[NA-e][Aechena] Diar, County of Merchants and Crafters


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• Promote programs and services to our citizens that enhance their profitability, productivity, and overall success.

• To work collaboratively with the community to prevent crime and disorder, as well as, enforce the laws of Vornair and the Conclave of Aritaur in order to provide a safe and secure environment for all citizens of this great county.

• Enhance the ability for all to reach a standard of living they seek. We do this with the promise that will preserve the integrity of the natural environment, assist in the building structured neighborhoods, and modernization of any sought-after goods and services.

General Info, Government and Beliefs

The Diar people, in spite of their counties namesake, live a peaceful life in a lush garden filled landscape. They spend their days filled with the pursuits of wealth. They are a feisty tribe who have braved the Eastern Vornair winds and set a home in the valleys of the rocky mountain steppe.

They believe in simple governance that considers six divisions of ethics: sustenance, security, finance, political, knowledge, and skill. With each of these ethics, a high commander leads a group of dedicated Vorn people in the name of the Duchess of Avitaur.



Aureate Scouts

Aureate Scouts spend the days hunting, timbering, or mining. They are highly skilled in the arts of axe wielding. Blending easily into the tall trees these dangerous stalkers find it easy to take down even mightiest of the Diar’s predators.

Crimson Core

The Crimson Core Members spend their time mostly woodworking, blacksmithing, bow crafting, ax-making or leather-working. Their labors are the pride of the Vornair and feed the materials necessary to sustain the county. It is also Crimson Core, funded by house Drednir, who maintain the designs of transport and for the machinations of warfare known as siege. These large pieces of equipment are what help keep the county prosperous.

Jaded Brigands

A highly sought after role in the county is that of Jaded Brigand, whose craftsmanship is valued from afar. They open shops or travel great distances in caravans just to sell their Diar county wares to the Vornair people. They value the intricate details in their work adding filigree and etchings where no purposeful need for it exist other than to show pride in their work. They are tough negotiators and find it easiest to do business over a pint of stout brew or with the sharp edge of the hatchet against a potential customer’s neck.

Ebon Paragons

The Diar people see very little value leaving the clutches of their homelands and avoid outside conflict whenever possible. Diar citizens, bound by fealty to House Aritaur, are no stranger to warfare, they fill the ranks of the duchy army whenever the call is made and defend the borders of Vornair with a fierce passion. They are deadly and sometimes frenzied bunch of warriors. During long campaigns many of the Ebon ranks will fall behind and take the controls of siege equipment their county is so well known for. However, the duchess is not always in the need of such gallant warriors, and in times of peace, the Ebon Paragons provide local support to defend their homelands and secure that which is rightfully theirs. They will offer themselves up for guard duty or assist with building defenses within the duchy.

It is from the Ebon Paragons that the Holy Shields of of Virtue are derived. It is these few who were selected to spend time training with the duchy's elite Virtorian Military Academy.

Celestial Order

The Order are known for their search of all truths in the world of Elyria. The success of any civilization can be measured by its peoples’ progress intellectually, theologically and socially. This is the focus of a small group of devout believers whose soul exist to find the ways to makes its people better through community building, spiritual enhancement, and enlightenment. They tend to hone their skills of the bardic talents such as music and art but can also be found dabbling in a few craft skills such as apothecary. Many of the Order look to the heavens acquiring their insights by studying the stars, while others keep their head level and study that which is sacred to all Diar, the spirit of life. It is from the ranks of the Celestial Order that song bards are derived, a few individuals who's life work is spent spreading the word of the Creator through psalms of the Virtue.

Tyrian Furies

Cloaked in silence, their mission known only to a few, these resilient individuals do what others could not fathom. The Fury walk the line of right and wrong in an effort to bring balance to the land. This requires the acts of subtle tactics, crafty negotiations, or simple gains of credible information that none other could obtain. The Fury spend their days patiently waiting for opportunity to present itself, and then use this encounter to acquire successful outcomes for the county. Accomplishment of "diplomatic" endeavors is how their accolades are presented, but some say that the Fury is nothing more than a corrupt shadow organization for the deviant elements of the society.

Order and Culture:


The Virtori faith rings throughout Diar county, a calling upon them by the creator to protect the land as the Shields of Virtue. From first inspection, this boisterous tribe appears greedy. Many would develop a misconception that they believe the wealth of the land is meant for them and them alone, however their deep bond to Vornair would tell a different story. They value money only to better their skills and feed their various vices such as drinking dark porters and feasting. Their true purpose is to be able to stand proud to their Creator on their day of returning to the Akashic Records.


Rituals of Diar County:

Upon the completion of each forty-year period, gathering in Vaecors Breth, the Diar tribes will celebrate Uelveki Hamarr. Translated to the rite of the Wolves Bite, an adopted ritual from the northern Brudvir tribes of Vornair. It's a ritual they learned by the Diar people's ancestors who migrated down from the northern part of the kingdom.

The celebration is a method for anointing the Diar's best to higher positions. Uelveki Hamarr elevates the finest Scouts and Brigands to Core and Paragon respectively. Selected individuals can forego their life in the wilderness as Aureate Scouts or Jaded Brigands and return to the sanctuary of their settlements. This process requires them to cede their ax, or wolf’s claw, in favor of the hammer, the wolf’s bite. This ritual is offered to the Aureate Scouts and Jaded brigands whose elevated status becomes Ebon Paragon and Crimson Core respectively. The other two divisions known as Order and Fury promote from within; so attend but do not directly involve themselves in the ritual of Uelveki Hamarr.


Way of Life

In the heart of the Conclave of Aritaur, far from the heart of the duchy's capitol is a resource lush county called DIAR. Its expanse of alpine and stone covered vistas are home to the community of resilient Brudvir and Hrothi. They are both fierce and frenzied warriors who take pride in defending the their realm... On the wind can be heard their war chant.

“Eternal sleep is only getting closer. Every blink a chilling haunt of Winter.”

The thin air of this northern region makes it nearly uninhabitable by most southern tribes, but the Diar people have adapted through the years and find it quite pleasant. In particular they have grown impressive; evolving through many generations of intense hard labor and war... The Diar people’s chant, a whisper in the wind, grows louder.

“Enter your lands we thunder. Every drumbeat a chilling haunt of Drednir.”

Miles of trees defy the northern artic winds and fill the county with an endless supply of timber and wildlife. The massive axes of the Aureate Scouts, with little effort, crackle through the wood as no other tribe can be matched in their skill and raw power like that of a Diar citizen... A distant rumble of many footfalls treading through snow, drums beating and reverberating through the valley.

“Each footfall brings death closer. Every breath a chilling haunt of Winter.”

House Drednir, a major bloodline of the duchy, does not seek solace in the wealth of gold like other nobles. Instead, the Drednir family defines prosperity by the accumulated accomplishments of years spent working the lands of Vornair. They also pride themselves as expert tacticians on the battlefield.

“Each soul, another tale of wonder. Every glimpse a chilling haunt of Drednir.”



Sense of Kingdom, Duchy, & County

Conclave of Aritaur

Their only other singular love aside from offending the Creator, is their loyalty for duchy. It is through the grace of the Duchess of Aritaur that they owe their affluence, and they will unite as one only under this banner. Diar citizens live in dense settlements in a few locales within the county. As such, they can maintain a standing army in any of the locations. They do not fear war, in fact, they embrace it. Each citizen should have lived through at least one war to be found to have fulfilled a virtuous life.

“The icy blue, our home and life.”

Those that don’t hunt, cut wood or mine. This is the life of the common gentry. It is not until their elder years that the Diar people seek out trades such as woodworking and building caravan wagons. The bounties of the hunts, tanneries, lumber yards, quarries and woodworking shops are transported to all points within the Conclave of Aritaur. This is important to them; to maintain superiority in the realm through excellence in the crafts that feed, clothe and shelter the people in a kingdom is a mantra within Diar county.

 “The fancy few, our lands in the dead of light.”

With the love for a good hunt, the Diar citizen can oft times be found honing their skills in such things as long distance archery and precision ax throwing. The best thrills for these large Brudvir and Hrothi though is to settle the age old question of whether size matters by jumping into the brawling pits. Here their fist set the stage of wondrous entertainment for all the Conclave to witness.

Violence is not the only form of entertainment in Diar county. In fact, the Diar settlements have several theaters and taverns where people can view comedies and allegories of the Virtues and Vices.

 “We the few, our dens in the dead of white.”

No kingdom is without times of need, where its leaders will call to its people and ask for those whom can defend its borders. A pledge from House Drednir is one of certainty and unbreakable. There are a many of Diar’s own that will happily throw themselves into the fray as protectors of Vornair. Their skills giving them rise to the rank of Paragon, an achievement commanding the respect of the entire duchy.

There is a reason you will find little obvious signs of wealth in Diar. Subtle sculptures, statues and banners but no elaborate decorations. The Diar people are fanatic in their pursuit of perfection of their various crafts and in the defense of the land. As such, they see little value in ornate items for themselves. This is not to say they do not enjoy wealth, they just tend to spend it rather quickly on things that will improve their trade and warfare items.

 “Will slue, all who threaten winter’s life. “



Ezaeltz Drednir was the first of his name to make a fortune; doing so in the transportation industry. No one among his peers understood his unique drive in this pursuit. His parents were normal lumber mill workers, having little desire to make a name for themselves in the areas of building or woodworking. Ezaeltz was naturally curious of the inner workings of things and he knew that if he could combine the best of many different trades into one creation; people would buy it. In fact, it was his vision to create something so impressive that even one day the king would want one.

Of all things, it was this simple notion of creating modes of transport that drove him. Whether it was people needing to see family in distant counties or the need of distant southern counties wanting the hardy lumber of the alpine forest. Ezaeltz knew the key to any success was the ability of getting people and resources from one location to the next.

Through calculated purchases he was able to gather several parcels of land containing unused and dilapidated structures. It was in these facilities that his empire began. He tirelessly tinkered on improvements to the village’s discarded and worn-out carts. They were prototypes that he would later showcase to the newly formed Conclave Bazaar. A once in a lifetime event that put on display the finest merchandise available to the kingdom.

Ezaeltz nearly missed his opportunity as his funds were exhausted, and he could not afford the hefty sum that would rent a space large enough to place his creation on. A chance encounter with Lady Saugina Haverdack at the local pub changed all that. It had been a rather long day for Ezaeltz and so unlike most days where he would fix himself a simple porridge at home, he chose to dine at the village pub. Saugina, with her broad shoulders and long flowing red hair, was by far the most pleasing thing to look at in the room and fortuitous as is was she had an open spot next to her to sit.

It was as if their souls were born to be together and their kismet grew to love quickly. Several weeks later, when Ezaeltz explained his financial predicament to her, she laughed politely and filled him in on her own fiscal situation. The Haverdacks were owners of a local mineral mine, and as such did well for themselves. Her family loaned Ezaeltz the missing funds and later that week he hand pulled his newly created carriage to the last exposition slot available at the Bazaar, a feat taking him several hours to do.

That day marked the last time Ezaeltz would ever need a handout, as the soft leather lined walls and ornate seat coverings grew the eye of many foreign Nobles. The orders stacked up, and coins were offered in advance to secure these lavish modes of transportation. For the next few years Drednir Industries remained steady in its growth and quickly outgrew the confines of the run-down warehouses he had initially bought. Soon his factories became a central point to his village and even that was too small. He branched into many forms of mechanization and his factories grew even larger as a result. The employment opportunities soon drew from neighboring counties and it was obvious that the small unknown villa was no longer little, but a thriving community.

As Ezaeltz grew older and his family grew larger, so too did his lust for grander things. His humble upbringing was beginning to confine his ability to change the meager existence of his lands. His wife was of notable family descent, but he was not, and this prevented him from governing anything of importance. If he could lay official claim to the lands surrounding his wife’s family mine, then he could make a true difference in the duchy.

Fortune did not favor the mighty tycoon in this endeavor as he fell ill one moon never to wake again. His inheritance went to his eldest son Ezaeltz Drednir II who paid little attention to his father business, instead chasing the local wenches. It was a shock when the spoiled young man was called before the Conclave of Aritaur and named the first Count of the newly formed Diar County.

This tale would be nice if it could speak of how the anointment gave Ezaeltz the wherewithal to deserve such responsibility, yet it did just the opposite. The power of this position was spent on frivolous endeavors that generated very little money for the county. He began the construction of a large wooden totem at his family’s estate and then spent a great deal of money on the largest brawling pit the Conclave had ever laid eyes on for that time period. Boasts soon came as he hired outside brawlers to Vaecors Breth just to see how his fellow Diar citizens fared against the mighty northern Brudvir and the stoic southern Hrothi tribes-folk.

Similarly, he spent many nights in the brothels spending his inheritance on wine and women. Some will say he fathered many, but it was only one he laid claim to, a boy named Aeritz who was named after his great grandfather, Aeritz Haverdack. Sauguina, still alive, had insisted it. She also took on the burden of raising the child, as her eldest son was far too busy to handle the daily upbringing of a toddler.

So began the tutoring of Aeritz the future count of Diar County. Shaugina would spend every waking hour teaching the boy the ways of business, governing, and the ways a noble should act. She sheltered him from his father’s hedonistic lifestyle, letting him instead favor his aunts and uncles who had managed to keep her husband’s business profitable. It is said, on drunken hushed voices of the factory workers, that the Drednirs kept their business alive by shifting their attention to a more lucrative industry. A business funded by the war tyrants of the north and east.


Guilds, Schools, Associations and Citizens of all professions_

Each leader of Diar is a vital link in the economic success of the county and therefore we are selective. Only players who agree to the following requirements may be considered.

Duchy-first mentality. Yours goals should trace up to the county and further into our duchy; teamwork leads us over personal goals.

Mature, responsible, and logical.

Self-sufficient in managing your own barony, settlement, organization, or command post. No micro-management or hand-holding needed.

Be actively involved in the county politics, with an ear to our duchy activities.

Respect other leaders as a team and work together with honesty.

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  Vaecor's Chant

 “Eternal sleep is only getting closer. Every blink a chilling haunt of winter.”

 “Enter your lands we thunder. Every drumbeat a chilling haunt of Drednir.”

 “Each footfall brings death closer. Every breath a chilling haunt of winter.”

 “Each soul, another tale of wonder.  Every glimpse a chilling haunt of Drednir.”

 “The icy blue, our home and life.”

 “The fancy few, our lands in the dead of light.”

 “We the few, our dens in the dead of white.”

 “Will slue, all who threaten winter’s life. “

11/12/2017 6:37:55 PM #1

Beautiful. We are lucky to have such an excellent count and developed county in Aechena!

5/4/2018 1:39:15 AM #2

Yes I highly recommend this County. Its be a pleasure to be part of such a great community,

7/8/2018 9:34:03 PM #3

Thanks Kedoren, We appreciate you stepping up as Mayor.

7/14/2018 9:00:55 PM #4

I love the break down of different divisions in your County, it seems like that would make it really easy for a citizen to find a group of like-minded players to join up with.

Now with that in mind, could an already established group of players join together under one of those divisions if they already have a "group" of their own established? Such as lumber mill type company joining under the Aureate Scouts, or is it more of an individual basis?

7/15/2018 1:02:51 AM #5

Great question Rydel...

In its simplest form the county divisions are a way for DIAR county residents to get county wide communications and to be a part of county level projects and initiatives. It is not meant to detract from or replace player created organizations. One of our main goals from a county perspective is to maintain easy to find employment opportunities and just important or fun activities that they may want to choose to participate in.


Establish a new hamlet along a mercantile road. It will serve as a way-point for resting, a small store to sell goods for travelers, staging ground for military campaigns, early warning outpost for bandits and foreign entities, etc."

Potential county contracts via the 6 associations:

Aureate Scouts:

1) Search, map, and zone the potential areas fitting our needs and report back to the Aureate Scout Division Commander.

2) Acquire the necessary lumber, stone, metal, and other resources for the creation of the new settlement.

3) Devise a ribbon cutting ceremony that invites the county residents to learn about and visit this new settlement.

Jaded Brigands:

1) Transport the materials to the settlement.

2) Set up Store.

3) Establish the Inn.

Crimson Core:

1) Provide goods to assist the establishment of the inn and the new store.

2) Construct a well.

3) Ensure all new residents are employed and sheltered.

Celestial Order:

1) Spread our tribe's culture to this new settlement.

2) Look to the stars and determine the best time to build the new hamlet.

3) Create art and other aesthetics for the settlement.

Ebon Paragon:

1) Devise a defensive strategies for this new settlement.

2) Clear out the region of malicious creatures and bandits.

3) Manage the financial impact of the new settlement.

Tyrian Fury:

1) Acquire information on neighboring settlements.

2) Vet the leaders of the new settlement.

3) Maintain peace along the mercantile route.

7/23/2018 5:40:28 AM #6

Very much looking forward to working closely with you and Count Rydel.

7/29/2018 8:07:04 PM #7

Trade deals between our two Counties will be a win-win for both of us.

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Special Thanks to Alaric (Zero) Stonehammer for the new Signature... It looks great...

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Updated the lore a bit.

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We've officially extended a warm welcome to our newest settlement; Brooklyn Springs, They will fit nicely into our county, focusing on building an economy around the farming and breeding disciplines, primarily the pets of Elyria.