NA-W County of Fortis Militis

Triple County of Para Bellum

Kingdom: Riftwood

Duchy: Ksana Capital City: Acies

Hello and Welcome all potential citizens of Para Bellum

Who we are

Para Bellum is a primarily military-focused county, but as with any county, we understand the necessity of non-military pursuits. Pursuits such as science, economics, crafting, and farming, as strong military relies not only on its soldiers, but also its supply lines.


The foundation of our military is the Para Bellum Military Academy, which will organize and fund the education, training, and gear allotments of our troops. Being a military academy, enrollment will require a commitment to serve in our military for a period of time. This commitment will be contractually enforced. Included in this are regular mandatory training exercises to keep our soldiers sharp and battle ready. Of course we do not expect our soldiers to do this for free, so in addition to training and outfitting, all soldiers are regularly paid. In times of peace these soldiers will patrol our roads and borders, ensuring peace and stability. In times of war, well, they will do what is necessary to defend the sovereignty of our county and the sovereignty of our duchy.


Science is an important aspect to any society and Para Bellum is no different. We strive to advance our military and logistics technology as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our aim being to have the most advanced equipment available to Mann to better defend ourselves and our allies. This includes both Research and Development to improve the technologies we already have and discover entirely new ones. As well as research expeditions to find new materials for our researchers and artisans to work with.


  • Trade

    Even now our diplomats and leaders are working on trade deals across the Duchy and beyond. While specifics will depend on our placement and who are neighbors are, we are working with a wide range of leaders and traders to ensure our crafters have access the best materials at fair prices.

  • Crafting

    As a military county, crafters will be in high demand. From armor and weapons to consumer goods and shoes, Para Bellum is looking for all kinds of crafters to supply and maintain our forces. For crafters of particularly high skill level we even offer tax breaks as an incentive to join us.

  • Land Use

    We plan to allocate land based on specific economic purpose to better organize our economy and prevent unnecessary waste. This includes industrial zones, warehouse districts, agriculture zones, and more. We also seek ideas for sustainable farming practices for quick, but stable growth.

The Leaders

Count Bellum

I'll give it to you straight, I'm an honest person. You play straight with me and we won’t have any problems. I have an open door policy, and I’m willing to listen to all ideas that you feel will make the community better and help it grow. That doesn't mean I have time to listen to every idea, so please try to keep it to your best ideas only. As your leader, I will do everything in my power to help you succeed. I expect the best from my citizens, just as you expect the best from me. I believe my people are the best and if any foreign or domestic problems arise I will stand with you.

Viscount Pangu

I'm a meta/power gamer. I focus entirely on how to efficiently play a game, and the best way to win. Creating SOP's and studying new forms of efficient gaming is what I find enjoyable. As a leader I will be there for domestic pursuits and secondary military leadership, providing my counsel and abilities as best I can. I will be there to help manage community ideas, planning, and implementation. I will be here to assist Bellum as advisor and second in command of the county to handle all affairs and paperwork. Feel free to message me with any inquiries or ideas. I believe our mission for military might and strategy is the right way to excel and I'm excited for our citizens future.

So if you’re a solider looking for a professional order to train and equip you, a scientist looking to protect those who serve or destroy those were would serve against us, or a trader, farmer, or craftsmen looking to support military goals; Look no further than Para Bellum.

My Mayors

Settlement of Iliden

Settlement of Lothelas

Settlement of Pugna

Contact information

If you want to get involved, join the following:

Ailomas Accord

County of Para Bellum

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Very nice post! I really like the crest!

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Succinct and straightforward with a clear focus, very nice.

I have to agree, the crest is gorgeous.

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