[NA-W] County of Osthelia

Basic Info

  • Server: NA-West
  • Kingdom: Kingdom of Ashland
  • Duchy: Grand Duchy of Sanctaphandri
  • County Seat: City of Avernus
  • Noble House: Crowley
  • Pledged Aristocratic Houses: Bjorne, Burgthor, d’Grey, Fernweh, Nosivire, Ludacski, Quimby and Vacatta
  • Pre Launch Focus: Establishing a tight-knit community that will thrive in a RP-Friendly environment.
  • Gameplay Focus: PvPvE (Moderate RP)
  • Biome: Lower Montane Forest
  • Primary Tribes: Neran and Hrothi
  • Religion: Virtori
  • Discord: County of Osthelia
  • Point of Contact: Count Andreas Crowley & The Ebonwing Court
  • Recruitment Status: Open - (Actively recruiting)
  • Open Settlement Slots: 1/10

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2/21/2017 10:35:57 PM #1

The City of Avernus

"For fools rush in where angels fear to tread." - Alexander Pope

All roads lead to Avernus in the County of Osthelia. The massive stone walls seemed to almost be chiseled from a mountain, but were masterfully crafted and gated in perfect access to the trade lines of the kingdom. Many sections layer the town, merchants and artisans, field hands and farmers, and the upper class, which is more medical students and minor aristocrats mixed with loan sharks. Even the lower income homes are crafted well, and protected from the harsh world around them. The city is patrolled by plenty of guards who make sure there is no issues inside the monstrous stone walls. Of course the more you pay, the better your surroundings become, with running sub-level aqueducts, from carved passages allowing natural streams to provide the city with life. The waters pass through the Sanitarium as well, which is at the edge of the city, overlooking a cliff side, where the water runs off. Though people who venture around still think the waters smell differently after passing into the Sanitarium.

Outside the walls, are plenty of forts, guard towers, and stations to limit threats to the surrounding area to the town, but in this world, nothing is truly safe. Even with guards there are deaths, out in the wilderness, where things some may consider unnatural to lurk. There are forests just passed the plains used by the farmers, and a gulch which was rumored to have been filled with blood after a massive battle. This gulch is surprisingly lush past the cliffs, where there are quite a bit of strange and medicinal herbs and plants. However anyone who entered there feeds the rumor of hearing voices, or clashes of battle, but no one else was present to confirm such a supernatural phenomenon.

Despite all the rumors and speculation there have been some rather gruesome deaths that have yet to be explained. Hunters seem to think it is some dire creature as what is left from the remains seemed torn asunder and the area of the attack has the scars to prove it. But the beast or beasts is never seen… some seem to think it is a plot to run people off the land, or to distill fear before some sort of invasion. But no one has any tangible proof from one theory or the other…

Andreas Crowley - Count of Osthelia, Lord of Avernus, and Head of House Crowley

About Us

The County of Osthelia is an adult gaming community founded in late 2016 by The Ebonwing Court. Led by the illustrious Count Andreas Crowley, we are a multi-gaming community that's full of like minded individuals that all share the same passion, Chronicles of Elyria. We pride ourselves on being a well established, drama free multi-purpose community that is very well respected throughout the Elyrian community. We have a wonderful, diverse crowd amongst our ranks, with players from all across the country. We strongly believe in a family first atmosphere here, and we are certain that this approach will lead to our success.

Our citizens take much pride in not only our gaming, but our role-play as well, so if you desire a well established, well respected county to call home, then read on and see if we are right for you! At this stage you are probably wondering if you should join Osthelia, am I right? Of course I am. You are asking yourself, 'But what can Osthelia offer me? What separates Osthelia from the rest? What will they expect of me?' Well, let me help you answer these questions.

What can Osthelia offer you?

Osthelia is a community, a family and we look after our own! We can provide you the safety to achieve your goals and ambitions within a dangerous world, whatever Town or City you are apart of. We aim to provide an everlasting experience, one of continual pursuit and accomplishment. Finally, Osthelia provides its members a say in all matters of concern.

What separates Osthelia from the rest?

Whilst many strive and hope to achieve the above, many simply lack the resources, pro-activeness and support of experienced members. Osthelia has an extensive network of resources and members within the County, Duchy and Kingdom, all exceptionally loyal to one another and working towards a common goal. We will provide an undying interest and excitement within CoE.

Is this county right for me?

If you are continuing to read this, then chances are you are at the very least, you are looking for a place to call home. Let's be honest, picking a community now in days requires a bit of effort, and I applaud you for taking the time to research us to ensure we are the right fit for you. Below is a small list of requirements and standards we expect from our citizens. Have a look over them, and if you like what you see and feel we are exactly what you are looking for, then I encourage you to continue to the bottom of this recruitment thread and click our Discord link in order to express your interest in joining.

What we require and what we expect

Loyalty, friendship and commitment to the values of our community. All we ask is that you abide by the Kingdom of Ashland’s Code of Honor as you enjoy yourself and become a member of this amazing community, while supporting your Duchy and Kingdom.

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2/21/2017 10:36:01 PM #2

The Ebonwing Court meets in a special room specially designed to house such an assembly. Though the walls are reinforced, that is not the special feature. The room uses a twin table set in the shape of horseshoes. Towards the center of the horseshoes openings is the podium constructed by the birds of prey that are on council. The podium and tables are hand carved from a polished Ebony wood. Though the podium got special treatment as it had each of the birds launching into flight constructing to the towering stand. Starting from the seventh seat, and slowly rising up like a phoenix being reborn, crowned with the iconic Crow. Each of the birds have gemmed eyes, and when looked upon it seems almost enchanting, though also seems to be as if the podium is watching them as well.

The inner table is for the actual council members, to sit and relax while the meeting takes place. The outer table, gives the assistant more room to set up papers, files, and libations for their ruler, and giving them access to the person’s ear for vital information. This room however is on three separate planes. The podium on the lowest section, the council’s table in the middle, while the assistants are on the high rise. Behind such are pillars carved especially for markers of the seat showing the birds of prey of the seat it is connected to, as well as providing cover from the sun, and any outside threat should there be one. The walls are laminated with a deep crimson with embedded silver etchings with a polished Ebony finished for the trim and panels.

The accused stands before the Ebonwing Court

The Current Layout of the Ebonwing Court, and Court Advisors. We still have vacancies!

We are striving to have one of the best Counties in Elyria, in order to make that happen, we believe every citizen in the County should have a way to be heard. That is why we formed the Ebonwing Court. Here is how it works.

The Ebonwing court, is a panel created by the various Barons, Mayor's, & gifted individuals, not to mention the Count himself. This group's duty is to give Osthelia their input in order to help develop a more prosperous county. Every seat comes representing their own respective city and is prepared to voice concerns that have been agreed upon by their city’s council, which is created by specific persons within the city of the Baron or Mayor in question.

During each session everyone is given a chance to stand in front of the Ebonwing Court, it is at this time they may voice the needs of their town, concerns of the county, or any ideas they may wish to share. Though every seated member is able to have a vote on the matters it ultimately falls on the shoulders of the Count with the guidance of the court to make the decision.

The County of Osthelia is currently led by the following individuals:

•First Seat - Count Andreas Crowley - City of Avernus

•Second Seat - Baron Alastair Bjorne - Stronghold of Yaeger

•Third Seat - Mayor Arion Burgthor - Hamlet of Mournstead

•Fourth Seat - Mayor Aspen d’Grey - Town of Bànholt

•Fifth Seat - Mayor Lorgenz Vacatta - Village of Seenenwald

•Sixth Seat - Mayor Kai Fernweh - Hamlet of Weldrick

•Seventh Seat - Mayor Jo'sa Quimby - Hamlet of Ellera

•Eighth Seat - Mayor Kisa Ludacski - Hamlet of Belladonia

•Ninth Seat - Mayor Nosivire - Hamlet of Athenia

Trusted Advisers to the Ebonwing Court:

• Mavericus Longo - Lord Justice of Avernus

• Modoni Crowley - Master Crafter of Avernus

• Lythiel Crowley - Grand Apothecary of the Alnwick Apothecary Society

• Locke Crowley - Chief Exchequeror and Commissioner of Commerce

• Garrett Hawke - Commander of the Crimson Wings

• Zathros Tirosa - Vice Commander of the Crimson Wings

• Arkady Zevrain - Steward of House Crowley and Functionary of the Ebonwing Court

• Paragon - Keeper of the Hall and Elder Council Member of Corvi Viatorem

• Quinnabeth Crowley - Lead Alchemist of the Alnwick Apothecary Society [Belladonia Branch]

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2/21/2017 10:36:07 PM #3

Agriculture - In order to have a successful agricultural program within our county we have decided to implement a few guidelines. First, each town, city, or stronghold should dedicate a small percentage of land to farming in order to be self-sufficient and to assist neighbor holdings during time of famine or drought. Due to the fact that strongholds will be the center of attention during warfare, they should also maintain a six month supply of additional food and resources to withstand potential siege.

There is a preference of food production over cash crop production. However, we understand that growing cash crops can also provide food and supplies via trade. If towns and cities wish to grow cash crops they can but still should dedicate some farming land to remain self-sufficient.

Alt text - can be left blank A typical small rural farm located in Osthelia

Husbandry - Up until recent history, with the invention of the diesel engine, every nation has relied on the power of animals. Horses for overland travel, donkeys to carry our burdens, oxen to pull wagons and plows. The various kingdoms of Elyria will be no different. Understanding this, the County of Osthelia is planning to support those that will dedicate their time to raising and training these animals.

Transport, labor, food, and war mounts, all of these will be necessary for our County to flourish and thrive. Please, ask us what our plans are, and let us know what we can do to help you succeed in this area. Together, we are stronger.

Guilded Leaf Holdings is the state-sponsored trading guild and central bank for the County of Osthelia. We are all of everyone's least favorite things: tax collectors, bureaucrats, and bean-counters. As the game becomes more complete and the mechanics and politics start to shake out more fully we will be opening recruitment to fulfill those needs, but at this early stage everything is too uncertain to make commitments on yet.


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2/21/2017 10:36:14 PM #4

“So you want to be a knight, do you boy…Well now let me tell you a story. I know…you don’t have long. Just here for a quick look then…poof you’re onto another page. This story won’t take long.” The old mann looks upon you with a face so scarred that you can’t even look at it for more than a second before you are forced to turn away. “Each of these scars tells a different story but the one I want to share with you is this one.” Slowing he lifts his arm and at that moment you notice that he doesn’t have a hand. Just a stump of flesh wiggling without any real direction or purpose. At this point you wish to just walk away but you can’t take your eyes off the remnant of a forgotten past. “This house behind me didn’t cost gold to build…no…it cost me a hand along with more blood then you can imagine. That is the real cost of business in Elyria and if you’re not willing to pay that then walk away, throw down that sword at your belt, and hide behind a wall. Let those who are willing to pay that cost fight.” With that said the old mann settles back into his chair and closes his eyes.

Osthelia is filled with thriving industries, rich commerce, and institutions of learning, all of which need protection from a world ruled by the sword. In order to protect those interests each of the five baronies of the County of Osthelia boasts a military order. Each of these cities/strongholds have a militia or town watch that a conservative adventurer might want to join to maintain a permanent home while engaging in both trade and defense. However fortune often follows the bold and if its glory, fame, or riches you seek then perhaps you would dare to join one of the more elite orders that call Osthelia home. All these military guilds focus on PVP, exploration, and defense.

The Crimson Wings are the personal guard for Count Andreas Crowley and are based out of the City of Avernus. These silent and elite soldiers are a mysterious and terrifying sight to behold. Little is known about how they were formed and how they can maintain their almost inhuman discipline. In peacetime they serve as Andreas’s personal guards and help defend the County. During wartime they serve as a heavy infantry and as shock troops. They are commanded by Garrett Hawke Crowley.

The Stronghold of Yaeger is a bastion of law and order formally housing the ancient people of Essa. Yaeger is currently located within the County of Osthelia, in the Grand Duchy of Sanctaphandri, and currently lead by Baron Alastair Bjorne. The militarized society of Yaeger specializes in the enforcement and administration of justice with a strong sense of loyalty and duty. It hails as one of the reserved armies in the province ready to defend at a moment’s notice. During non-wartime, the army is utilized as a police force comprised of civil & border guards, bounty hunters, detectives, forensic analysts, counter-terrorism, court judges, and much more. During war-time, the army specializes in nighttime operations, interdiction, bull-horn formation, and the modified phalanx. The use of agents for espionage remains standing in both war and non war times. Agents will embody strict principles, rules, and ethos. All of Essa is expected to have great discipline and strong moral righteousness.

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2/21/2017 10:36:20 PM #5

House Crowley

House Motto: "In Hora Corvus" (The Hour of the Crow)

House Sigil: The background is pitch black, with a spark of crimson under a purple etched in cauldron. From the cauldron erupts infernal green flames in the shape of crows. The sides seem to be hedged with what appears to be ivy down the sides to outline the whole banner, a statement bold about the age of its heritage.

As the tapestry of the honorable, and ancient hung over the mantle of the hearth, The crimson fitted leathers on a comfortable seat set beside the a table in the library. On the table, a book was parted, open and exposed. The tome was of Crowley’s ancestor… Maizel Crowley and his heroic rise from the rough mines, to an honored status in what is now the County of Osthelia. Andreas Crowley smirked, staring at the shelf dedicated to the tomes of his family… the next space would be for him.

His mind only lingered on that fact for a moment before he frowned. Who would write it, and what would they write about him? Would it be the new heights of the medical field? The darker and more secret parts of his life, kept under tight wraps as the dark arts are dangerous and taboo. His secret works under the iconic Sanitarium? Would all his achievements be shrouded in the darkness from which they came? Would they pale in comparison to his ancestors? Then his face curved into a grin. “ no… I will be remembered.” He said to the bookshelf. He grasped the tome of Maizel, and put it back in its resting place, then grasped his crow headed cane, and turned from the room. There was work to be done, to expand his name, and his research.

His house, this manor was so decadent from where his ancestors roots were from. The building has since been expanded on and grown much like the Crowley line. Seeming almost to withstand time incorporeal, he paused eyeing the build on his way out. Each new wing was due to some sort of need from a previous ancestor. Something as simple as the herb and plant garden encompassing the roof of the entry hall as an exquisite balcony. That was placed in due to Drathos Crowley, who modernized the alchemical station in the house, and expanded the storage to maintain it… he was considered to be the Alchemist. Though he only considered himself a pupil of his ancestors, his real muse was the plants and their darker traits.

Aside that was the Library addition, a spiraling tower where his current study resided. But under the library was the real addition, hidden under the foundation, caverns with plenty of space and spare room for experiments or dark arts… even dark tomes of knowledge. This was courtesy of Magnus Crowley, who took his name to heart, devoting his life to unlocking both spectrums of the arcane. Of course there were others, but he had to get to the Sanitarium and continue his work.

First Generation - The Rogue

Second Generation - The Alchemist

Third Generation - The Necromancer

Fourth Generation - ???


House Longo

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2/21/2017 10:36:27 PM #6

How To Contact Us

Feel free to post any questions or comments on this thread. If you wish to speak to someone through live chat, please stop by our discord server. (Click on the banner below)

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2/21/2017 10:36:33 PM #7


We wish to thank everyone involved with the development of this recruitment thread or any other projects we have going on at the present time. It truly is a Community effort. Although I do not wish to leave anyone out, a special thanks goes out to the following individuals:

1. Alastair Bjorne

2. Arion Tempyst

3. Arkady Zevrain

4. Aspen Grey

5. Awenita Whitetail - It should be noted that the outline of this recruitment thread was inspired by the County of Halvmåne's recruitment thread which can be found here.

6. Boromir Kikowszky - Artwork

7. Carina Morais - Artwork

8. Ebony

9. Eckhard Sunnhild

10. Erysa Isendale

11. Johnathan Shepherd

12. Kolvan Isendale

13. Lythiel Crowley

14. Maksim Kuznetsov - Artwork

15. Mavericus Longo

16. Sarhol Feldarr

17. Sen

18. Silian Crowley

19. Troojan Crowley

20. Unaa Morgenstern

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2/21/2017 11:35:50 PM #8

I would advise against joining any harems if you wish your heart to remain in your chest.

Welcome to Osthelia. smiles

2/22/2017 12:38:35 AM #9

All counties in the Kingdom of Ashland get the support of the Order of the Blue Rook. We will be starting in the same Duchy, so we hope to be operating within this county earlier than most others.

Great post FYI. I'm a little jelly of the Artwork.

2/22/2017 12:47:18 AM #10

Great job with the new post Crowley, I can't wait to see the new family crest too.

2/22/2017 1:26:31 AM #11

I would suggest replacing all my work on your sites for a clean break. To the new artist: AWESOME work! love it.

2/22/2017 1:45:43 AM #12

Thank you everyone for the well wishes!

2/22/2017 1:50:52 AM #13

I'm here to congratulate on your new post and to thank everyone for positive comments on my artwork :)

2/22/2017 2:53:30 AM #14

I love the new artwork!

2/22/2017 2:31:23 PM #15

Thanks once more for the compliments! I'm now free to answer any questions anyone may have about joining.