An item that prevents death from aging

(Firstly I just wanna say im pretty new here and I have read many posts and I really like the community and where its going)

I know the whole idea about this game is to eventually die and be reborn, that is also how the company can also sell another spark and get around aswell.

But having that said, it would be cool if this world had some kind of item/magic/power allowing you to have eternal youth, you can still die but not from aging.

Even if this item keeps your character from aging it would still consume spirit so you would eventually need to buy a new spark to sustain your life in the body.

Maybe even reseting your skills after you consume a new spark just like a death from age/kill, but your character would remain in its old body with the same age/look and name if he/she has this "power" that presumeably would be very rare to obtain and sought after.

Just like in many fantasy worlds enternal youth exist but mostly at a cost (maybe evil sacrifices) or other means to drain energy and so on.

Just wondering how the community would think about something like this?

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SBS has already hinted at an artifact that would do something like this. I believe it would essentially turn off the aging death and leave everything else active. Could keep a counter of how long you have lived past when you would die of old age and just give you a perma death on your next death or something.

They have also hinted strongly to Liches being a thing and also vampires. They would also of course have their own positive and negative effects but should also be immune to death from old age.

Not great at setting up links however but I'm sure someone else will.

10/13/2017 12:53:16 PM #2

I think it would be fair to say that this should be available after having lived and died atleast 1 or 2 normal character lives. So your soul is more experianced about the "reincarnation".

Thank you for the fast reply Hellhound its good to know they already have similiar plans.

Maybe like you said it could drain from the spark of your next life or the one after that making you live 3 lifetimes on 1 character.

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I'd hope this would be the Philosopher's Stone.

Adding the Legends of the old Alchemists would be plenty interesting. I'd love to essentially be racing the other Alchemists to see who can be the first to discover the Philosopher's stone and attempt Chrysopoeia.

10/20/2017 11:15:30 PM #4

I personally am totally against Artifacts that grant Eternal Life, that should be left as a quest for those that want to peruse that type of life. However I am for an Artifact that can roll back time upon use to perhaps 18-20 while keeping your same skills (One Time Use). And I am for an Artifact that can slow aging for one lifetime, say instead of 100 years of age you can live for 120 or so, however this may need more thought since it will effect the need for Sparks of Life and will effect Income to SBS. However since it also will be rare and only one or two players will ever be effected, it may not be so bad in the long run.

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10/21/2017 2:12:27 AM #5

I thought of a "fountain of youth" idea that would mimic the mechanism of the one in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie where you have to sacrifice another's time or something.

There has to be a huge demerit so people hesitate to take your item.

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10/21/2017 1:48:37 PM #6

Becoming a lich king (oops that experiment went wrong......with a evil voice but it went so right ha ha ha), Vampire (oh god why am i here in a cave i remember walking home at night....i'm so thirsty mmmm what's that smell so nice).

being that its low fantasy you can just thing of many others or how's with your life being longer then a normal mann. Being a Hunter of supernatural beings what a glory's life but one of loneliness thing's that you see with your eyes wanting no other mann to see those horrors.

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IMO something like this should have "negative" side effects (I use quotes because different people might not find them so bad), such as turning into a Lich or being mistrusted or even hunted by NPCs. You would occasionally have to move around and change your identity to avoid being exposed as...whatever you are. You're tampering with the natural order of things, and that tends to freak others out.

Image if in our world someone never died of old age. There have been several stories written on the subject and they don't end well. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, just that there should be some side effect to it, whether it's part of the process or just how others react to it.

10/26/2017 7:48:42 PM #8

I had the same ideia today! It would be cool tho

I 'm sooooo hyped for this game! :)

11/7/2017 6:16:38 PM #9

Hi another newbie here. I have playing warhammer fantasy for a few years. And I was reminded of that lore when I saw the magic page in the wiki. Since this game has magic and evil alignment, I think there will be some kind of dark magic, that will prevent you from dying like warhammers vampire lore (necromancy). I also bet the devs won't share information about that and hide the possibility in the game. Since it would not be fun if everyone tried to find a way to live forever. Personally I think magic can pose a threat to the world as a whole, maybe even leading to witch hunts. that would be fun for all of us who don't have a talent. :)

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11/7/2017 6:32:59 PM #10

SBS has said that there are Relics and Artifacts to be found. Some will have a single power, sone might have multiple powers. These powers might be active already, or they might be locked away requiring research to find out how to unlock and use the power. These powers might be helpful or harmful in nature, who knows. Many of these items will scattered across the land wsiting to be found. Some might lying in plain sight, seen by hundreds or thousands everyday as they go about their lives. Who knows where these items will be, or what they can do. But enough with the rambling, yes, there might be such an item that could be used to extend your life.

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11/10/2017 5:58:59 AM #11

I think there would be tons of negative effects associated to this. You might never stop aging even though you never die from old age. You might get an "evil" appearance, you might be shunned from civilization, forced to live on the outskirts and prey on travelers. Being hunted by law enforcement and players. Have quests appear that specifically target you. I love this idea, and it should be extremely rare!

11/23/2017 6:24:18 AM #12

There should always be a significant reason not to use such an item. It should be a difficult decision for the possessor.

11/23/2017 3:26:43 PM #13

Well, if you manage to become a lich and put your soul in a phylactery let me know. Of course, your body will begin to decay. You won't be able to have kids at that point. You'll be some skeletal monster and other Elyrians will hunt you. Well, that's if Liches will exist in Elyria~ I also wonder if the phylactery with the soul in it is destroyed would that mean you'd need to start with a new soul? Hmm..

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11/23/2017 6:57:51 PM #14

Yes, the Lich gives you the most power so it would only make sense it costs you a whole soul.

Vampires, you continue to live by sucking other people's souls, basically taking fractions of their game time to give yourself more. People will resent that and try and kill you.

11/23/2017 7:56:56 PM #15

Posted By Hellhound_40k at 2:48 PM - Fri Oct 13 2017

SBS has already hinted at an artifact that would do something like this. I believe it would essentially turn off the aging death and leave everything else active. Could keep a counter of how long you have lived past when you would die of old age and just give you a perma death on your next death or something.

If you are thinking about the artifact that gives immunity against everything expect fire I believe it's still up in the air if it gives immunity to aging; getting wounded and growing old are technically different concepts after all (unnatural vs natural and external vs internal).

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