NA-E (county) Amani Kwa Ujasiri

The Grand County of Amani Jasiri is the home of Countess RavenWind Sirvi, the county is focused on the medical arts and will be to help aid the military of the duchy and kingdom. I also wish to have a focus on breeding animals for the military, hunting and protection.

We are a Grand County in the Royal Duchy of Saorsa in the Kingdom of Alesia. We will be exporting not only animals but also herbs that are used for healing and other medical needs.

County information

Capital City: Sarerani Duchy: Royal Duchy of Saorsa Kingdom: Alesia Server: NA-E

The name comes from Swahili and translates to “Peace thru Courage”. I believe that aiding our military and civilian equality makes the county strong and a center for ideas and learning.
We are in need all kinds of people and all occupations are welcome to join to make their lives and the lives of the rest of the county fruitful.

Countess RavenWind- I am a person that loves games and people. I love children and work as a 2 year old teacher so I have a lot of patience and this makes it into the way I govern both my county and settlement. Others will be added as more come. If you are interested in joining and being part of the county please post here, send me a DM or join the county discord to get in contact and learn more.

We are looking for mayors and barons that are interested in medical and poisons/potions. We also need those that are interested in crafting, blacksmithing and farming- there will be aid for those that show interest in moving up and aiding the county in other ways.

I will be setting up the positions for the County council, if you are interested in becoming part of it please join the county discord.

County Council Positions There will be one to two of each position with one being my advisor and the other being an aid if the post has two spots.

Minister of Law- Will be focused on laws, taxes and such issues, this includes one of the County advisers that will be advising on laws that will be passed

Minister of Knowledge- Will be focused on lore and history, this includes past and present policy, one of the county advisers will also have one of the positions

Minster of Economy- This will be head of trade, inter and external trade policy and crafting. The use and saving of resources is the main focus of this position.

Minister of the Military- Has Doman over military crafting and military issues.

Minister of Trade - Will work with the Minister of Economy and will head the council of ambassadors of trade for the county

A word about RANDOMS: This county has no problem with people that wish to settle here when it is their turn to chose, however you will be responsible for how you conduct yourself in regards to me and your fellow mayors. We are strongest if we work together. With saying that if you randomly place in my county please introduce yourself, you will not be looked down on or removed.

This post is under construction

11/26/2017 7:36:59 AM #1

I think that it would be interesting and nice for some that wish to start out in my county to have as much chance to have a good part of land. With that said I would like to ask for those that would like to join or give a hand to the county to donate a kingdom token and see if we can get a Grand county by winning another county.

Tokens should be sent to the username: AmaniKwaUjasiri I am Glad to report that we have won a county in the free kingdom and are now a Grand County

11/26/2017 7:37:08 AM #2

Taxes? I have been asked what I would do with Taxes and how much. I have decided that it will be a committee vote and I will oversee what is decided. I look to see that it stays fair, reasonable and sustainable. I will be the one to decide where the money get spent but the committee will be my advisors. I plan on listening to what my mayors and commoners need and want and will go from there.

11/26/2017 7:37:18 AM #3


5/27/2018 10:13:29 PM #4

I would like to welcome Mat as our newest member of the county!

3/31/2019 6:29:15 PM #5

If you are looking to become mayor I will be holding a contest for half a Hamlet for Two to become the sister town to my settlement.

6/8/2019 11:33:27 PM #6

I found this forum post through a discord link. Is this mission statement still the goal of the county?

9/13/2019 4:12:21 AM #7

Now that I have claimed my county I will be updating the page with the new information and council information to follow. If you are interested in joining dm me or join the discord for the county.

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