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The Vihar

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Who is the Count?

My name is Fady, and I am a Count pledged to King Evelake Rhyne of The Kingdom of Vornair, and Duke Morbis Alabast of The Stormlands. I have been gaming the majority of my life and have held guild leader positions in several MMOs with the biggest title being World of Warcraft. I have not been very active in the gaming community for the past 1-2 years because I have just become tired of what is currently being offered in the MMO world. I recently discovered Chronicles of Elyria and immediately knew that this was exactly the type of game I’ve been waiting for.

I am somewhat newer to the Chronicles of Elyria community, but I assure that I am 100% committed to this game and to the people who choose to join my county. I am looking forward to leading my county not by trying to throw my power around into people’s faces, but instead to leverage what power I do have to help those who choose to call The Vihar their home.

Who are The Vihar looking for?

The Vihar are currently looking for Mayors and Barons to reside in the county and help grow a strong community of players. A strong foundation of pledged Mayors/Barons will help make sure that The Vihar enters the game in a strong and stable manner. I am initially looking for 4 leaders who will join this county. I’m not as concerned with prior experience of the leaders as I am with a passion to make this a great county to live in.

I also will expect for barons/mayors to aggressively recruit gentry to reside within your town. I am open to any ideas and suggestions that barons and mayors bring to the table. There is a place for almost every playstyle within The Vihar. No matter what skills or profession you are interested in, there is a place for you here. Since The Vihar still pride themselves on being a self-sustaining community, there will be a need for every type of player.

We will have a big focus on breeding, scribing/writing, and architecture. So an interest in any of these fields would also be very useful. The Vihar culture is heavily influenced by the ownership and quality of horses. Therefore, The Vihar county will be pushing heavily to be able to provide not just horses for our county, but enough to help sustain the needs of our Duchy and Kingdom.

What Makes The Vihar special?

The Vihar are very supportive of individual growth. There will be attention given to county members who excel in their professions. A breeder who breeds exceptional horses, a blacksmith who makes amazing swords, a cartographer who makes detailed and specific maps…each will find recognition within the Vihar.

It is also expected that every citizen (no matter what chosen profession) will be capable of supporting themselves both economically and in terms of personal security. Our duke (Duke Morbis) wants “every invader to our lands to find a spear waiting behind every blade of grass.” At every level, we will have people who know how to protect themselves and are able to fight to hold onto our lands. We will of course have people specifically dedicated to fighting, but everyone must have some basic skills in combat.

Why is the County Called The Vihar?

The word Vihar translated literally means “Tempest”. The Stormlands (our Duchy) will have a very unique experience due to the Duke’s choice within his design experience. There will be an ancient relic in the area that causes storms almost constantly to rock through the area. This will make some mechanics of gameplay somewhat difficult, but will allow for many opportunities for story-telling within the County. These storms have been present during much of recorded history.

The Vihar believe that the storms are the breath of God. Each citizen of Vihar has a different story of how the storms began and why the Gods are “breathing” upon the land. Most view the storms as a curse upon the land, that the clans of the Stormlands are still being punished for an ancient evil deed. However, some like the comfort of the storm since no-one can remember a time without them. Those few believe that as long as the storms rage on that God is still looking upon the sacred land, but if the storms ever stop that God will have removed his gaze from the world and everything will crumble and die.

Discord Channel

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List of Towns/Cities in our County

City of Vihar

Managed by Count Fady Galaband

  • Count Fady Galaband - Count of County of Vihar, Mayor of City of Vihar, and a focus on scribing, breeding, & research
  • October Ronas - focus on breeding, architecture & tailoring

City of Ebonmere

Managed by Mayor Vladimir Velaine

  • Mayor Vladimir Velaine - Mayor of City of Ebonmere and a focus on architecture & breeding
  • Masterg313 - focus on breeding & trading

(still looking for 3 more mayors/barons)


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12/9/2017 4:14:30 PM #3

As the first Mayor to pledge to Count Fady Galaband, It is my intention to focus primarily on the research of Architecture and secondarily on breeding war mounts.

3/1/2018 12:03:49 AM #4

I'm excited to get to know you!