[Show Us Your Domain] County of Ushimaelys

The Land of Ushïmaëlys

The ancestors of our people smile upon us,
Our steeds ride swiftly across the plains,
And the spirits of the land kick up not a fuss,
Far and high from the frozen north,
A proud village of Brudvir once we came,
The people of Ushmel by the plague were forced,
To leave our homes and stride south,
In search of a land free of cold and death,
The spirits themselves did endorse,
Our people of Ushmel seeking new breath.

Into Sommerlund the people of the boats,
The death of Mann stalking the cities of the coast,
Ushmel to Tylsia we journeyed long afloat,
Travelled through the greenery of the land,
Seeking peace as generations passed,
Neran, Waerd and Kypiq all hand in hand,
From Ushmel to the Tribe of Ushimael,
Faces changed with skin turned dark and yet,
Our hearts still sung and ever remained fast.

Spirits of the ancients we continue to revere,
Teachings of the Great Queen we adopt,
Toward the great balance we now steer,
Seeking harmony in all life without loss of right,
Taking up the bow and downing our beer,
On shrublands plains we finally stopped.

The ancestors of our people smile without shame,
Our priests crying out the love of our queen,
The rolling grasses and great plains,
With rivers many and winding afar,
Abundance for horse and Mann alike,
We finally found a home to end our pains,
As the water broke upon the rocky shore,
It was with pride the family Zakâr,
The deep roots of Ürshaal did strike,
Mud and rock, Mann and horse,
The City of colours became our core.

Brightly painted and decorated walls and doors,
The colours of life reflected in the city,
Apricot, Peach and Pear blossoms adorn,
Cotton and silk reflecting the flowers throw shade,
From the blinding sun and howling wind admit we,
Shelter to live beside and love all that come,
Spices to silks to fruits the markets trade,
With the kindred Waerd across the waves.

The great castle of house Zakâr stands watch,
Solid and unassailable like the mountain faces,
The Monks of the books carve another notch,
Into the archives of the people now called,
Ushïmaëlys filling the mind in all spaces,
With Tae'asha'asra and the unity of all,
To the peak of the Library domes the scholars watch,
And out across the widest plains our heart races.

The ancestors of our people gaze down proud
Our bows singing as our enemies fall,
With horse and arrow we protect as vowed,
Family standing without fear together,
Bread and wine of fruits shared for all,
Each town upon the region walks alone,
Yet us the people linked in arm as one wall,
Into our future dreams we drive our herds,
Across the land through all weather,
Past the fields of barley growing with berries and rice,
Over rivers and plains to forests long grown,
To find and retread the once long spoken words,
So that the ancestors of our people can see it twice.