[Kingdom of Ashland][mayor of Lighthalzen]Looking for new recruit to the city

Hi everyone, this is the mayor of Lighthalzen; Laxze.

We are looking for new recruit who are interested in joining Ashland and doing survival related subjects in the game (such as: trading survival tools, making equipment, learning outdoor survival skills, herbs and resources collecting)

As we are focusing on survival subjects, the city will be closer to the boarder of the county. People can find different taverns and shops to do in the city. Outside the city, people can do adventures in groups, finding new resources and creatures.

We are trying to offer different renting station(therefore, you don't need to buy one) for people who want to do their jobs!!

These will include smithy, woodshop, tailor, and general stores. (Maybe more if more people are joining)

Location: the county of Sylitera.

City name: Lighthalzen

Biome: TBA

Contact : County Lucifer Durandal de Aeternus

Mayor Laxze

Vice Mayor Roarer

People who are interested or have any questions can pm me from the forum or go to the discord channel directly.

Settlement discord link: Lighthalzen Discord

County discord link: County of Sylitera

Duchy discord link: Duchy of Fioralba

9/10/2018 4:59:52 AM #1

Good luck with the recruitment, maybe someday i will be able to work in the woods around the city and beyond discovering all kind of things that may be usefull to make the city grow

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9/10/2018 9:55:55 AM #2

I will come Visit long as ya dont kill the messenger : )

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9/10/2018 9:53:23 PM #3

Welcome visiting us, Leafbinder :) and thank you Aritian

11/12/2018 9:36:15 AM #4

Nice page.

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11/29/2018 11:10:04 PM #5

Thanks Dyrnwyn

We are also looking for a scribe to work in our town, any scribe would be interested?? Please contact us by the discord link :)

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