[NA-West] Mirrorvale - Chasing Steampunk since the 8th Century


County Motto: Bringing About The New Age Of Reason

Server: NA-West

Kingdom: Riftwood

Duchy: The Osarian Accords allied duchy of Ksana

County: Mirrorvale

Biome: Tropical lowland Rainforest Costal (moulthfull) up next to the Swamps of Blackheart

A new age of wonder is coming to Elyria, fashioned by the harnessing of nature, the works of Mann, and the Aetheric forces that connect every Elyrian to their immortal soul.

The goal of Mirrorvale is simple: Let no one, be they Gods, Royals, or Laymen, stand in the way of bringing high magic back to Elyria.

Pursuits of Mirrorvale

Medicine and Alchemy

Mirrorvale strives to be a leader in Medicine and the Alchemical. This means constant research into better ways to heal wounds, be it through mysticism, mundane medical idea, or alchemical concoctions. If you are looking to cure the ails of Elyria through restorative methods, then look no further than Mirrorvale.

Of course a balanced world is not without destruction, nor is it without those who would wish harm upon those who seek higher knowledge. Thus Mirrorvale also seeks to discover and employ the more destructive side of medicine and alchemy: Poisons, explosives, bio-weapons, and other creative tools of destruction. So if you seek to cure the ails of Elyria through more destructive means, then look no further than Mirrorvale.


The Craftworks will design and build an assortment of marvels, from fine blades and siege weapons, to some of the first truly mechanical creations in Elyria. We’ll do so by creating, incorporating, and reappropriating the best mechanical designs from all across Elyria for our creations. Of course, we will also make mundane items, but our aim is to be known for the clever devices that make medieval life a little bit more interesting. That is the way of Mirrorvale.

The General Everything

Mirrorvale strives for balance, so every profession has a place in here. While we do wish to focus on growing herbs and housing interesting, and sometimes deadly, wildlife, we will not, as a county initiative, be extensively developing food or livestock as trade goods. We welcome anyone to the county that wishes to do so, but the primary goal with our food industry is to feed the people of the Mirrorvale so that they can continue their great works.


Legends speak of a time when magic was common in Elyria, where wondrous arts were practiced by all and artifacts were everyday items. Mirrorvale sees the loss of such wonder as unacceptable, and is dedicated to bringing it back to Elyria. We seek to understand the mysteries behind the gods and the power they grant their followers. To seek lost knowledge and items of power. To find a way back to the lost realms of Elyria: The Astral Plane, Karcion, and Old Haven. To ensure the security of Mannkind in Elyria, against any power that might seek to subject, subsume, or annihilate us.

The Institutions and Settlements of Mirrorvale

The unique aspects of the County and it’s vision are evident in the many settlements it stands together with , Mirrorvale would be nothing without the many groups that find our brand of fringe science and commitment to the Arcane inspiring and have settled in with us for this grand adventure. Please spend some time and learn about these wholly singular locations and those that call them home.


Parallax is our county seat, and the home to the Halls of Incidence, a University that trains the citizens of Mirrorvale, and The Craftworks, the center of engineering and artistry, Parallax stands as Mirrorvale’s “college town” displaying wonders created from across the county of by attendants of the University, and housing market streets with the type of shops that boast a disclaimer and waiver on patrons seeking entrance.

Halls of Incidence University

Whether you are an aspiring doctor, an alchemist, an artisan, or an engineer, at one point or another you will likely find yourself among the Halls of Incidence. Here we strive to discover and understand the many secrets of Elyria, be it the more mundane ways to better treat wounds and process metals, or more miraculous powers thought long lost to Mann. With this goal in mind we promote interdisciplinary research, mixing mysticism, science, and engineering to accomplish feats never witnessed before on Elyria.

The Craftworks

Where the Halls are in charge of learning, The Craftworks are in charge of fabrication and production, as well as research into improving both. As the center of industry in Mirrorvale, the Craftworks is the place to visit if you’re a scholar looking to have a prototype made, a merchant looking to have an order filled, or even just a tourism looking for a wondrous souvenir to take home. The Craftworks also seeks those interested in supply and logistics to keep Mirrorvale running, and the science moving ever forward.

The Sanctuary of Mercy


Nestled within the great county of Mirrorvale within the honorable duchy of Vandiir, is the town of Mercy. Known to many as a religious epicenter, she offers many services and paths that make her unique and inspiring. Within Mercy is the Sanctuary, a chance within Vandiir to avoid the harsh reality of capital punishments for small non-violent crimes and a place to seek safety from those that would do you harm. A fresh start awaits all who enter her walls. An honorable path lies ahead for those interested in the Arcane arts, the practice of medicine, and the path of religion. All religions, walks of life, and professions are welcome within the walls of Mercy. Join us today under the brilliant Elyrian sun!(edited)

Town of Dystane


The town of Dystane embraces the Darkest aspects of Elyria, shaping them to the benefit of others. Here, we do not cower in fear of our hidden desires, instead choosing to use them for the betterment of mannkind. We strive to answer life's darkest questions using whatever means necessary, for some questions can't be answered in the light. Just as we strive to bend the darkness to reach our goals, we use the evil inside us to do good as well, curing disease and healing the wounded. Even those who have been cast aside by society are welcome within our walls, for the natural darkness inside you can be put to use. And still, we strive to understand our world and the universe around us, for just as light is celebrated, so too, should darkness. Welcome all, to Dystane.

County Leaders

Count Blackshoes

Family Crest:

Count of the Mirrorvale, who runs the Halls of Incidence - the University at Parallax, and administrates many of the county's “special projects”. Count Blackshoes is rumored to be from an old family, no one can quite decide which one but a Blackshoes has been around as long as Mirrorvale itself. When he is not running the county affairs he can usually be found tinkering with a newly designed piece of an experiment, or assisting with surgery.

Viscount Arenaceous

Second-in-command of Mirrorvale, a scientist, philosopher, and tunnel rat. Likely to be involved with more subterranean pursuits, seeking lost treasures and undiscovered resources for use in research, be it new minerals or never before discovered flora and fauna.

Recruitment Status

Mirrorvale is always looking for interesting people, packages make little difference to us in Vandiir, if you are interested in being a Citizen, a Mayor, or something else entirely, you should join our discord and say hello. We are open to anyone who made it through the description of Mirrorvale and thought "Cool stuff, I want to be an aspiring Mecho-Mage/Mad scientist". Our overall vision is to "Stonepunk it until we are steampunking it". For those in the scientific pursuits: We do expect the use of the scientific method to properly record discoveries and ensure their repeatability.

The Duchy of Vandiir

It is my personal belief that Vandiir is an amazing place to settle down in this game, please check my signature for links to take a peek at everything that the Duchy of the Vandiir can offer you!


County of Mirrorvale

County Discord: Alt

County Website: www.Mirrorvale.Com.

Forum post for the Duchy: Ak

Duchy Discord Channel: Ak

Duchy Web Page: www.Vandiir.Com

Welcome to Mirrorvale (WtM)

A webcomic made by me, take a look and learn about my characters great, great, (great?) grandfather (and what a crafty SOB he was), and learn about our Counties history. Ak

12/14/2016 2:16:56 AM #1

This sounds amazing, love the focus on tech and Alchemy. Had I stayed at the Baron level I would be hitting you up! Here's to some future fruitful dealings between our counties!

12/15/2016 6:05:53 PM #2

Absolutely, a single county does not a Elyria make!

I would love to talk to absolutely anyone about Mirrorvale's post graduate Animist program.

Basically we send fully trained Animists (one part Indiana Jones two parts Dr. Quinn medicine woman) out into the world to become traveling healers in nomad wagons collecting exotic (well exotic to us) herbs while they visit the lands of Elyria and treat the sick, also acting as the school's (and to a degree Mirrorvale's) ambassadors.

Their goals are to gather exotic samples of flora/fauna while they scout out duchies/counties/cities that are willing to rent space for the order Anima to import for sale (not unlike merchant warehouse storage that will most likely be negotiated all over the kingdoms already) any advanced tech we generate and house enough Animists to administer health care to the location's population.

Contact me through forum mail or our discord to allow us to negotiate travel passes for the Animists or the prospective construction of an Animist Center in one of your towns/cities.

1/1/2017 11:45:39 PM #3

Would love to welcome Father Ghonel, who will be giving Mirrorvale spiritual guidance, and Specialist Nightfyre who is definitely not heading up special task force unicorn.

1/3/2017 8:25:51 PM #4

Bump for a unique and awesome County! Join the Discord and make history... in Elyria!

1/4/2017 12:15:33 AM #5

Thank you for the vote of confidence =)

Some recent notes of things planned which I should update this post with soon:

Mirrorvale is working with other school organizations in Ashland for a meetup every real world month or two, (which should be every 4 or 8 in game years) of some of the major research and education groups in Ashland to do a hosted tournament that shifts from school to school every cycle, we are shooting for something more akin to an intellectual fair with Indiana Jones style treasure hunting and gambling tournaments mixed in to gather everyone in one place so we can crosstrain knowledge, show off inventions, potions, and generally have a big boost to whichever School or Research Center is hosting the affair.

1/5/2017 8:07:46 PM #6

Totally not a member of STFU.

1/7/2017 6:17:21 PM #7

@wondergirl Tottally,

Also everyone I have created a Web Comic here: Called welcome to Mirrorvale, it starts with my character's ancestor in the start of the 6th century of Elyria and will eventually explain what the County is about; I hope to keep putting out chapters until launch and then possibly start doing chapters based on NA-W as the world develops!

Stop by and let me know what you think!

1/17/2017 8:58:09 PM #8

The 11th was a momentous day, our Ruler King Sev has paid off his layaway and officially become the second Kingdom on NA-W!

Congratulations were given and the County officially recognizes this day of January the 11th as a school holiday, as education is fun, and fundamental, class schedules will continue but, "Rulers and Ramen day" as it will known shall be a day of free drinks at the University co-op and bar!

1/18/2017 1:17:53 AM #9

This truly is a unique approach to a county - I absolutely wish yall the best of fortunes and some other mushy stuff =]

1/26/2017 4:38:06 AM #10

Thank you!

Also for everyone interested I'm updating the post with the Org chart for the County as it stands, I'll expand it as more people decide to chase the primrose path of Steampunk and Arcana with us in Mirrorvale!

2/26/2017 2:46:12 AM #11

Shameless bump for my needy Count =p

3/10/2017 3:59:59 AM #12

Most likely going to work on splitting this post next week with this post focusing on Mirrorvale as a county and the offshoot containing a large chunk of the content from here and focusing on the city of Parallax, the university and possibly a third for the guild and organizations.

I will also be putting up a specific post for STFU - Special Task Force Unicorn, and explaining what the f* that actually is all about, as I have been shady as all hell about talking about it since my original post/to people in discord.

3/10/2017 2:43:35 PM #13

Every so often I find myself drawn to this thread, the idea is very "unique" much like this game we are all looking to play. I look forward to day that I can visit Mirrovale in-game. ^^

4/7/2017 12:04:42 AM #14

Ok so website for the County (n'more) is almost up at I had some web space laying around and got my second wind, spurred on by the impending promise of land selection on the horizon.

5/1/2017 7:20:02 PM #15

Definitely loving the new website. I can tell you put in a lot of hard work with it buddy.

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