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The Grand Duchy of Salernum is going to be the Royal duchy of the Kingdom of Arkadia, the seat of power. The region is known for its splendid and picturesque coasts, that harbor many cities and villages, including the crown jewel of all Arkadian cities, Utopia, the royal capital. He will be comosed of 2 merged duchies.

Laekonia and Utopia:

The County of Laekonia is the central county of the Duchy, composed of 3 merged counties. Home to the King who resides in the capital, Utopia. Legend says that Utopia was created when seven neighboring villages, each one built on a separate hill, allied together to form one marvelous city. The founding of Utopia was a turning point for Arkadia. From that point onward, Arkadians started spreading their knowledge and way of life. They expanded through conquest and alliances, coin and bloodshed, throughout the ages and became the proud and strong nation they are today.

The Arkadians have always been known as talented politicians, successful traders and clever inventors, as bringers of order and civilization, not destroyers of culture through barbarism.

Arkadians have always known they are the possessors of a strong and flourishing culture, superior in many respects, yet they have always recognized and respected the strength of their ancient rivals and integrated their opponents’ sources of might and strength into their own culture, strengthening an already solid foundation.

In the halls of Arkadian nobles and the scriptorum's of the most hallowed scholars it has always been known that the knowledge and the ingenuity of a more primitive mind can lead to some of the most valuable creations either because of the harshness of the life of an uncivilized mann or by the brutal reality of his lands.

The barbarians outside the gates of civilization often criticize the refined and sophisticated lives of the Arkadians. Yet all such talk is mere envy.

Utopia stands highest among the flourishing cities of Arkadia, renowned as a center of culture and refinement all over the world. It’s in fact quite common for a citizen of Utopia to visit the public gardens before heading to the theater to enjoy a good show with friends and loved ones. The city boasts a significant number of artists that branch into countless areas of specialization.

One contemporary artist among all others is the grandiose sculptor and architect Threepwood Drake whose creations and buildings seems to be made by the gods.

Utopia is also the home of various Departments of State. The Ministers live at the capital in sumptuous villas of the residential neighborhood. The Arkadian Central Bank also has his central office in town, overseen by Count Energ whose county lies but a few hours on horseback.

Carpentry and Architecture:

Arkadian cities are masterful examples of urban architecture, they plan the sophisticated, functional and beautiful towns. It is said that an Arkadian architect never stops working: They plan in their sleep what they build under the sun.

The dense and luxurious forests of the duchy are known for their prime quality wood and many people specialize in woodworking. Across the land, carpenters and architects of all sorts, turn the logs they get from the woodcutters into wonderful pieces of art: from a delicate piece of furniture to the imposing column of a temple.

Boat Crafting:

All Arkadians possess a love of the sea and the duchy of Arkadia plans to have a strong maritime focus. Shipwrights and woodworkers dream of building the finest ships, the mightiest fleet in the hopes that Arkadia is known as the premier maritime nation. Merchants plan for their vessels to travel to every port in Elyria, explorers wish for sturdy ocean-going vessels to cross the far ocean and sailors, all of those and more are the desire of Arkadia.

This mastery of woodworking and knowledge of seafaring is also the foundation of the Arkadian fleet. Soldiers, strong of limb and sharp of mind, plan to set sail in mighty ships to patrol Arkadia's waters, destroying anyone who would threaten the populace of the Kingdom of Arkadia.


Alchemy is one of the primary focuses of the Duchy. Potions, decoctions, concoctions, brews, ointments, crèmes and tisanes all emerge from the equipment filled laboratories and curiosity filled minds of the alchemists that live in Arkadia.

The Magnum Opus, a secular and grandiose guild of Alchemists that boast a presence throughout the whole kingdom also makes its home in the duchy. This organization is currently run by the Court Alchemist, a wise and honorable alchemist whose discoveries in the field are recognized in all of Elyria. Even though his experience in that field is impressive it can’t match the extravagance of the effects sometimes triggered by his findings. The Court Alchemist is also a knowledgeable counselor to his Majesty. Just don't let your Trison drink one of his brews.

History and knowledge:

Arkadians know that knowledge is power and that history should never be forgotten. For this reason, his Majesty the King built a monumental library in Utopia that hold the Arkadian Archives, a monumental collection of all the knowledge Arkadians managed to find in Elyria or discover themselves. The gigantic library is divided into countless sections: Physics, Biology, mathematics, chemistry, alchemy, metaphysics, history, literature, geography, holly scriptures, magic, healing, herbology… to name a few. It is a font of knowledge accessible to all who vow to use it for the good of Arkadia as well as the occasional scholar or dignitary. For from those hallowed halls might emerge the next seed that sprouts into the greatest invention Elyria has ever seen.

The Archives are guarded and maintained thanks to the dedication of Arkadia's first Scholar & Court Chronicler, counted among the wisest of the King advisors.

Army and Judiciary:

The Army and the Watch ensure the wellbeing of the population and their security under the Arkadian Laws. It is a well-organized body of strong and righteous men whose only purpose is to ensure that Arkadia flourishes, by violence if necessary.

The Arkadian Army trains vigorously, serving the Kingdom with dignity and honor. It is a calling, to make a career in the Army, one which friend and foe both respect on the field of battle.

Many Arkadian citizens serve for a time so that in times of great need a body of able men is available to defend their homes if need be.

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Can't wait to visit Utopia!

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With wisdom, knowledge and ingenuity we shall endeavor to evolve beyond the scope of mann and reach for the unkown wonders that lie beyond.

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Hehehe, one amazing duchy of the EU server! : )

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I hope my county is going to represent one of the major trade routes in that brillant project!

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Love the pics :D

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great work there Raz !


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Really nice presentation! And I love the section about alchemy! <3

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Really nice presentation! And I love the section about alchemy! <3

... don't blow us up (or burn us down)

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Truly one of the greatest communitys ever seen! The Myrmidon Order will be standing ready in Utopia! May our lives serve you well. The recruitment Form is nearly finished..

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I'm curious Namgr, what's the interaction between the Myrmidon Order and the Arkadian army in the duchy? Is it a sub group of the army that has a particular purpose?


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Nice guess, we are indeed a subgroup or merely seen as an Order in the Arkadian Army, whom I will be taking command directly under King Raziel.

We are no Guild,no Mercenaries.

We are a Knight Order, who follows the Code of the Warrior.

We do Not have free will to do whatever we would like to do.

But are going to be specialised in COEs warfare, to maintain Public Order, to crush any possible Rebellion against King Raziel, to Protect arkadian citizens, to protect the Bank of Arkadia, to help creatin new cities, by standing ready as a Garrison Unit and completing Missions appointed directly by King Raziel.

Our Hombase is going to be in Utopia.

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The are part of the Arkadian army, like any other fighting corp in Arkadia. They will be among the soldiers bravely guarding the capital and the citizens of our great nation.