Cross Server Guild : The Elyrian Initiative

The Elyrian Initiative!


The Elyrian Initiative plans to link players across their respective servers using franchises through a series of contracts, as an example, for postal services, we would be the private sector like DHL or FedEx not the Federal system like USPS or CanadaPost. Do you need protection while you travel from A to B? Contact the Elyrian Initiative. Do you need a highly important message delivered? Contact the Elyrian Initiative. Do you need something translated? Do you need resources collected? Do you need something captured? Do you need some information, how about hooking you up with information leading to finding who your soulmate is through astrological services around the server normally too far away for you to access. Do you need some training- we could help get you into contact with exotic masters around the realms. Do not hesitate - Contact the Elyrian Initiative. Think of us a resource to connect you with what you need outside of the normal run of the mill everyday life.

Once a person has placed a job it is evaluated, contract created and then based on the difficulty of the task it is placed on the corresponding notice board. The person who places the job sets the reward for the initiative members completing the task, the higher the reward the more likely your job is to be completed. The aim is to provide a constant flow of employment, while simultaneously providing timely solutions to problems that people cannot resolve themselves.

By successfully meeting the requirements and completing jobs, an initiative member can increase their rank and gain access to different notice boards. The easier and lower paying jobs will be placed on the lowest level notice board, accessible to all members within the initiative. The hardest, highest paying jobs will be placed on the highest-level notice board, accessible only to those with a high enough rank. Clients who continually use the initiative’s services will also receive loyalty benefits and bonuses.

The Elyrian Initiative prides itself on its flexibility and willingness to compromise, at the least until further explanation of the games mechanics allow us to zero in on specializing our guild. As the nature of work is highly unpredictable, we understand that each job will need to be carefully tailored to meet the individual’s needs. Any questions/suggestions regarding the initiative, membership, logging jobs, etc can be directed to an initiative leader.

However the fun doesn’t stop there. Think of the Elyrian Initiative as a brand of excellent quality, that prides themselves on excellent tavern and Inn services wherever you are. As a weary traveler, you are able to enjoy excellent cuisine and warm your belly with some quality booze/alcohol after a hard day’s work or long travel. Rest up and enjoy the local cuisine, spend the night at our Inn so that you’re all rested for another day’s worth of journeying Chronicles of Elyria!


The Elyrian Initiative is continuously growing with a consistent escalation of chapter house owners. In the beginning we were just throughout the kingdom of Tylsia on APAC! Now we are on every server as we continue to expand, and are looking for a strong presence in each kingdom. We hope to keep furthering our expansion to each server, if not each kingdom, by doing so, we can bring the communities together and create a centralized network where people can exchange, offer and receive employment through the use of the contracts, We hope to not only bring the smallest communities together, and kingdoms, but eventually the world of Elyria! Join us on this journey and together we can provide the services that will be beneficial to not only the economy but to the communities!

Guild Leadership (Management):

The Elyrian Initiative plans on having a hierarchical geographic management system. The system is shown as below.

Expansion Methods:

We plan on using software created for the employees use, to calculate the GROSS amount earned and then use that same software to calculate the NET profit. We’ll allocate that NET profit for expanding operations and help all those invested.


Our goals are to:

  • Bring communities together in an attempt to engage players and to assist them through an employment system.
  • Thoroughly expand throughout Kingdoms
  • Provide excellent service through our quest center and Inn, while providing excellent cuisine and the best of alcohol through our tavern.
  • Provide a sense of achievement and reward for the adventurers through our ranking system
  • Provide an engaging experience for all customers by appealing to them directly and tailoring to all their needs.
  • Create a constant flow of employment through all communities to greatly contribute to the overall economy.


We value:

  • Ownership
  • Prosperity
  • Flexibility
  • Willingness/Enthusiasm
  • Quality Service

Why do we need your help?

As a business/guild, we’re constantly growing each day by gaining new connections, developing relationships with fellow nobles and gaining new members. As our aim is to expand as not just as far as possible, but with the best quality possible and we need YOU! Whatever your pledge level – we have positions available and ways for you to contribute !

The benefits of joining us

We’re working on our own dedicated forums, featuring sponsored quests that members and client are free to access. By using this forum, it will allow all members and clients access to jobs without actually having to travel to a guild hub in game. We also plan to have our own software, for the use of day-to-day operations. Including a finance system, ordering system and even a potential supply link system. By joining us, you have the opportunity to not only be a part of something huge working in sync with the community, but also get paid to do so. Starting rewards for joining the Initiative includes such perks as, member discounts, free meals, and even free stays at the various inns.


  • Take the Initiative today!
  • For the people, by the people.
  • All for the people.
  • Ever growing.
  • Forwards, ever forwards.
  • United we stand, united we stay.
  • Deeds not words.


If you have any inquires or wish to develop some sort of client relationship or even wish to use our services in the future, do not feel discouraged to contact us here or through PM’s or most directly – through our dedicated discord server found here : discord

12/16/2017 7:20:39 AM #1

Members area : (work in progress)


(those who will run entire networks or hubs of the guild)

  • Duke Vigorish : City of Port Royale / ALESIA , NA E

  • Baron Azmodeth : City of Mount Umbral, County of Shade, BORDWEALL, NA-E

  • Countess Aneira : City of Illuminus, Silvery County, ALESIA , NA-E

  • Countess RavenWind Sirvi : City of Sarerani, County Amani Jasiri, ALESIA, NA-E

  • Mayor Xemmas , City of Fluffles , Ulra County, Tylsia, APAC

  • Count Ithikari , City of Fluffles, Ulra County, Tylsia, APAC

  • Countess Gorawyn Ashla , Two Moons County, Click here for Discord ALESIA, NA-E

  • Count Jaxiel Brogan, Two Moons County, Click here for Discord ALESIA, NA-E

  • Mayor Mother of Cats , Town of Wildhaven, ALESIA, NA-E

  • Count Jack of Shadows Vale , The County of Amber, Vornair, NA-E

  • Proprietor MadCatz ,Silvery County, Alesia, NA-E

  • Count Basher , County of Apostasevend, Grand Duchy Diùcachd Neart Agus Sìth, NA-E

  • Killroy von Carstein , County of Caemlyn, Duchy of Vitalis of Alesia, NA-E

  • Count Zeo, Unknown County, Port Royal, Alesia, NA-E

  • Count Londo Mollari , County of Argonne, Duchy Vitalis, Alesia, NA-E

  • Duke Varuian Maulvorn 🐎|⍲| , Duchy of Thearyn, Alesia, NA-E

  • Count Shadowmist , City of Mistvale, Dalengaard County, Coranth, Demalion, EU

  • Count William Apetus , County of Keplr, Duchy Aravier in Alesia, NA-E

  • Countess Amarria , Summerlin Grove, Aramoor, - ,Vornair, NA-E

1/1/2018 7:41:31 AM #2

We're at 90+ members already, with many tavern owners and chapter houses already.

Time to join is now, do not be left out on the fastest growing guild across all of Elyria.

1/2/2018 3:17:51 AM #3

We will be commissioning "Kvothe Aodhan's" guild, the free Architects and Mason's of Elyria to build our inns and taverns to specification.


We are a group of skilled architects, engineers, craftsman, and designers. We work collaboratively alongside the leadership and residents of the Free Kingdom of Alesia to establish the kingdom's infrastructure; buildings, roads, bridges, etc. We work on everything from large scale projects to projects for individual citizens, including but not limited to

*Drafting design plans and constructing entire towns for aristocracy (dukes, counts, barons, mayors)

*Running roads between settlements, towns, and cities

*Personal residential projects so citizens can live in their dream homes

*Secret rooms or cellars in buildings

If you are a client seeking designs to be drafted for your personal project, please reach out to one of our team members and we will get you started!


Click any link for more information.

Construction and Land Ownership General Information

Developer Journal 14 - Player Housing

Developer Journal 15 - Player-Created Dungeons

Developer Journal 18 - Kingdom & Land Management

Settlement Sizes

Architecture and Construction Mechanics Discussion

The Initiative's direct architectural discord channel inside the Free Architects and Mason's server : Discord

(or designing specific plans and such)

1/2/2018 4:17:25 AM #4

Also, every Tavern and Inn of the Elyrian Intitiative will be serving Hot Cider, backed by popular demand of Serpentius.

1/2/2018 1:35:22 PM #5

Smashing Post, I approve.

1/2/2018 3:12:36 PM #6

Wonderful Azmodeth!

1/2/2018 6:49:35 PM #7

Posted By Staircase at 08:35 AM - Tue Jan 02 2018

Smashing Post, I approve.

Hey thank you so much Stairs !

yeah we're really making progress and growing thanks to this awesome community !

1/2/2018 6:49:59 PM #8

Posted By ScarletteTaygen at 10:12 AM - Tue Jan 02 2018

Wonderful Azmodeth!

Hey thank you !

Hey I was thinking, if you can pass along your details I will add them too. trying to get everyone listed and organised.

1/2/2018 8:55:40 PM #9

Impressive work and what a great idea! Now you have me thinking of opportunities. thanks

1/2/2018 10:17:34 PM #10

Mayor of WildHaven welcomes you!!!

Mayor "Mother of Cats" Marlette, Wildhaven, Kingdom of Riftwood Friend code: C734C5

1/2/2018 10:23:02 PM #11

Posted By MotherofCats at 5:17 PM - Tue Jan 02 2018

Mayor of WildHaven welcomes you!!!

welcome aboard !

1/3/2018 7:30:48 PM #12

Posted By Dustan at 3:55 PM - Tue Jan 02 2018

Impressive work and what a great idea! Now you have me thinking of opportunities. thanks

Sorry I missed you on Discord over the late night, I will catch up with you and answer your questions and hook you up. Cheers !

1/5/2018 7:27:52 AM #13

We're looking for more land owners who want to start small too, like those of you who want to run a tavern for your hamlet or village, and only have the EP to buy small plot of land - this is perfect for you !

Let me explain - the notierity of the guild, will mean by running one of our fine establishments, you will be brinigng prosperity to your hamlet/village/town etc..

The mechanics for fame are not understood yet 100%, but many nobles and royal's are running these hubs and inn and taverns, which should help bolster it's influence, put them on maps and make them noteworthy. Secondarily, by running a tavern people in proximity are considered to be well enough fed that your not going to starve, while food still comes from the stocks in the tavern, but instead of maybe having to stop what your doing and go and eat every two seconds maybe you can concentrate on what your doing for abit longer if nearby. This will help with survival mechanics or time management I think.

1/7/2018 12:38:25 AM #14

Great Idea!. I have a county and am interested in trade and possibly setting up several commercial operations that I would own outright or part interest in. Willing to contract a % of the ownership to someone else to run and I would provide the up front costs.See my information in the main post above and PM me if interested.

Friend Code: FAE9AA

1/8/2018 5:17:21 AM #15

Posted By JackofShadows at 7:38 PM - Sat Jan 06 2018

Great Idea!. I have a county and am interested in trade and possibly setting up several commercial operations that I would own outright or part interest in. Willing to contract a % of the ownership to someone else to run and I would provide the up front costs.See my information in the main post above and PM me if interested.

Well lets hook up and chat and gets things rolling for you !