Arkadian Royal Shipyards



Under the gracious patronage of his majesty King Raziel, the Arkadian Royal Shipyards have been formed to support the naval ambitions of the kingdom of Arkadia. The main purpose of the Arkadian Royal Shipyards is to provide ships to the many mercantile fleets of the Kingdom of Arkadia and the Arkadian Royal Navy. The main shipyard will be found in the capital city of Utopia in the Duchy of Salernum. However, in order to meet the ever increasing naval requirements of the kingdom, the guild will need to expand throughout the towns of Arkadia. All are welcome to apply for membership and to add to its great shipbuilding traditions.


Ranks and Roles:

Guildmaster – Each guild's highest-ranking executive officer, and the highest-ranking member of the guild. Responsible for determining the overall direction of the guild and for making strategic initiatives and partnerships with the other guilds

Hallmaster – Head of a chapter of the guild responsible for overseeing the running of that chapter

Treasurer – Charged with all guild financial matters including payment of members

Warden Overseer – Responsible for supervising and organizing the work of master shipwrights and journeymen.

Master Shipwright – Charged with supervising the overall construction and design of ships as well as performing highly skilled labour. Responsible for training Journeymen,

Journeyman (shipwrights, carpenters, smiths, sailmakers etc.) – Provide the general workforce for assembling the ships and their constituent parts. Responsible for training apprentices and assistants.

Associates – Charged with arranging the sale of ships and the processing of work orders. Generally fall under the jurisdiction of the Treasurer.

Fellow - Fellows are given freedom to operate as they will within the structure of the guild, and are trusted to work on their own projects. All members of the guild who have attained a rank above Assistant are considered Fellows.

Assistants – Members who has reached enough of an education that they can start becoming an asset to the guild, but still in need of direction from a more experienced member of the guild. Charged with aiding in the duties of Fellows.

Apprentice – Novice members of the guild who still require training in their chosen craft


Proud Member of the Shipwrights of Elyria Association:

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To join either reply to this thread or find us on discord:

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4/6/2018 2:35:58 PM #1

Nice project !

Join Now!

4/6/2018 2:39:45 PM #2

Yes, great project, I look forward to see it develop into a great institutions :)

4/6/2018 3:07:52 PM #3

It will be fun to see where this goes!

Salsa goes well with tacos. Also, tortilla isn't half bad.

4/6/2018 9:46:20 PM #4

Nice. If I will manage to get a Duchy with sea front I will be glad to have a Guild in Latium as well.

12/30/2019 6:33:41 PM #5

I m really interested in. I might be a mayor in a sea town and I would like to be a navigator.

Skilpadde - Leviathan's City in Salernum

1/5/2020 7:38:42 PM #6

Posted By Fredef at 7:33 PM - Mon Dec 30 2019

I m really interested in. I might be a mayor in a sea town and I would like to be a navigator.

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