Would this be possible

Hey, I'd be interested in starting a guild where let's say someone is doing a quest and they want extra help then they could hire someone from my guild to help them for a agreed upon price. anyone have opinions on weather this would work/be profitable or even fun?

1/2/2018 9:07:09 PM #1

Sounds kind of like a mercenary guild.

1/2/2018 9:08:54 PM #2

I mean kind of but less based on the idea of "hire for kill" and more of "hire for protection".

1/2/2018 10:26:02 PM #3

No, Mercenary still works. Assassin is more "hire for kill" where Mercenary is "hire for kill or protection". Like in Mass Effect, you hear of several Mercenary groups hired to kill someone or protect someone. Only thing is sometimes they got shady when it came to getting people's money for their protection.

1/10/2018 12:59:48 AM #4

Maybe an adventurers guild? feels like that would point more towards questing.

1/10/2018 1:37:57 AM #5

I think that it would work!

1/10/2018 2:15:06 AM #6

It would be both profitable and fun, but it depends if your group has morals or not. That will decide how much money you can make.

1/10/2018 4:58:53 AM #7

It sounds like a good idea, but the best way to optimize profits would be to begin building up your organization now. You should make a post under guilds and/or the server you plan on playing on.

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1/10/2018 10:30:13 AM #8

Great idea, would love to see a Adventurer Guild that I always read about on JP novels.

May the best one wins!

1/10/2018 11:56:31 AM #9

I hope it will work as I am planning on hiring some guards to protect my ass. Especially if out exploring.

1/10/2018 2:45:11 PM #10

IMO, it would work, it would be profitable and it would be fun. And if you come across a Queen by the name of Daenerys, it may be insanely profitable.

1/10/2018 3:29:30 PM #11

I need to work on a miners guild.

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1/10/2018 3:48:41 PM #12

The Contract system will allows all this . So yes it is possible.

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