Dynamic Stretch Goals

Revenue generation discussion appears to be in vogue atm so I figured I'd present an idea for debate.

I propose the reintroduction of stretch goals with an added element of community input. I believe there is potential for added revenue by encouraging the community to influence the progression of the game before its actual release. We will be able to influence the development of graphical assets and game mechanics through the research feature so why not allow us to 'research' new game features by funding them ourselves in the future? I propose that a set of features for future development be made available with an option for contributors to purchase votes with cash which they will then allocate to the feature they want implemented the most. Alternatively, a selection of options could be ranked in order of preference (transferable vote system) for the cost of a vote.

The caveat would be that any future developments would be deferred until after launch and that future revenue would fund it; our contributions would help fund release and any current development goals. In effect, we wouldn't be funding future features directly at this stage.

The system could be further improved by allowing the community to suggest future features, with them being added to future feature lists pending SBS approval. This wouldn't generate revenue but it would engage the community and cause it to grow potentially.

No doubt this idea is not new or original but please add your thoughts and suggestions/critiques.

1/4/2018 9:02:47 PM #1

It's a nice thought but we also have to keep in mind that any additions to COE outside of what is already planned, add extra development time to the game. The last thing we want is for a "feature creep" to occur, this most notably occurred with Star Citizen where as it gained more and more backing, its list of features grew and grew until now we're in 2018 waiting for a game that was announced back in 2011 where the game-release had been announced for 2014 (not saying that a feature creep is the only reason but it's probably a contributing factor!) :-)

On the funding side of things, it could also be said that it's not cost effective - especially if the feature requires more than 1 staff member and an extended period of time to create, code, and implement the feature.

1/4/2018 11:45:47 PM #2

A great idea, try sending it to the support, there they accept suggestions.

1/4/2018 11:52:35 PM #3

They do have a list of stretch goals they will try to address however they will do this after launch as taking time to work them into the main game right now would push back the launch of the game. Many feel that the team needs to be working on the core game right now, then add any additional bits and pieces they feel will add to the game once it is launched.

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