The Forgotten
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The Forgotten


The Forgotten are a Medium Armour skirmishing and ambush unit. Famed for their ability to strike opposing forces swiftly and then disappear just as quick, they are a force to be reckoned with.

The Forgotten will primarily specialise in the dual wielding of one handed weapons and ranged combat as to allow them to inflict large amounts of damage over a short period of time.

Why Should I Join?

You should join if you are looking for military or pvp action and to take part in battles on a large scale. Members of The Forgotten will be paid on a full time basis with gear being supplied free of change and will be expected to adhere to their duties. However, we understand that members will also want time away from their work and will make allowances for that.


Captain:Leader of The Forgotten.

Drang: Officer of The Forgotten.

Bryti: High rank soldiers that have showed prowess on the battlefield

Thrall: Regular soldier of the The Forgotten.

Apprentice: Soldiers in training to become thralls

To join us, click on on the discord logo below

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