Looking to join a NZ/aust guild

I am looking for a guild to join i plan to be a cook/doctor in game i have Celebrity pack and i am paying off duchy

11/30/2017 3:43:12 AM #1

Welcome have sent you a pm :)

Friend Code CE5C35

11/30/2017 3:46:53 AM #2

Hey Starlight, glad to see another APAC/Oceanus player.

Were you looking for just a guild or a kingdom to call home for your Duchy as well?

Either way, you should come talk to us in the Kingdom of Lor Voskara as we have a variety of professional guilds within our Kingdom.

That link will have our Dicord channel and website on it. At the moment most of us are probably at work, but should be more active in a few hours.

Hope to see you on Discord and perhaps even our Kingdom...

Cheers Haji

Daimyō Hajime Saitō (Count) of Yamashiro Province in Lor Voskara

11/30/2017 4:07:34 AM #3


I too have sent you a PM.

11/30/2017 5:03:31 AM #4

Howdy. If you want a list of APAC guilds on its own you can have a look at this subforum which has all of the ones people have listed.

Also, if you're interested in some more face-to-face investigation of what the server has to offer you could join the unofficial APAC discord, which has members from all of the different kingdoms (save Sokara, the private one) and duchies. Here's the invite for that.

Otherwise, hope you find the sort of thing you're looking for, and it's good to see a newcomer to APAC!

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