Official Content Creation Guidelines


If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in creating content involving Chronicles of Elyria, or maybe you’d like to know our stance on the matter. Either way, the following information is here to equip you with the knowledge you need to create videos, blogs, graphics and more, while staying on-brand for yourself, and without violating our terms of service and user generated content guidelines. These guidelines do not replace our existing terms of service.

The TL;DR? You, a content creator, can create reasonably tasteful content using our game content if you don't charge money for it. By creating content that utilizes our brand, likeness, or in-game content, you are agreeing to the following terms and are granted a limited license to use our content.

The community has already made awesome content, and we want to enable you to continue to create cool things!

So here are a few guidelines in regard to creating content involving Chronicles of Elyria.

Community content is community content. The content you create is guided by your own creative vision. We’ll never claim you endorse us without your consent. Likewise, you shouldn't claim to be officially affiliated with Soulbound Studios, either.

Non-commercial use. If you run ads on your YouTube video, or you bring in revenue via Twitch subscriptions or donations (or via a similar service), that’s okay. Outside of those examples, you can’t make money off of Chronicles of Elyria or our brand imagery. This includes games or mods of third-party games and paid physical merchandise (t-shirts, toys, etc.).

Logos and official imagery. If you use our logo, official brand imagery, or in-game content, you need to clearly state that you are not a part of Soulbound Studios, and you cannot alter the Soulbound Studios or Chronicles of Elyria logo in any way. Please refer to our brand guidelines for more information.

Be kind to each other. We won’t tolerate harassment or abuse in any way, and that includes user generated content.

Give credit where credit is due. If you made an original graphic for your content, great! Don’t use other content creator’s stuff without their permission first, including content outside of the CoE community (Deviantart, for example).

We want to ensure you have the freedom to create cool things, but we reserve the right to revoke your limited license to use our game content at any time without having to give any specific explanations.

More often than not, it’s probably because we think the content is used in a way that could hurt the player experience. If we revoke your limited license, you’ll have to stop using our content in your projects. These guidelines are subject to change at any time.


Q: What can I create under these guidelines?

A: Free fan websites or fan apps, personal avatars, cosplay costumes, forum signatures, unofficial translations, wiki content, player-to-player art commissions, streams of your gameplay on Twitch or a similar service, free comics, novels, or other adaptations based on Chronicles of Elyria, assuming the content is not restricted by an NDA.

Q: What’s not okay?

A: Games using our content or services, paid content or commercial products, paid websites or apps, paid physical merchandise (t-shirts, toys, etc.) based on Chronicles of Elyria, used for commercial profit.