[Show Us Your Domain] City of Hajimirshahr

This is my home, the city of Hajimirshahr (Hashirito) located in the County of Zhayedan, Duchy of Kilijan and Kingdom of Tylsia OCE.

Turco-Persian themed architecture to reflect the shrubland biome it resides in which is commonly found in Turkey, and what I perceive as similarities between the Waerd and Ottoman/Persian armour and weapons.

I did my best to recreate a similar geographical environment to where Hajimirshahr actually sits in CoE based on Map 7 and the DSS map.

.... and just for good measure, a very rough fly-by video of the County and City and a day/night and weather cycle just for the hell of it.

Edited: Wasn't happy with the initial quality so updated the images and added a second video.

10/8/2019 12:17:22 AM #1

Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.

11/4/2019 3:49:06 AM #2

A video? This is an overkill!

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