Arkadia Ministries

Arkadia High Offices of State

High Offices (Ministers) are appointed and can be removed by the King

All High Offices will be managed by a State Official. They often work together on projects or in order to manage their daily duties. They may be summoned and charged with special missions by the King or the Prime Minister. These ministries will be recreated in-game through an association, held together and managed by their respective ministers.

All State Officials are allowed to manage their duties and department from their residential settlement. While in position, they entrusted by the king to serve him and the State as best as possible. They are able to nominate and elect the people they feel could be of use to help them in their tasks.

Ministers will name Regional Ministers to serve at the Duke's courts. To assist and serve them to better develop and manage their land.

Ministers will be asked to manage a school in link with their ministry as well as creating an in-game association representing their own ministry.


Prime Minister

A Prime minister will be named to oversee the management of different ministries and their needed focus of the time and missions.

Open Position → Prime Minister

Ministry of Banking

In charge of the Arkadian bank and the supervision of non-state banking operations. The head is called the Quaestor. He’s responsible for the well being of the citizen wealth. He must report suspicious banking operation, pursue financial criminals and make sure the citizens are repaid of their losses.

Open Position → Quaestor

Ministry of Finance

In charge of the State Treasury. this person will receive taxes and distribute the budget to the different ministries. The head is called the Master of Coin. It’s the only entity allowed to issue state coins. A subsection of the Ministry of Finance will be the Moneta Mint, where the design and production of state coinage will take place.

Open Position → Master of Coin

Ministry of Commerce

The head is called the Procurator, he’s in charge of the management of the Market Website. The ministry oversees Arkadian markets analysis and optimizes the efficiency of trading, production and crafting.

Open Position → Procurator

Ministry of Trade

In charge of overseesíng foreign and domestic trades and trade agreements, the ministry will evaluate the kingdom’s needs in regards to trade, keeping a watchful eye for any shortages of resources and arrange for a constant influx of needed goods. The head is called the Nomarch.

Open Position → Nomarch

Ministry of Information

Managed by the Lictor, the Ministry of information is the voice of Arkadia. Its primary role is the diffusion of the Arkadian culture throughout the lands and cultivating admiration for this culture. He’s also in charge of making official public statements in accordance with the Arkadian philosophy.

Open Position → Lictor

Ministry of Agriculture

In charge of overseeing the State’s agricultural production and nutritional needs. The Frumentarius, head of this ministry, will keep an eye out for any weaknesses in the domestic production chain and take the right course of action to amend it. Another important task of this ministry is the management of food supply logistic in times of war and natural disaster making sure that every Duke holds at his capital enough food to feed his men for a couple of month campaign.

Open Position → Frumentarius

Ministry of Interior

Led by the Chancellor, the Ministry of Interior organizes and manages the Senate and the Council sessions, presenting motions and laws to be voted and introducing speakers. It will also deliver the Emeritus contracts and regulate immigration and the incorporation of new land.

Open Position → Chancellor

Ministry of Knowledge

The Ministry of Knowledge exists to promote and propagate knowledge and learning in all forms. Another purpose is the preservation and acquisition of knowledge, whether it be history, folklore and even myth and legend, for the seeds of the past bear fruit in the present and future. To further this goal archaeology shall also be an important part of the ministry’s activities. Another important aspect of the ministry is the development of language skills and combating illiteracy.

it will also supervise all Arkadian schools, it will ensure that new discoveries are properly used to strengthen and improve Arkadia’s technological level for the benefit of the entire kingdom. It will ensure a competitive edge as well as shoring up any potential weaknesses through the use of technological research.

Open Position → Polyhistor

Ministry of Navy

Responsible for supervising the needs of Arkadia’s fleets and technological research, as well as helping in the maintenance of strong ports and efficient maritime trading. The Ministry of the Navy will do its utmost to keep Arkadia’s shipping lanes free from interference for both Arkadian and friendly trader alike. The Navarch must also ensure that seafaring technology is at the top-level.

open Position → Navarch

Ministry of Defense

In charge of analyzing the military needs and weaknesses in and around the kingdom. It will help in organizing large military campaigns, long term strategy and tactics and ensure that the army is provided with the best equipment available. The ministry will remain watchful for new technologies and resources to ensure the effectiveness and might of the Arkadian army on both land and sea.

Open Position → Strategos

Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice is the bastion of law & order. Overseeing all matters dealing with the courts. It shall ensure that the law of the land is fairly applied to all and will also oversee the Pretorian Guard, ensuring that all abuses of power and betrayals are reported and brought to justice.

* Alex Courtney → Justicar*

Religion, Health & Diplomacy will be managed directly by the Church of Arkadia and supervised by the Oracle. You can learn more about those and the Church here.

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