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The county of Mana is a county within the free kingdom of Alésia. It is a mix of old and new; rural and municipal; fact and fantasy.

The center of Mana is a bustling city of culture and knowledge. Art, music and books are plentiful. Markets flourish and excitement is around every corner. A large school is attended by students of all ages and from various towns and cities across the kingdom.

Outside of the city is a gentle rolling pastoral countryside. Quaint settlements litter the rolling hills of Muir, as well as the rest of the county. Fields, ponds and the beauty of nature can be seen throughout. Agriculture blooms. When books are lacking, tales and folklore are passed from memory to children by the light of crackling fires.

There is a magic about Mana; in the music, in the stories, and the bursting culture of it’s namesake city. Discover new knowledge and uncover the secrets in the history and folk tales. Find the answer to our existence through the light of religion, and light your inner fire with the flickers of knowledge that are inevitably found in the county of Mana.


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Really quick post for the county that paints a nice image and adds a bit of mystery. I look forward to seeing how Mana develops overtime and seeing the county grow within Port Royale.

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