morovig dynasty.

  13. Rúnstað - By Kinoss

    A city grows around the origins of a great oak’s acorn.

  14. Crusader’s Keep - By Aemon_Blackfyre

    A lord admires the commotion that pervades his home.

  15. Brume Harrow in the County of Blackthorn Vale - By Cleome

    A gem encrusted tree serves as a monument to a rite of passage in Brume Harrow.

  16. The Vale - By Zaknack

    A team of vagabonds make their home in a mystical clearing.

  17. The County of Istorfinna - By Faustes

    A tale of disease, cannibalism, and tribulation, manifests into a grave of memories hidden beneath the Academy of Roswynd.

  18. The Town of Ichralárch - By Dalesson

    A Waerd community makes a harsh and arid landscape habitable.

  19. Grand County of Areli - By Samson2124

    A history of a local red wine stems from the harsh battles of yore.

  20. County of Knight Fair Township of Arcshire - By Belth

    A traveller boasts of home among the ironwood trees.

  21. Willowhaven - By Nahkahiiri

    An innovative settlement built among the ironwood trees stuns a sojourner.

  22. The Battle for Port Royale - By Vigorish

    Cunning saboteurs engage in a blazing battle at Port Royale.

  23. Sildby by the Sea - By R3dh3rr1ng

    A father muses on his seaside home while awaiting his son’s arrival.

  24. The Kypiq Trading Hub - All are Kind of Welcome - By Aldaron

    Comport yourself to the rules of Asptuna, a structured Kypiq holding.

  25. Desert Mind: The Two-Fold College - By JuiceboxtheII

    And injured combatant finds himself at the mercy of a Waerd community.

  26. Baile-na-Muir - By Devilkyn

    A young mann traverses a hrothi delving to take his apprenticeship.

  27. Quillen and Dalquharren Keep - By Taradyn

    An old-timey mann commits heroic feats.

  28. I am a Strømsorm ! - By Kiraday

    A brudvir casually saves a life when building his own legend.

  29. Rebirth of Vargviken - By Grizzly1

    A mystical seer introduces a brudvir to his destiny.

  30. Eastmarch County - By mojomonkey

    A dynasty is guided toward prosperity through adherence to virtue.

  31. Aesa’s Rest - By AcantiTheGreat

    A mayor and his otterbear companion prepare for the arrival of high profile nobility.

  32. The Garrison Delving of Brownlast, Home of The Preternatural Society and the Rusted Quarterly - By Neva de Silva

    Delve into the details of an academic charter.

  33. Lycaon County, Coast of Aritaur Duchy, Kingdom of Vornair - By Blackbobb

    The seas swell with seawolf sailors, so goes Lycaon history.

  34. Norrhaven - By Cloudstrike

    A sweeping angle samples the industry and mystery of a deep delving.

  35. County of Karsana - By Enady

    A mysterious sentinel observes the ebb and flow of its coastal masters.

  36. County of Dunbriar - By TitusWingate

    A returning veteran admires the values of his home, its people, and their sacrifice.

  37. Siren’s Shore - By Daemon_Redwyne

    A city acquires a new identity when the power of song is employed to turn the tide of battle.

  38. Grimaz Izril - By Elysian

    A rough gem looks beautiful from the inside, suggests the observations of an onlooker.

  39. Merida: “Home Again” - By Daedhel

    Amid her return home, a young countess admires her holding.

  40. Town of Sparrow’s Nest - By Akuuran

    An inventor designs a future for his child.

  41. County of Bergental - By Trug

    A pair of watchmenn patrol a mountain valley.

  42. The Town of Drako Tirgus - By Gijojo

    Banished nomads plant roots along a river.

  43. The Royal Anktree of Dréshurí - By Balaur

    A hunter’s victory over a legendary beast unifies a kingdom.

  44. Vaskrgard - By Kadara

    A raven surveys the formation of a community.

  45. Village of Asturias - By Endeavor

    Following half a millennium of peace, a survivor explores the aftermath of invasion.

  46. County of Mirrorvale - By Dr.Quick

    A madman with a penchant for science and a pact with magical elyria, disenchants the allure of the unknown.

  47. Sanctasiduuryn Seleükeia - By Vaku

    On unfamiliar shores, a mystified traveler seeks insight into an industrious settlement of foreigners.

  48. Kjalstead - By Holmgeirr_Havardr

    A centuries old clan wards a community from a great many dangers.

  49. Altiorra - By Teland

    A farmer innovates an agricultural technique and spreads its bounty.

  50. A Rothian Wish - By Spenraw

    Beneath the thumb of adversity, a dynasty of dreamers refuses to give up.

  51. A History of Forgiveness - By Count_Anatar

    A student struggles with accepting the grace of her forefathers.

  52. Castle Snow - By Quokka

    A mercenary rescues a village and exacts vengeance on its founder.

  53. The Hamlet of Cam’wa Brink - By Rojinn

    A traveller follows a cryptic path of surreal dreams and encounters to lay the foundation of a city.

  54. An Orphan’s naming Day in the Solstice - By Flawliss

    A boy comes of age among devout company.

  55. Soranost - By KalinSora

    An ambitious rancher erects an impressive stable and racetrack.

  56. Simulutunum County, Coast of Aritaur Duchy, Kingdom of Vornair - By SpartanATL

    A dynasty culminates power over generations.

  57. Stormmoor - By Bayerd

    A boy surveils a barony that is intersection to an ancient past and religious pursuit.

  58. Kardinalswacht - By Blectorn

    Yes the bees! Yes the bees. They’re all over this dreamscape.

  59. Welcome to Bescomb - By Nimueh

    A child is found and guided through a city.

  60. Berry’s Rest - By jonnyz

    A lord’s thoughts drift with past concerns and present challenges.

  61. Skogshall - By baviasi

    A mentor ruminates on his life while overseeing the rite of passage for the next generation.

  62. Bhaile Sàmhchair - By Deyron

    A son asks his father to make sense of the strange world he sees.

  63. County of Andarien - By TiernyndavEyrd

    A falcon yields a birds-eye-view of a seaside community.

  64. The New Greenworth - By Klaymore

    A greeter describes a city’s splendor.

  65. Hamlet of Innominatan - By RhysValdenar

    A lord tours his land while tradesmenn go about their day.

  66. Principality of Ardolenor - By Ardolenor

    A generational chronicle reveals the rise and fall of a kingdom.

  67. Ailurus - By Dizzi

    A letter home describes a change of fortune at noble whim.

  68. Kaatane Vaala - By ironzerg

    An al’tifali ritual paints an exclusive waerdic community.

  69. A Brief History of Paith Afallon - By ForestGuardian

    A document describes highlights in centuries-long history of a kypiq community.

  70. Jen’Tóra - By ElChef

    An aristocrat handles business with a hunter’s disposition.

  71. Oakmoon - By Obsbodikins

    A rivermann answers the call of a noble and transports irontree saplings to a new home.

  72. Svinnreid - By Dasher

    Warriors face trials to build their legend, as is tradition.

  73. Porta inferni - By Logan_Morgenstern

    A boy inherits a realm that is conquered yet profits from a lifetime of subsequent accomplishments.

  74. Ardonia - By Corialli

    A kingdom rebounds from tragedy with a cultural renaissance.

  75. Norhurst - By CerebralDaemon

    A local legend looks after a superstitious community.

  76. Forestbight - By Brettoner

    An enterprising aristocrat establishes a guild of farmers.

  77. Fyrebend - By Lady_Zaria

    A litany of details compose a poetic angle for viewing a delving.

  78. Nidus, The Bay of Drowned Honor - By WorthlessEmu

    An arena is built on the traditions of an old story.

  79. Silveraxe Field - By Nadera

    A community celebrates a brutal and public execution.

  80. The Song of Rhylen - By Fyreto

    A bard sings of a cohort that overtakes a city.

  81. Silvermoon - A Tale - By Shikaio

    An interloper faces the consequences of approaching a closely guarded secret.

  82. Shaqqa - By mempgrizz

    An excerpt details a surreal and enigmatic prophecy.

  83. The Origin of Dark Lantern: A To’resk County within the Janoa Rainforest - By ShadowTani

    A legendary being restores two communities with divine aid.

  84. Songforge, Sky End - By Lady Grace

    A musician travels through impressive vistas,

  85. Spiderspring, Starbriar Glen: A Family History - By Severien

    A parent pens the matter-of-fact history of a dynasty, for posterity.

  86. Drakensberg Village - By Sir_Skylos

    A city of watchmenn ward Elyria against a hidden threat.

  87. Kheg Khounty & Khegport Township - By Kheg

    Around a khomikhally khontentious khount a khommunity khongregates.

  88. Apostevend - By Gunghoe

    Disciples of al’tifali persuasion wage a battle to convert a tribe.

  89. Filtiarn - By LarganWolftrax

    An aged storyteller calls into question the future of a community blessed with fortunate leaders and cooperation.

  90. Port of Bastards Bay - By CaptainSeli

    A resident of a coastal community enjoys his routine.

  91. Dockden - By Hellhound_40k

    An adventurer faces the discomfort of settling into a stationary life.

  92. Medussa - By Medussa

    A farmer must fend off raiders that threaten her way of life.

  93. Trölhoum and the Brave New World - By Tefmon

    A leader carves out a home amid the threat of disease.

  94. Ylia - By Rolmaniac

    A king, tortured by loss of life, dedicates a site of battle to his subjects.

  95. Xikkad - By Etzlij_Ajzralicil

    A town swells with activity and points of interest.

  96. Mother Dahleya - By Usifan

    A mysterious woman visits the tavern of a superstitious town.

  97. Frost Cove - By Torque

    An old womann reminisces about the sights of her home.

  98. Elyria - By Urs

    A worldly traveller celebrates a life like a rolling stone.

  99. Rurik’s Landing - By Scorus

    A storyteller regales children with the tale of a local legend.

  100. Feann - By Capsup

    A city exists, replete with points of interest.

  101. Roost - By Jaecp

    An irascible lordling scours his laboratory while under siege..

  102. Wolves’ Reach - By Gnoll

    In assessing a tragedy, a countess find an opportunity for revenge.

  103. Town of Longmeadow - By Scylurus

    Fishermenn and a village elder relate with one another on a shoreline.

  104. A Bog Home - By Xarkfleur

    A mortician encounters a roadside body that refuses burial.

  105. Moribus Portum - By Chewychunga

    A splinter community’s tragedy seeds a legacy of fortitude and envigored purpose.

  106. The Debate of Lighthalzen’s Future - By Laxze

    Menn argue the use of land in a city assembly.

  107. The Ninth Mountain - By Wananga

    A mountain range is busy with activity.

  108. The Beast of Vakuris - By Fanscape

    A group of fomenters concoct a plan to undermine a duchy from within.

  109. The Whispering Mire - By Gaoman

    A scribe’s story describes the mysterious possession of a village elder.

  110. The Gateway to the North : The County of Doreinior - By Idioticmaddog

    A scholar presents a realm factbook on a forested domain.

  111. Astelis - By Kalgos

    A neran contingent strikes against raiders.

  112. Mother Dahleya and Darr Khazzid - By Death_Daisy

    A mysterious swamp dweller saves a life.

  113. Darkhearts Hallow - By Unaa

    A girl comes of age through intimate interactions with nature.

  114. Luna->Bordweall->Weristark->Atalyn's Rest - By Asmodai

    A boy listens to the story of a mythical woman’s eternity in Elyria.

  115. Blackwood Fjord in the County of Amaranthia - By Rullke

    A secretive count surveys a county on the frontier of a broadleaf forest.

  116. County of Codylus - By CountMyneauAstucean

    To’ran takes interest in a faithful disciple.

  117. The birth of Mélodine - By Eolwyn

    A pair of lovers and their song changes a community forever.

  118. Pudorefire - By Yenyang4

    Two communities become when at the mercy of a harsh climate.

  119. O’kintük - By fiercebeauty35

    A girl comports herself to carrying the onus of being countess.

  120. Ostagaard - By Ashina

    The story of a republic’s collapse unfolds over generations.

  121. Azura - By Sky016

    A mythic tale frames a city’s foundation.

  122. Cambitas - By Rehadyn

    A letter describes a necessary journey to satisfy its writer’s curiosity.

  123. County of Aiden’s Rift - By thefew

    A womann and her guide journey into a valley, when a seizing view demands the guide’s recital of its grandiose origin.

  124. Settlement of Punyabhumi - By estel

    A boy’s mythical origin earns the ire of a petulant emperor.

  125. Excerpt from Tales of Drifgard - By Abigor

    A brudvir leaves a village to begin hunting for his family.

  126. Duchy of Duskholm - By SellayneDarkholm

    The generous actions of a merchant earns him a noble visitation

  127. County of Osthelia - By Count_Crowley

    A wooded domain is home to monstrous denizens and similarly uncommon practices.

  128. Raven’s Roost - By Sir Zyr

    A banished dozen start a new life, but find themselves tormented by a murder of ravens.

  129. Tynwael - By Zandyl

    A county pulses with life in settled and wild corners.

  130. Tol Elmoth - By Nestorilo

    An island’s new ruler attracts the lives of destitute immigrants.

  131. Jongatown - By Jongatown

    The frenetic activity of every walk of life plays out in an inclusive town.

  132. Sølvskygge - By Axon

    An apprentice is shown a rustic life of self-reliance, through the tutelage of her mentor.

  133. Wulfsbargen - By vonWulfsbargen

    The death of an heirless count results in the upheaval of a paladin’s life.

  134. Misthaven - By Oracle

    A land, blanketed in a mist, experiences the constant flow of travellers and industry to serve them.

  135. Settlement of Stoneforge Cavern - By Shamstone

    A beloved leader surveys his domain.

  136. Afmenede Merè in Maestral’s Rest - By Aleston

    An encounter with a mythic being from the sea leads to the founding of a dynasty’s home.

  137. Vexdell - By Cheshireone

    A scholar’s entry reveals the literary contributions of a bloody era.

  138. Daemon’s Stillborn Heart - By Zerocian

    A fisherman’s legendary catch brings a community into a cultish following.

  139. Elendor - By OrodNaur

    A waerd guides the tour of a city’s design, built to please the Two-Fold Queen.

  140. D'Evainn Braveridge County - By Sareseras

    A resident's lazy day is met with a literal call to adventure.

  141. Luna->Bordweall->Weristark->Atalyn's Rest -> Cirisdár - By Sazix

    A granddaughter’s desire for a special prize opens a window of memory for her grandmother’s long life.

  142. Rogue’s Hollow - By Razzle Dazzle

    A land’s haunting origin engenders a legacy of ghosts and eerie experiences.

  143. Ulvemåne - By Stelaphina

    A legendary wolf-mother births a pack that spans generations.

  144. High Hopes (Tales from the Talqamar) - By Quintero

    A scholar muses on a center of learning that is central to his city.

  145. A Cup of Cure – Folk Tale from the Metheglin Meadows - By _ac

    An ill father seeks to recover with help from a busy doctor.

  146. OCE - Arthay - In The Hands of Oceanus - By Alleykat

    Rulers make a pivotal decision at the climax of an age.

  147. The County of Felvasdyr - By AndrewMav

    A divisive feud between families jeopardizes the wheel of power and brings into question if there could ever be a deal or no deal.

  148. The Serpent of Sylvae - By Azzerhoden Razeri

    A monstrous serpent torments an otherwise sleepy realm.

  149. The Terran Wall - By Heathcliiff

    A god answers the prayer of a city in peril.

  150. County of Vigil: The Light of Hope - By Zachariah_Ardent

    An adventurer wandering a forest becomes lost and desperate for a survival.

  151. The County of Carabas - By Xaar

    A contentious pair argue on matters of legend and life.

  152. Lyfjaberg - By LilyofdaVeil

    A pair of womenn assess the nature of their realm.

  153. Grimst’s Dungeon Town - By PDT270

    The mastermind behind terrible obstacles reckons with his actions.

  154. Tenebrous - By Atlas Forgiven

    A county exudes renown.

  155. County of Ushïmaëlys - By Taymuraz

    A people journeys through the lore of the land.

  156. An Aetherdream - By ProfoundRice

    An irascible patron of a play dreams of adventure.

  157. Virtue - By Saebelorn

    An author ruminates on the divinity of earthen properties.

  158. Staghollow Watch - By KDraconis

    A town celebrates its endurance in weathering the challenges of Longest Night.

  159. Kernothia - By Starfire

    A mann’s clumsy encounter leaves him smoldering with affection.

  160. County Calethia - By Sunny River

    A womann’s tragic night leaves a town scarred.

  161. Lúður - By Lawetz Ironhard

    A community lays down the law.

  162. Kern’s Gate - By Terham

    An ancient figure completes his journey home.

  163. Gammrhafn - By eltaninsroses

    A sailor’s catastrophic crash in a harbor puts him in a world of trouble.

  164. City of Avidàr, Elderwood County - By Elderwood

    A mother and child observe a performance about a folk hero.

  165. The County of Grua’Caladh - By Diethra

    A fearsome monster terrorizes a community of hunters.

  166. Pacyengast - By The Bird Masked

    A writer reflects on a town’s obsession with a deity.

  167. City of Erat - By Crysnia

    A pensive mann’s meandering presents him an opportunity.

  168. Duchy Bloodheim - By Silver Heart

    A legend’s sacrifice expels a harmful king.

  169. Star’s End - By Lordnym

    Two menn perform a discrete exchange at a performance.

  170. Sha’harizi - By Kitlandria

    A group listens for their purpose in the tale of a mythic tree.

  171. City of High Dawnward - By MishkaRae

    A woman listens to her excited friend’s appeal for her to play Chronicles of Elyria.

  172. Ellylon - By kkillroyv2

    A kypiq womann answers a harrowing dare to steal a notable item.

Art Entries

  1. Dauntless County - By Adrien_Philippe

    An anchor wreathed in grain forms the crest of Dauntless County

  2. Kare Etling - By RedDoggybone

    A beefy archer invites your attention across a drawbridge, where the festivities take place.

  3. The holy County of Melonia - By Noxidius

    A looming pyramid sits at the heart of a coastal city.

  4. The Town of Fross | Skara Brae | The Anemoi - By pamuy

    Emblazoned atop a table is the symbol of a thick tree, a symbol that altogether is adorned with the implements of governor.

  5. A Sacrifice to Daemon - Town-Delving of Sarsenhal, County of Tarag-dûm - By Khazad

    Make s’mores like an inquisitor.

  6. Bergen's Folly, County of Siren's Shore, Duchy of Triteia, Kingdom of Vornair - By Daltaren

    A community persists alongside its flooded past.

  7. Mayor of Greenbear Corner - By Hermz

    The marriage of craftsmanship and nature is showcased in this photo album.

  8. Welcome to Your Future, to the Town of Name Pending - By Courier

    Paint home on this postcard depicting castles and contentment.

  9. Lautstark Basin - By Iosef

    A brick pathway arrives at the vista of a green valley.

  10. Some Far Away City in Sigrheimr, in the Vornai Kingdom - By Lucius_Darkchild

    Woven tapestries illustrate the values of a community.

  11. Imbrium Ridge - By Xuerou

    A flower overlooks a wagon’s entry into a cavernous hrothi delving.

  12. Darkcraven - By audreyfain

    Families gather in an esplanade.

  13. Corvus Vale - By Runebrand

    A wealthy pair, enriched with tankards of mead, mark this postcard.

  14. Belessard Hold - By Kastivi

    A river cuts through a valley in which a community built their homes.

  15. Verdantia - By Luminin

    Ornaments color the blended natural beauty of an Ironwood copse and the Kypiq community calling it home.

  16. Luna’s Rest, a Cartographer’s Early Depiction - By Hellmoon

    A map depicts a community, framed in by simple rods and bonding.

  17. Dawnmire - By HuldricFranconian

    Mountains slice through a sky of golden sunrise.

  18. Azmar - By Yukiona

    A dwelling overlooks a natural and verdant harbor.

  19. Rusicade - By ZookaV

    A stone bridge connects a town and road, spanning a wide body of water beneath a twilight sky.

  20. Cape End - By Vladriax

    A wide market street enters a brightly lit hour.

  21. Greycarver - By Phgil

    A physical sheet of leather gives dimension to the domain of a count.

  22. Twinburgh - By Winterlx

    A mathematical deep-dive culminates into the scale illustration of a delightful town.

  23. Sahai’nira County - By Daelyn

    A womann kneels within a secluded grotto.

  24. Karnst - By Bangalore

    Fireflies parade a park with a lone observer and tree.

  25. To’ran’s Rest - By Luminios

    A green shoreline experiences Elyria’s dawn.

  26. City of Hajimirshahr - By HajimeSaikou

    A city in a valley sits flanked by two rivers.

  27. Meitheal - By Rofus

    Birds fly above a clearing blanketed in fog.

  28. Delving of Argonne - By Mirae

    A road leads to a mammoth entrance built into the side of a cliff.

  29. Montbark Arye - By Vexia

    A map depicts a spralling community built on a network of rivers.

  30. Image of Heerklond - By Ronsard_Elsendor

    A map displays vignettes of a county’s features.

  31. Azkhar - By TIFA70

    Here hangs a gallery of domain crests, for all to see.

  32. Auchheights - By Zener Atlas

    Upon a table rests, unfurled, the map of a county.

  33. Vit Kanin - By AlphaWolfofthepack

    A cliff overlooks a serene and shoreside cottage.

  34. What Was, What Is, What Shall Be - By Dleatherus

    A map depicts a county adorned with various angles of geography and annotations.

  35. Faythe Cridhe County - By Aelwyn_Ceinwen

    An unfurled scroll described notable periods of a county’s accomplishments.

  36. Aimyà, Elderwood County Luna - By vopisk

    A market stall overlooks a body of water.

  37. Village of Vign’owls - By Zblexx

    A village bustles with activity under the watch of a mountain.

  38. Telaria - By Mecanie

    Settlements rise from the water, connected by a technological marvels.

  39. Aelena - By Quttar

    A creek runs through a town built on its edge.

  40. County of Faemist - By Dreamar

    Two panels display a county’s dock on a clear day and a fort during a light snow.

  41. The Seaside City of Maditl Raml - By Marrack

    From the desert ground spires a colossal hillfort by the sea.

  42. Cernunnia - By Turgon

    Light emanates from an ironwood copse that towers a forest-filled valley far below.

  43. Duchy of Krovahal - By Zyzax

    An aurora spans behind a domain’s map, dotted with pins.

  44. The Haverlands :) - By Rhysith

    Angelica, in a prominent space, overlooks a farming community’s herd, fields, and monument.

  45. Aingealîtúr Gorm - By Lodestone

    A tower hosts a blue flame.

  46. Logging Camp Out side Greypoint Village - By Greystones

    Stools sit beside a lit campfire beneath a starlit sky.

  47. Kamralis - By Reikan

    A journal’s annotations describe a village at the juncture of three roads.

  48. Aurora Beach - By Leonim

    A map’s legends describe a city’s zoning.

  49. Lower Hexrock/Blackbridge Valley - By Tyrgrim

    An armored figure approaches a city rising from a coastal cliff.

  50. Benetnasch Bastion - By MatrimCauthon

    Atop a mountain peak guards an indomitable fortress.

  51. The Founding of Zylphania - By Bombastus

    Smoke erupts around a mythic feathered beast, a beast that is punctured by a spearman who saddles it.

  52. Korinthos - By Gwyn

    From atop a ship, beneath the view of a colossal structure, a cat scans the sea.

  53. Image Cill Chainnigh - By Brayns

    An inferno rages behind composed warriors.

  54. Prismatia - By Sage_Alluvial

    The sky melds with the astral spread of four trees.

Past Deadline Contributions

  1. Mÿstmire Sanctuary - By BlackStork

    Enchanted calligraphy adorns a map of a city.

10/19/2019 2:51:20 PM #2

Wow, great job putting this together! Much respect!

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Nice job here.

Barony of Kern’s gate

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Thanks for your job!

10/19/2019 4:49:25 PM #5

Very well done. Thanks for time and effort.

10/19/2019 4:53:38 PM #6

Can't give enough thanks for gathering all the links into one manageable area, I've been itching to binge-read tons of competing posts!

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10/19/2019 5:05:34 PM #7

Thanks for putting that together! You probably saved the Devs a lot of time too.

Glad everyones enjoying the offerings. I've read a lot of fun stuff from you all.

See you next story!

10/19/2019 7:31:37 PM #8

Good stuff. Best of luck to everyone!

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10/19/2019 9:25:20 PM #9

Yep! A lotta great reads muchly enjoyed and likewise impressed.

@ Vaku ^.^ #respectandkudos again!



10/19/2019 9:47:46 PM #10

This is awesome!

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10/20/2019 4:03:13 AM #11

Damn, you were busy. And this is a great compilation.

Also, I just want to say about my own story, it's in my weakest writing style (a general story when I'm mainly a character writer, preferring to have two or three characters to bounce off each other) but I couldn't see any other way to write my idea, and I needed it out of my brain. Regardless, I'm not especially pleased with it.

Still, congratulations to the eventual winners, and thank you all for such interesting reading.

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10/20/2019 2:41:44 PM #12

I really enjoyed looking through this compilation. Great work Vaku!

10/20/2019 2:43:20 PM #13

You really got Osthelia down pat.

((Salvaged double posting ><))

10/20/2019 8:55:29 PM #14

This is really well done, consolidation must have taken a fair amount of time

10/24/2019 5:11:14 PM #15

Fabulous work! I don't guess you noted which servers each was on, when given?