The Count of Deskrausser [Alesia]


Kingdom: Alesia

Duchy: Rhyddid

The Deskraussian Count is one of the several counties from the Alesian Free Kingdom. From the Ashes of the Mad King, the Deskraussian Lords had, built a small holding to protect the "old ways", long time before the Xellian Empire. But now, the blood of the Shattered Empire (Deskraussian name for the Alesia Kingdom) runs free, another time, and the Lords of Deskraussian returned to the Seat in the Krausenlanden.

The Deskraussian Focus:

We will have a public enterprise: the Krausenguild, a trade network of outposts to sell and buy goods across Elyria. We will work with Commodities Exchange, Promissory Notes and Banking.

To Backup our Enterprise, we have the Geist Society, our Philosophy School of Economy and Politics (Scribe, in game).

The Geist Society and the Krausenguild are the both hands of Krausenhaus, the noble rulling body of Krausenlanden.

We are actively recruiting Philosphers (Scribers). Merchant Lords (Traders) and Trade Knights (Body Guards) to fill our positions. Get paid and work for the Krausen!

Do you want to know more? Send me a PM and you will find your (and our) way.

We need Mayors to use our economic mesh for disposal of production and citizens to work.

Do you like adventures? Protect our caravans and trade hubs across Elyria and get a cut.

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