[Show Us Your Domain] The Debate of Lighthalzen's future

“Hurry up, Joan.” ushered Lady Celestine, her woven silk dress fluttered; a merchant who decided to seize opportunities here, was the de facto leader of Neran immigrants of Lighthalzen.

“Yes, Lady!” cried Joan, cradling a bundle of parchment, struggling to keep up. Young and inquisitive, Joan is one of many aspiring adventurers that flock to Lighthalzen. Her enthusiasm impressed Lady Celestine, and she took Joan in as an apprentice.

“As newcomers, we are to keep a low profile. The Hrothi and Brudvir have much deeper roots here, and carries much clout. Pay attention to each speaker you see later. It’s people that make this settlement, not buildings.”

Joan nods frantically, her neck-length hair a matted mess on her face from all the running. Finally, they reached the Assembly Hall as a cacophony of noise greeted their arrival.

Inside, banners hung from the ceiling, but House Elleon’s, the city’s leading family, took centre position. Here, city leaders, clan heads and notable individuals convene after every city-wide expedition, to discuss what’s next. The Assembly was already underway. Fortunately, they arrived during a heated argument. All eyes were on Tesun, speaker of Clan Schrehn, finishing his proposal on centre stage.

“...the excavation of the aforementioned mines will provide the city with new source of minerals and metal, and will be an undeniable boon to us all. I therefore beseech you to provide the funds and manpower to assist, so that we may all benefit.”

“Your ancestral mines again, Tesun?” challenged a Hrothi. “This is the fourth Assembly we heard this!” the crowd shouted in annoyance. “Tesun the Stubborn, getting no support from his kin!” mocks a Brudvir on the other side.

“Order!” shouts Gannin, chairperson of the Assembly, as he strikes a bell.

“It is my duty to reclaim knowledge and secrets passed down from my ancestors.” Tesun retorted, unfazed by the verbal jabs. “Mines under your private ownership?” asks Chieftain Haalftr, rising to his full height. Sporting a half-shaven head, with broad shoulders draped in dryas elk fur, Haalftr cuts an intimidating figure. “Those are ‘knowledge and secrets’ owned by you! You expect us to labour for your personal gain?”

"Speaker Tesun,” all heads turned to Ciphas Elleon, head of House Elleon. “We honor Clan Schrehn’s contributions by giving you the right of first proposal. Regrettably, it seems you are squandering this privilege.”

Tesun gives a slight bow; Joan certainly couldn’t tell if he is ashamed. Ciphas turned to Haalftr, “How about your proposal, Chieftain Haalftr of Clan von Good?”

“The elks in the east are dwindling. As the winters grow more unforgiving, we must explore new hunting grounds.” He puffs out his chest, “My hunters tracked new game to the northwest.” The assembly murmured amongst themselves.

“All the more reason to establish our foothold there. Meat last long in the winter, and their fur will be just as useful to us.” Haalftr scratched his beard.

One of Tesun’s kin suddenly exclaimed, “Your Faedin belief to attain spiritual ascension through tougher hunt will only get yourselves killed! Don’t drag us into your hunting obsessions.” Three more strikes of the bell stopped the Assembly from descending into chaos.

Ciphas Elleon rubs his temples, “The northwestern region is prone to strong winds and sudden blizzards... Risky…..” The city’s most venerated Hrothi, Thane Glofftrim pursed his lips, “My prospectors discovered underground waterways running northwest, further exploration may yield suitable caves to provide shelter.”

Satisfied, Ciphas scanned the crowded, “Lady Celestine? Your thoughts are appreciated.”

"Thank you, my Lord. The chieftain’s proposal nicely tackles the food issue, and we could put eager explorers to good use. Mutual benefits to all parties.”

Ciphas nods, “Yes... fairly stated, I favor Haalftr’s proposal. Without venturing into the unknown, how can we learn?”

Tesun, still on centre stage, started to show annoyance. “How would this brute’s proposal benefit us? Ignore my proposal? We shall excavate our mines alone.”

Haalftr waved down his angry men, but Joan could feel the straining tension.

Staring down Tesun, Ciphas said “Your clan’s prospectors and dungeoneers are the best around; if your man join, I’ll petition to the Count granting you mining rights for the first mine we find. What say you?”

After a long silence, Tesun agreed, “Clan Schrehn shall be honored to lead.”

“Good.” exclaimed Ciphas, “This assembly is concluded. Lady Celestine, bring forth your caravan’s ordering list. Let’s see what we can get before the next expedition.”

As the crowd dispersed, Joan rushed towards Ciphas with parchments in hand while Celestine followed.

Thanks for reading all of it, and we welcome all to join us in Lux Verloren to thrive this town again :)

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