[NAE] City of Saint Rothgard's Solstice

Saint Rothgard's Solstice

Town Located in the Kindom of Alesia, Thearyn duchy in Thearynshire county under the approved name of Saint Rothgard's Solstice.

Founded in conjunction with the Grand Church of the Virtori Faithful.

"Hearth of the Virtori Church. Serene lands that offer study of both the medical arts and the art of forging a virtuous soul. On the foundation of a blessed days work and the skill of craftsmen and bushmen alike, strength born of charity and love for their land and neighbors makes home here." - Priest Magistrate Flawliss Rothgard

As a Mayor in The Duchy of Thearyn, Kingdom of Alesia and founding member families of Grand Church of the Virtori Faithful it as my ardent desire to found a city that allowed both groups to contribute the best they have to offer, to each other, to offer a unique home to the citizens for whom i serve.

A city where life is enchanced by the narrative, architechture, activity, virtue, mutual respect of good will, lore based faith and charitable mission of the Grand Church of the Virtori Faithful and it's Faithful Members. With both Citizen and Faithful we all shine twice as brightly.

For a town citizen, this can only mean more traffic before your shops, more eyes on your entertainment and art, and guests who seek food and shelter for their stay. Space on wagons that distribute aid for the church allowing goods, or yourselves, to travel afar. The presence of such an organization means you can rest your mind on long travels, especially if travel is your life, knowing your family will not be left stranded, should the unforseeable happen.

Establishment of Church hospitals and the study and use of medical skill and town schooling. The desire to improve the compentacy of caregivers both within the Church and Elyria itself. provides a ready location for markets related to the health and strength of the people, and locations for all skills of craft to prosper.

Saint Rothgard at Home

A community is built by one's self and one's neighbors. By having those whom you can put your faith in shared good will. It is the backbone of prosperity, health and defence. When the brothers on both sides of your shield share good will with eachother also in peace, That is the Saint Rothgard's Solstice i wish to build with you.

Specific zoneing will depend on the land and location. Though Some collection of alike facilities will likely be portioned in quarters, allowing room to expand or incorporate. Beyond some focused areas such as Market and Religious and local services and agriculture, I will be open to any zoning proposal that bears good will and prosperity to the Citizenry.

No matter if you live as a private Citizen, or the Faithful, The addition of the church's Cathedral, Monastary, Hospital and perhaps orphanage presents opportunity to prosper for those with resources and craft goods on offer. The many tasks and interests of the Church's Faithful ensure a wide possibility of interest.

Saint Rothgard in Virtue

Saint Rothgard's Solstice is a home for the Grand Church of the Virtori Faithful as well. A Central point in which to spread the acts of Virtue and a place for those whom do to find rest, succor, wares and inspiration. With the combined inspiration of both Church and town, Monastary beds available for the faithful who've lost all. Hospitals for the injured from any walk or belief to seek care.

Architecture and art inspired by the Virtuous light of Virtori built and inspired by the faith to bring the touch of the divine around every corner, and at peace in every garden. And the very narrative and role play open to those who interact in times both good and bad. Facilities for weddings, funerals, ceremonies and blessings all available to add to your experience.

Saint Rothgard in closing

This is what i hope to work with you to create here in the light of Virtori, a City of virtue and good will, of opportunity and interest. And hope you will join me in doing so. Saint Rothgard's Solstice was founded by those who wished to live well with each other by those who experienced the greatest age of vice our kingdom has ever seen. From those tragic depths of desire for power, death and destruction.

Show us your domain related entry.

Virtue blooms again. And strong and kind people forge their destiny as they reach towards the light. I ask you to take root here in the Solstice. And grow strong, healthy and bloom..

Saint Rothgard Solstice Discord

- Priest Magistrate Flawliss Rothgard of the Solstice and Paragon of the Faith, Grand Church of the Virtori Faithful

3/8/2018 7:41:39 AM #1

We have quite an array of resources and opportunities which should be welcome to most interests. We are currently looking for for some specific specialties.

• Ranger/Game Warden

• Scribe

• Physician/Nurse

• Chef (food interest)

• Book Binder

3/8/2018 8:50:30 AM #2

I endorse this 100%

3/8/2018 8:02:54 PM #3


4/7/2018 4:53:15 AM #4

Posted By Johan Housel at 3:02 PM - Thu Mar 08 2018

A pleasant place for peaceable peoples.

I look forward to all the good people who have yet to find a home to join us here. A great place to raise the family and secure the health and well being of one's heirs.

Thank you for stopping by and your kind words. You've been a good friend to both Church and Solstice and we thank you.

9/22/2019 5:15:15 AM #5

I am pleased to announce the Placement of the Solstice.

Within The Alesia Kingdom, Duchy of Thearyn and the County of Thearynshire. Under the Temporary name of Stanangel town.

We are looking for all interested to contact myself via discord to be welcomed home.

9/29/2019 6:46:26 AM #6

Discord address updated. Those intrested in learning more, wish to visit or do business in the future are welcome to join.

Saint Rothgard Solstice Discord

10/24/2019 9:54:04 AM #7

Pleased to announce the approval of our Towns Name. We are thankfully, officially, Saint Rothgard's Solstice.

Our thanks to those involved in approval!

And a hearty welcome to our new resident Alchemist.

We've fixed broken image links, and replaced those the host saw fit to delete.

If you're looking for a fine home among the leaves, whatever your vocation, Please contact me, or visit our discord.