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Kingdom Duchies:

Grand Duchy of Salernum - King Raziel

Duchy of Adelia - Duke Ava

Duchy of Emerald Bay - Duke Gaius

Duchy of Kaleria - Duke Paswoy

Duchy of Lumen - Duke Chojin

Duchy of Lyrhia - Duke DarioZ

Duchy of Mîr’Harad - Duke Atres

Duchy of Skuldheim - Duke Ivorax

Duchy of Wirtenberg - Duke Kapier

Duchy of Wolfsden - Duke Wolfspell


Arkadia is a multi-cultural Kingdom of Greco-Roman inspiration. The Kingdom is located in the far south of the map. It is majorly composed of Janoans, To’resks, Drass, with a solid number of Nerans and Waerds.

We welcome any person, group, association, guild or society seeking a place to settle as long as they plan on contributing to the betterment of our society.

Our major focus will be the Economical and Technological development of our starting regions. To help us in that endeavour, we will focus on the production of raw materials and the exportation of our finest and most valuable goods as well as on research.

The Kingdom will have a strong focus on maritime exploits with proficiency in boat crafting. We will use this capability to trade, exploration and colonisation as well as protect our coasts.

Kingdom Map:

Arkadia Society Chart:

The Arkadian Society:

We will have a centralized government lead by the King helped by the Ducal Council, the Senate and his ministers.

We will try not to accumulate too many tasks and responsibilities on the same person we believe that nobility and aristocracy titles will already ask for a strong and constant dedication.

We aren't a Roleplay community, but we respect and encourage that gameplay. We will try to keep some form of RP (ex: Uniforms, Religion...). We believe that it will make the game experience more fun and immersive.

While everyone has affinities with certain gameplays (PVE, PVP, PK, Craft...), there is always a time needed to realize what you enjoy the most in a new game. In our land, any type of gameplay will be needed and supported.

The Civilian:

Civilians will form the vast majority of the population. They will be researchers, crafters, gatherers, traders, cartographers, engineers and much more.

Every Citizen will have the right to own a weapon. However, they will not be asked to participate in raids, patrols, and State building projects. Basically, the only obligations of a civilian are to have fun, participate in the state development and respect the rules of the community.

A citizen can receive the title of Emeritus by serving in the army for a certain period of time (~20 in-game years). This will grant him a parcel of land as well as some money to start exploiting it.

The Emeritus rank opens many doors in the Arkadian society. It also allows a citizen to run for Tribune and be allowed to sit in the Senate to represent the people of his duchy.

The Religious:

The Religious path will offer many unique and interesting ideas for organization and roleplay. Arkadia may choose a State Religion but will leave total religious freedom for its people.

Some Clergy members may focus on medical research, teaching, music, counselling, social services, astronomy, as well as other specialities. Most of them will take care of the temples and religious structures. Our Clergy members will be allowed to get married.

The Clergy will often be responsible for diplomacy. Due to their divine presence, they will be the ideal subjects to approach barbarian tribes. As Arkadia will seek peace over war, diplomacy will be a very important role to serve in. This institution is led by the Oracle.

Read more about The Arkadian Church!

The Army:

Soldiers will be trained for war and suffering since their early childhood. They will be stationed in the town barracks and in the castles. They will be paid, equipped and fed by the State. Soldiers must always answer the call of their officers. To be a soldier is a vocation that must be respected.

Every Barony will be given a region to patrol. They will have to make sure that every wanted criminal is brought to justice. To do so they have the right to stop people and can force them to reveal their identities. They can answer any type of call for police work (they may not answer if your pet is stuck in a tree). Citizens can call them when they fear for their life or when they wish to make a complaint.

A section of the cities docks may be reserved for the Army. Some Barons will have a strong focus on holding a fleet for both fighting on the seas and transport troops. The Arkadians have a strong focus on Navy and aim at making their fleet the most powerful of Elyria.

Read more about the Arkadian Army!

Army Ranks:

Arkadian Legislature:

The legislature of Arkadia is composed of the Senate, the Council and the Cabinet.

The Kingdom major tasks are divided into Ministries Follow this link to learn more about our Ministries!

To learn more about our functioning and legal system please check out the presentation from our Minister of Justice.

If you wish to have an in-depth overview of our legal system, please have a look at our Constitution or read our summary document Here

Hierarchy Of Laws:


We thank you for the reading and we hope to see you soon on our Discord and forums. We are looking to make long-lasting and strong relations with a maximum of European communities.

If you are a person or a community looking for a Kingdom in which you will feel safe and respected, stop thinking about it and contact one of our representatives on Discord !

Our Youtube:

Join us on our:

Website ; Discord ; Youtube Channel ; Steam Group ; ArkadianWiki

Arkadian Institutions:

Arkadian Bank ; Chruch Of Arkadia ; Arkadian Army ; Royal Shipyard

6/1/2016 11:26:55 PM #1

Feel free to ask us any questions and do not hesitate to contact us! ; )

6/1/2016 11:37:36 PM #2

looks like a solid project. good luck guys and kill em all!

6/1/2016 11:46:04 PM #3

Good luck, are you going to be backing as king?

6/1/2016 11:56:48 PM #4

Not planned for now no

6/2/2016 12:19:31 AM #5

Welcome on board! Glad to see projects like this here

6/2/2016 2:19:19 AM #6

Welcome! Wish your project will be succesfull.

Join Now!

6/2/2016 9:45:36 AM #7

Hi all,

I'm Count Ulrico of Mantua county. I'm italian so i will be glad to host all italian players in my county. I'm a loyal subject and ally of our Glorious King Raziel and i'm ready to do every thing possible for the greatness and prosperity of our beloved kingdom.


Chronicles of Elyria Italia The first italian fansite of CoE Link

6/2/2016 10:10:02 AM #8

Dear Lord Couper,

I am a pledged Duke, I will conquer my Kingdom by the sword.

6/2/2016 11:20:12 AM #9

The Elyrian Trade Alliance looks forward to accepting Arkadian members.

Coming Soon(tm)

6/2/2016 1:49:41 PM #10

I recognise you as the King of Arkadia

6/3/2016 2:01:31 PM #11

Thank you Zultra

6/3/2016 2:02:29 PM #12

Please join out discord, we shall have words!

6/4/2016 3:52:13 PM #13

This looks really good. Hopefully a very good EU kingdom with good organization and both loyal and friendly people.

6/4/2016 5:37:53 PM #14

Could have strategic opportunities if you're near Zultra too - two kings pushing for power both with strong support. Perhaps opportunities to support each other in the process :)

6/4/2016 9:51:41 PM #15

We will welcome all trade and every action that could help our citizens. But we will engage in no military alliance before the game launches.